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									PPS Press Release
1 June 2007 - For Immediate Release

PPS soars as a fully-fledged financial services business

PPS has launched a groundbreaking range of financial products, to meet the
changing needs of the modern graduate professional.

As of 1 June 2007, PPS offers access to a complete range of life, savings,
retirement, investment, business assurance, short-term insurance and healthcare

According to Mike Jackson, PPS Insurance CEO, “PPS has always had the interests
of its members at heart and is continually looking at ways to provide better benefits
and improved service.”

A range of business assurance solutions has been launched to facilitate various
business assurance needs, such as key person assurance, buy and sell agreements
and contingent liability assurance.

Life cover, critical illness, trauma and physical impairment cover have also been
significantly enhanced.

Chris de Klerk, Corporate Actuary at PPS Insurance, explains that “life cover was
previously provided only up until retirement. For the first time, members can now
choose life and critical illness cover for a specified term, term to age 66 or for the rest
of their lives. We now offer comprehensive life cover benefits, which include the PPS
Immediate Needs Benefit and PPS Terminal Illness Benefit.”

PPS Insurance has added CatchAll Cover to its PPS Professional Health ProviderTM
benefit to provide for any unforeseen medical illness or disease that has not as yet
been discovered.

PPS Insurance policyholders nearing retirement now have the option to keep their
share of the net operating income and investment returns of PPS Insurance, post
retirement – via the PPS Surplus Rebate Account Retention Option.          This
enhancement allows members to continue to enjoy access to great investment
returns at a low cost, while allowing withdrawal of funds as required. Retired
members can elect to have their money invested in one of the PPS Investments

Through the newly-formed company - PPS Investments - members now have access
to an uncomplicated, flexible, highly cost-effective and transparent range of
retirement, savings and investment products. PPS Insurance policyholders with these
products can share in the profits of PPS Investments.

“We are confident that, with the launch of our new range of products and
enhancements, together with the establishment of PPS Investments, PPS is now
more than ever ready to meet all the financial needs of graduate professionals,” says

When the term PPS is used in this press release, it means: PPS Limited, PPS Insurance, PPS
Investments and any subsidiary or affiliate of these companies.

About Professional Provident Society Limited (Limited by Guarantee) – PPS Limited

Founded in 1941, PSS is the largest multi-disciplinary group of graduate professionals in the world,
representing leaders, academics and top individuals in South Africa. It currently provides for the
financial needs of over 70% of South Africa’s graduate professionals. PPS embraces an ethos of
mutuality, which means that it exists solely for the benefit of its members. PPS offers access to a
complete range of life, savings, retirement, investment, short-term insurance and healthcare products.

About PPS Insurance Company Limited – PPS Insurance

PPS Insurance understands that graduate professionals are simply lower risk, which allows the
Company to treat its policyholders as a sophisticated and special group of individuals. PPS Insurance
offers a specialised range of sickness, permanent incapacity, life and disability benefits and business
assurance, geared for professional lives. Policyholders can share in the net operating income and
investment returns of PPS Investments. At the end of 2006, PPS Insurance credited its policyholders
with R2.2bn in surpluses.

About PPS Investments (Pty) Limited – PPS Investments

PPS Investments is a stand-alone business formed with the specific single purpose of providing
enhanced investment services to members of PPS. Its range of new-generation retirement, savings and
investment products are simple in design, transparent in presentation of objectives and costs, highly
cost-effective and flexible in allowing members unrestricted ability to manage their investments.

Editorial contact:
Vinette Diab, Public Relations, on 083 308-5738 or vdiab@pps.co.za



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