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									     ANTIQUES Summerside Area › ATTRACTIONS Cap-Egmont

                                                                                          BIDEFORD (D-4)                             CAP-EGMONT (F-4)
                                                                                          BIDEFORD PARSONAGE                         THE BOTTLE HOUSES/
     SUMMERSIDE AREA (E-6)                  ALBERTON (C-3)                                MUSEUM - A PEI                             MAISONS DE BOUTEILLES
     HOMESTEAD ANTIQUES,                    ALBERTON MUSEUM &                             COMMUNTY MUSEUM                            ACTLUNO
     GIFTS & GARDENS                        GENEALOGY CENTRE                              CTN
     N                                      BCINP                                         831-3133; off season 831-2817
                                                                                          fax 831-2817
                                                                                          784 Bideford Rd., Rte 166. West
                                                                                          Country Historical Society Inc.,
                                                                                          Box 3011, Ellerslie, C0B 1J0. Triple
                                                                                          theme: Shipbuilding era; Parsons
                                                                                          and their contribution to the
                                                                                          community; Residency of author
                                                                                          L.M. Montgomery. “Wednesday                854-2987; off season 854-2254
                                                                                          Evening with L.M. Montgomery”              info@bottlehouses.com
     436-7766                               853-4048                                      during July and August. Annual             www.bottlehouses.com
     knrogers77@hotmail.com                 457 Church St. Alberton Museum                strawberry social July 19th. Open          6891 Rte 11. Réjeanne Arsenault.
     (Summerside). 286 Fitzroy St.          is housed in the former town                  Jun 1-Sep 30. Daily, 9 am-5 pm.            Walk through three fantasy-like
     1855 Colonial Georgian on Historic     courthouse and jail erected in 1878,          Wednesdays during Jul and Aug,             buildings made of 25,000 recycled
     Walking Tour, acclaimed as “One        the only National Historic Site and           9 am-7:30 pm. $5 adults, $2.50             glass bottles, creating symphony of
     of the best shops on the Island”       Provincially Designated Historic Site         students, $15 family.                      light and colour. 13-ft. giant bottle,
     by Canadian Home & Country             west of Summerside. The museum’s                                                         impressive flower gardens, bottle
     magazine. Browse 10 captivating        artifact collection depicts the range                                                    art sculptures, replica of Cap-
     rooms and experience the               of activities carried out by PEI’s                                                       Egmont lighthouse. Environment-
     surprising array of unique gifts and   early settlers. Featured displays                                                        friendly space. Haven for
     decor, antique furniture, glassware,   include early fishing industry,                                                          photographers. Gift shop. Chapel
     collectibles and local works, Dept.    military history, silver fox industry,                                                   available for intimate weddings
     56, Williraye, Charming Tails,         house hauling, early pharmacy,                                                           and special occasions. Featured in
     candles and garden flags. Stroll in    cooper shop, cobbler shop, local                                                         “Ripley’s Believe It or Not!” and
     one of the oldest continuously-kept    historic crafts, housewares, local folk                                                  “1000 Places to See Before You
     gardens in North America. Open         art, china, etc. The museum boasts                                                       Die.” Open May 15-Oct 2. Jun and
     Apr 1-Jan 31. Mon-Sat, 10 am-5 pm.     the largest collection of historical                                                     Sep, 10 am-6 pm (to 4 pm May and
                                            photographs and most                                                                     Oct); Jul and Aug, 9 am-8 pm. $6
     RIVERVIEW ANTIQUES                     comprehensive compilation of                                                             adults, $5.50 seniors and students, $2
     CHN                                    genealogical information in the area.                                                    children 6-16, under 6 free. Group
     436-4977                               Open Jun 1-Sep 30. Daily, 9:30 am-                                                       rates available (15 or more). Family
     (Travellers Rest). 26317 Rte 2 East.   5:30 pm; Sun, by appointment.                                                            rates $15 (max. 2 adults).
     Large selection of furniture, glass,   Admission by donation.
     spinning wheels, etc. Shipping/
     delivery. Open year round.

                                  N     A    T      U   R     E         &             T      E    C     H    N     O     L       O      G     Y

                                                                            in perfect
                                                             H A          R      M         O     N     Y
          North Cape, home to a host of unique attractions is located at the Northwestern tip of Prince Edward Island on the North Cape Coastal Drive.
            Island ’s                                                                                                                    he Black Marsh Nature Trail
                                                                                                                                         is the only coastal nature
                                                                                                                                          trail with bilingual
                                                                                                                                           interpretive signage in
                                                                                                                                           Prince Edward Island.
                                                                                                                                           Visit the trail to learn more
                                                                                                                                          about the area’s history,
                                                                                                                                        local fishing and the unique
          he Wind Energy Interpretive
                                                                                                                                      coastal ecology.
          Centre features new interactive
          displays and visual presentations
          dedicated to wind energy and the
          special technology to harness it as
          well as info on the new Wind
          Hydrogen Village Pilot Project.
          Visitors can also explore the colourful
          history of North Cape and its people.
       • Longest natural rock reef in         • Black Marsh Nature Trail                                                                                  NORTH CAPE
         North America                        • North Cape Lighthouse                                                                                      COASTAL
       • Seal Watching                        • North Cape Wind Farm                       he harvesting of Irish Moss is still a                           DRIVE
       • Wind Energy Interpretive Centre      • Wind Energy Institute of Canada            common practice along the shores of North Cape. Visit
       • North Cape Gift Shop                 • Wind Hydrogen Village                      the Irish Moss Interpretive Centre to learn more about the
       • Wind and Reef Restaurant                                                          harvesting and uses of this highly sought after seaweed.

                                    O N C E Y O U G E T H E R E Y O U ’ L L N E V E R WA N T T O L E AV E !                                                 Great sites
                                                                      w w w. n o r t h c a p e . c a                                                    around every corner.
                                  THE AREA CODE FOR PEI IS 902 • INDEX ON PAGE 201 • SYMBOLS LEGEND ON PAGE 59

ELLERSLIE (D-4)                       highly rated video and marvel at        O’LEARY (D-2)                             PORT HILL (D-5)
PEI SHELLFISH MUSEUM                  the paintings in the Galerie Claude     PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND                      GREEN PARK SHIPBUILDING
                                      Picard. You can also learn outdoors     POTATO MUSEUM                             MUSEUM & HISTORIC
                                      with a pleasant stroll on the
831-3225/831-3374; fax 831-3374                                               ACTILNP                                   YEO HOUSE
                                      Heritage Trail. Acadian genealogy
peishellfish@pei.aibn.com                                                     859-2039                                  CTLP
                                      resources on site. Gift shop. Open
156 Bideford Rd. Box 82, Ellerslie,                                           info@peipotatomuseum.com
                                      year round. Admission charged.
C0B 1J0. History of Malpeque                                                  www.peipotatomuseum.com
oysters and the oyster industry.                                              1 Dewar Lane. Box 602, O’Leary RR3,
Spat collection to relays are         NORTH CAPE (A-2)                        C0B 1V0. Visit this self-guided
depicted with pictures and original   NORTH CAPE, NATURE                      museum and learn about the
equipment. Open Jun 15-Sep 15.        AND TECHNOLOGY IN                       history and culture of the potato
Mon-Sat, 9 am-4 pm; Sun, 1-4 pm.      PERFECT HARMONY                         through various displays and
Admission $3/person. Group rates      SCDETIQLUNP                             interactive terminals. Our
available.                            882-2991/3535; fax 882-3144             interpretive centre offers a bilingual
                                      anne@tignish.com                        storyline with photographs,
MISCOUCHE (E-5)                       www.northcape.ca                        artifacts and graphics telling about
                                                                              the potato. There is a large              831-7947; off season 368-6600
MUSÉE ACADIEN /                       North end of Rte 12. Witness the                                                  fax 368-6608
ACADIAN MUSEUM                        meeting of the waters as the            collection of antique machinery, gift
                                                                              shop with potato theme. View the          green_park@gov.pe.ca
ACILNO                                Gulf of St. Lawrence and the                                                      www.peimuseum.com
                                      Northumberland Strait converge          “giant sculptured potato” at the
                                                                              entrance. Other attractions:              Rte 12. Site 360, Green Park Provincial
                                      over the longest natural rock reef in                                             Park. One of seven Museum and
                                      North America. Great site to watch      community museum, heritage
                                                                              chapel, log barn, one-room                Heritage PEI sites. Heritage
                                      seals. Walk the Black Marsh Nature                                                passports available. Step back in
                                      Trail, view the gigantic windmills      schoolhouse, and telephone
                                                                              switchboard office. Farm tours            time and relive the glory days of
                                      and learn all about the generation                                                Prince Edward Island’s
                                      of wind energy in our North Cape        available by reservation, details on
                                                                              website. Open May 15-Oct 15.              shipbuilding industry through
                                      Interpretive Centre. Enjoy the                                                    video and interpretive displays.
                                      panoramic ocean view from the           Mon-Sat, 9 am-5 pm: Sun, 1-5 pm. $6/
                                                                              person, $14/family (parents or            Explore the restored Victorian
                                      air-conditioned Wind & Reef                                                       home of the successful shipbuilder
                                      Restaurant and pick up that perfect     guardians/children under 16 only).
                                                                              Group/bus rate, $4/person (includes all   James Yeo Jr., once considered to be
432-2880; fax 432-2884                souvenir in our gift shop which                                                   the richest and most influential
museeacadien@teleco.org               features a large selection of Island    attractions in the complex).
                                                                                                                        man in the colony. Glimpse the
www.peimuseum.com                     crafts! Motor coach parking                                                       Island’s shipbuilding industry
23 Main Drive, Rte 2. One of seven    available. Open May 10-Oct 17. Jul                                                during its golden age. Open
Museum and Heritage PEI sites.        and Aug, 9 am-8 pm; May, Jun, Sep,                                                Jun 1-Sep 15. Admission charged.
Heritage passports available.         Oct, 10 am-6 pm.
Follow the odyssey of Island
Acadians from 1720 to present.
Discover treasures related to the
Acadians’ 300-year presence on
Prince Edward Island. View our

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     ATTRACTIONS Summerside Area › ATTRACTIONS Woodstock

     SUMMERSIDE AREA (E-6)                   INTERNATIONAL FOX MUSEUM                SPINNAKERS’ LANDING                        WEST POINT (E-2)
     EPTEK ART & CULTURE                     AND HALL OF FAME INC.                   ACD                                        WEST POINT LIGHTHOUSE INN,
     CENTRE                                  CNP                                                                                MUSEUM & RESTAURANT
     CIKLNP                                  432-1296                                                                           CGN
                                             (Summerside). 33 Summer St.
                                             Located in the historic Armoury
                                             Building. Discover how PEI became
                                             the birthplace of a worldwide
                                             industry with high stakes and high
                                             fashion. Open Jun 1-Sep 30.
                                             Off-season tours by appointment.
                                             THE SHIPYARD                            info@spinnakerslanding.com
                                             ACDEGTQL                                www.spinnakerslanding.com
     888-8373; fax 888-8375                  436-6042; fax 436-7782                                                             859-3605; fax 859-1510
     eptek@gov.pe.ca                                                                 (Summerside). 150 Harbour Dr.              toll free (800) 764-6854
                                             summersidetourism@pei.aibn.com          Bruce Hickey, 24 Spring St.,
     www.peimuseum.com                       (Summerside). 370 Water St. West.                                                  westpointlighthouse@gmail.com
     (Summerside). 130 Harbour Dr.                                                   Summerside, C1N 3L8. A recreated           www.westpointlighthouse.com
                                             A magnificent venue located on the      fishing village, Spinnakers’
     Waterfront Properties (adjacent to      boardwalk adjacent to the beach.                                                   364 Cedar Dunes Park Rd., Rte 14.
     the Harbourfront Theatre). One of                                               Landing is a unique marketplace            Experience the thrill of climbing
                                             This 10,000-sq.-ft. building with       and experience. Our seaside shops,
     seven Museum and Heritage PEI           enclosed deck is built on an original                                              into the lantern deck at the top of
     sites. Heritage passports available.                                            built over the water, include              PEI’s tallest functioning lighthouse.
                                             shipbuilding site, reflecting our       Summerside’s Visitor Information
     Offers a diverse array of exhibits      rich, history. Features The Lobster                                                Photos, artifacts entertain as you
     and programs featuring heritage,                                                Centre and feature antiques, art,          climb for a breathtaking view. Open
                                             House Restaurant (open mid-Jun          crafts, giftware, jewellery, clothing,
     history, visual art and crafts. These   to mid-Sep, (902) 436-8439 for                                                     May 31-Oct 1.
     exhibits of local and national                                                  food, drink and more. Visit and
                                             reservations), special events and       enjoy our play and picnic area,
     interest provide glimpses into a rich   attractions all season long. Kayak                                                 WOODSTOCK (D-2)
     culture that Islanders and visitors                                             waterfront boardwalk, lighthouse
                                             launch and rentals/ice cream            lookout and, during July and               MILL RIVER FUN PARK
     alike are sure to find rewarding.       parlour and unique PEI crafts.
     The gift shop offers an eclectic mix                                            August, live entertainment on the          DFHP
                                             Open May 30-Sep 6.                      outdoor stage. Open Jun 15-Sep 15.
     of Island art and crafts. Groups
     welcome. Open year round.                                                       Free admission and parking.
     Admission by donation.
                                                                                     WYATT HERITAGE PROPERTIES

                                                                                                                                859-3915; off season 859-8790
                                                                                                                                fax 859-8779/8765 winter
                                                                                                                                38016 Western Rd., Rte 2. PEI
                                                                                                                                Provincial Parks. The Fun Park is
                                                                                                                                worth a visit, with activities for the
                                                                                     432-1296; fax 432-1328                     entire family - toddlers and up.
                                                                                     www.wyattheritage.com                      Attractions include a swimming
                                                                                     (Summerside). 75 Spring St. Have           pool, sea of balls, bumper boats,
                                                                                     fun and interact with the past             pirate ship, kiddies’ pool with
                                                                                     through Wyatt Heritage Properties’         waterslides, giant twister slide and
                                                                                     five historic sites. Choose between        the Aqua Rage. Admission includes
                                                                                     three museums: an archives,                all activities in the park. Group
                                                                                     cultural centre, and art gallery; or       rates on request. Advance notice
                                                                                     better still do all the sites as well as   preferred for large groups. Open
                                                                                     participate in the many                    Jul 1-Sep 7. Daily, 11 am-7 pm.
                                                                                     programming events. Wyatt                  $9/person, children 5 and under free.
                                                                                     Heritage Properties is arts, heritage
                                                                                     and culture for everyone. Look for         RODD SPA BOUTIQUE
                                                                                     the Lefurgey Cultural Centre, the          AT MILL RIVER
                                                                                     MacNaught History Centre and               RCDEFHTIQLNO
                                                                                     Archives, the Wyatt Historic House
                                                                                     Museum, the Bishop’s Machine
                                                                                     Shop Museum & Historic Site and
                                                                                     The International Fox Museum &
                                                                                     Hall of Fame for more information.

                                                                                     WYATT HISTORIC HOUSE
                                                                                     432-1296; fax 432-1328
                                                                                     www.wyattheritage.com                      859-3142
                                                                                     (Summerside). 85 Spring St.                rodd@roddvacations.com
                                                                                     Summerside. Step into another time.        www.roddmillriver.com
                                                                                     Wyatt Historic House animates the          180 Mill River Rd. Located at Rodd
                                                                                     heirlooms and stories of the               Mill River Resort - A Rodd
                                                                                     prominent Wyatt family. Begin in the       Signature Resort. Relax and
                                                                                     1890s and exit the authentic 1950’s        unwind at Rodd Spa Boutique at
                                                                                     kitchen. Check for special themed          Mill River. Our professional spa
                                                                                     tours offered to stir the soul.            services are delivered using the
                                                                                                                                Aveda product line and include
                                                                                                                                aromatic massage, body wraps and
                                                                                                                                polishes, facials, hand and foot
                                                                                                                                care, make-up applications, and
                                                                                                                                much more. Open May 15-Oct 15.
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                                          Basket workshops. Open May 19-          Northport Harbour and Marina             dining at its best, something for
                                          Oct 9. May 19-30 and Sep 1-Oct 9,       where scores of blue heron grace the     everyone. Seafood is our specialty,
ABRAM-VILLAGE (F-4)                       Mon-Fri, 9 am-4 pm; Jun 1-Aug 31,       shoreline. Enjoy a quiet breakfast, a    vegetarian and children’s dishes
LA CO-OP D’ARTISANAT                      Mon-Sat, 9 am-5 pm.                     satisfying lunch or a romantic           available. Mouthwatering chowder.
D’ABRAM-VILLAGE/ABRAM-                                                            dinner in our dining room or patio.      Lobster fresh from the wharf.
                                          TIGNISH AREA (B-2)                      We serve fresh seafood, great tasting    Licensed seaside restaurant and
VILLAGE HANDCRAFT CO-OP LTD.              TIGNISH TREASURES GIFT SHOP             beef, grilled to your preference, as     patio. Open May 31-Oct 1.
854-2096 CLO                                                                      well as locally inspired cuisine.
2181 Cannontown Rd., intersection                                                 Children’s menu available. Groups        WOODSTOCK (D-2)
of rtes 124 and 165. Eva Richard. In      882-2896; fax 882-3144
                                          treasures@tignish.com                   and motor coach tours welcome.           HERNEWOOD DINING ROOM
Abram-Village, rtes 124 and 165.                                                  Open Jun 5-Sep 27, daily.
Pres. Eva Richard. 27 km west of          www.tignish.com/treasures                                                        RCEFHTIQLNO
Summerside. Island-made crafts,           (Tignish). 100 School St. Box 398,
                                          Tignish, C0B 2B0. Producers of high-    SUMMERSIDE AREA (E-6)
weaving, quilts, rugs, Acadian                                                    PRINCE WILLIAM
shirts, woodwork, pottery, and a          quality collectable Island souvenirs.
mini-museum. Open Jun 15-Sep 30.          Products include handmade               DINING ROOM
Mon-Sat, 9:30 am-5:30 pm.                 seaweed soap, SeaSplash body            CEILNP
                                          lotion, bath salts, and bath fizzies    432-3302; fax 436-4304
BLOOMFIELD (C-2)                          made on location with PEI Irish         www.lakeviewhotels.com
                                          moss! Open Jun 15-Sep 15. Sea Splash    (Summerside). 195 Harbour Dr.
MACAUSLAND                                Soap Making Experience, Tue and Thu,
WOOLLEN MILLS                                                                     Licensed, featuring innovative menu
                                          2-4 pm (pre-booking required).          specializing in seafood, steaks,
859-3005 N                                                                        Island delicacies. Open year round.
macwool@pei.aibn.com                      WEST POINT (E-2)                                                                 859-3555
www.macauslandswoollenmills.com           WEST POINT LIGHTHOUSE                   TYNE VALLEY (D-4)                        rodd@roddvacations.com
38317 Rte 2. Dale MacAusland,             CRAFT SHOP                                                                       www.roddmillriver.com
Bloomfield RR2, C0B 1E0. Selling                                                  DOCTOR’S INN                             Rte 136. Rodd Mill River Resort. Full
                                          859-3579 CGILN                          831-3057 CDHN
100% wool blankets, yarn, woollen         364 Cedar Dunes Park Rd., Rte 14.                                                a-la-carte menu specializing in
products. Open year round. Daily,                                                 doctorsinn@pei.sympatico.ca              fresh Island cuisine. Overlooking
                                          Betty Boyles. Located beside West       www.peisland.com/doctorsinn
Mon-Fri, 8 am- 5 pm.                      Point Lighthouse, the shop features                                              the Mill River Golf Course. Patio
                                                                                  32 Allen Rd., Rte 167. The season        dining. Open for breakfast, lunch,
LENNOX ISLAND (D-5)                       traditional handmade crafts such as     dictates what we serve as it has to
                                          quilts, wall hangings, knitted and                                               dinner, and Sunday brunch.
INDIAN ART & CRAFT                                                                be as fresh as we can grow it, from
                                          crocheted items, preserves, pickles,    asparagus in May to winter squash
OF NORTH AMERICA                          candy, PEI jewellery, wooden
                                                                                  in October and creamy soups in
831-2653 ACGHLN                           products, soaps and lotions,
                                                                                  winter. We put our organic
doreen.sark@pei.sympatico.ca              paintings and photography. Also                                                  ST. FELIX (B-3)
                                          available CDs and books from Island     vegetables in front of everything
4 Eagle Feather Trail, Rte 163. Doreen                                            else. By reservation only for up to      ST-FELIX GOLF & COUNTRY
Sark, Lennox Island Reserve. Scenic       musicians and authors, T-shirts with                                             CLUB LTD
                                          our unique design plus Atlantic         six. Recommended in Where to Eat
shore location overlooking                                                        In Canada (one star), and Frommer’s      CDEILN (9-hole, par 36)
beautiful Malpeque Bay. The shop          giftware. Open Jun 1-Oct 1. Jul 1-                                               882-2328; fax 882-3908
                                          Sep 1, daily, 9 am-9 pm; Jun, Sep and   Canada. MC, V accepted. Open year
features many examples of                                                         round.                                   toll free (877) 311-2328
traditional and non-traditional           Oct, 10 am-6 pm.                                                                 stfelixgolf@pei.sympatico.ca
native crafts such as beadwork,                                                   THE LANDING OYSTER                       www.stfelixgolf.ca/
carvings, drums, pipes, masks,                                                    HOUSE AND PUB                            1020 Greenmount Rd. Claude Gaudette,
pottery, rattles, jewellery,                                                                                               Box 265, Tignish, C0B 2B0. The
headdresses, moccasins. Also              ST. EDWARD (B-2)                        RCDETN
                                                                                  831-2992                                 Island’s best-kept secret. Designed
birch-bark novelty items, books,          PAUL’S BIKE SHOP                                                                 by world-renowned architect
prints, stationery, T-shirts, dolls and                                           thelandingpei@hotmail.com
                                          882-3750 N                              1327 Port Hill Station Rd. James Cecil   Graham Cooke and Associates. 3 km
sweetgrass. Specializing in               104 Chaisson Rd. Off Rte 152. Paul                                               from beautiful beach area, close to
Mi’kmaq ash-splint baskets and                                                    & Julie Coffey, Box 167, Tyne Valley,
                                          Dalton, St. Edward, C0B 1Z0. Sales,     C0B 2C0. Open year round. Dec-Apr,       lovely cottages, inn, bed &
Micmac Productions pottery and            service, repairs, tune-ups, parts,                                               breakfasts and restaurants. We have
figurines. Open May 15-Oct 15. May,                                               Thu, Fri, Sat, 4:30 pm-1am. May -
                                          accessories and rentals. Open year      Sep 30, 3 pm-1 am; Oct-May, 4 -10 pm.    a short game practice range in full
Jun, Sep and Oct, daily, 10 am-5 pm;      round.                                                                           operation. 135 yd. from tee to green.
Jul-Aug, Mon-Sat, 9 am-6 pm; Sun,                                                                                          Also sand bunker next to the green
10 am-5 pm. Off season by chance or                                               WEST POINT (E-2)
                                                                                                                           for chipping. Open May 1-Oct 31.
appointment.                                                                      WEST POINT LIGHTHOUSE                    Green fees (in 2008): 9 holes, $22;
                                          ABRAM-VILLAGE (B-2)                     INN, MUSEUM & RESTAURANT                 18 holes, $30.
MURRAY ROAD (C-4)                                                                 BCDEGTILN
GAIN’S CREEK BEAR                         CENTRE EXPO-
                                          FESTIVAL CENTRE                         859-3605; fax 859-1510
STUDIO & GIFT SHOP                                                                toll free (800) 764-6854
831-2297 IKN                                                                      westpointlighthouse@gmail.com
                                          854-3300; fax 854-3533
gainscreek@pei.sympatico.ca                                                       www.westpointlighthouse.com
Rte 174. Glenis Bowser, 728 Murray                                                364 Cedar Dunes Park Rd., Rte 14.
Rd., Ellerslie, C0B 1J0. Bears, dolls     Rte 124. Box 37, Wellington, C0B 2E0.   Box 429, O’Leary, C0B 1V0. Family
(including “Anne”). Santas, sheep,        Enjoy down home hospitality,
other critters created on site from       delicious home cooking featuring
Island blanket wool, mohair,              local produce, seafood, Island beef
vintage fabrics, recycled fur.            and of course our homemade
Handcrafts from over 70 artisans.         desserts. Our specially-prepared
“Island Blanketsmithing” classes          lobster suppers include a unique
every Tue and Thu. Pre-registration       Acadian fish chowder, cultivated
required. Open May 1-Oct 1.               mussels and a garden salad with
Mon-Fri, 10 am-4 pm; other times          our special blend of dressing. Don’t
when flag is flying.                      forget our Acadian galettes blances,
RICHMOND (E-4)                            always fresh and available at the
                                          bakery. Open Jun 1-Sep 30.
HOME OF THE BASKET                        NORTHPORT (C-3)
WEAVERS                                   BOAT SHOP STEAK
CIQKLUN                                   & SEAFOOD RESTAURANT
854-3063/882-2247                         BCEGTIQLNP
tommycod@pei.sympatico.ca                 853-4510
www.islandtraditionsstore.com             inn@northportpier.ca
Frances Pickle, 17 Sunnyside Rd.,         www.northportpier.ca
Richmond RR1, C0B 1Y0. Ash-splint         296 Main St., Rte 152. Be charmed
basket weaving and Island crafts.         by the breathtaking view of the                                                                                          71
                             THE AREA CODE FOR PEI IS 902 • INDEX ON PAGE 201 • SYMBOLS LEGEND ON PAGE 59
     GOLF COURSES Summerside Area › CAMPING Cap-Egmont

     SUMMERSIDE AREA (E-6)                                                                                                         WELLINGTON (E-4)
     SUMMERSIDE GOLF                                                                                                               OLD MILLS PARK
     AND COUNTRY CLUB                                                                      ABRAM-VILLAGE (F-4)                     & INTERPRETIVE CENTRE
     DELNP                (18-hole, par 72)
                                                TIGNISH AREA (B-2)                         ACADIAN DINNER THEATRE                  NO
                                                RAY OF SUNSHINE                            CDEO                                    854-2920/2584
                                                GARDEN WALK                                854-3300; fax 854-3533                  abernard@eastlink.ca
                                                BCN                                        info@centreexpofestival.com             9 Mill Rd. Alcide Bernard, Box 84,
                                                882-4050; fax 882-3144                     www.centreexpofestival.com              Wellington, C0B 2E0. Interpretation of
                                                toll free (866) 365-4050                   Rte 124. Box 37, Wellington, C0B 2E0.   the history of Barlow’s mills and
                                                inn@tignish.com                            An Acadian experience dinner            early days of Wellington. Boardwalk,
                                                www.tignish.com/inn/experiences            theatre featuring side-splitting        nature trails and trout fishing. Day
                                                (Tignish). 206 Maple St. Jessica Trail,    hilarity and spectacular music that     park with modern picnic facilities
                                                Box 398, Tignish. Join Jessica for an      will dazzle spectators all summer       and playground. Tourist Information
                                                afternoon of learning as she shares        long with its incredibly funny          Centre. Open Jun 1-Sep 1.
                                                her enthusiasm for design and love         characters. Reservations required.
     436-2505; toll free (877) 505-2505         of nature. Create your own devine          Open Jul 1-Aug 31. Group rates
     office@summersidegolf.com                  floral arrangement and enjoy good          available.
     www.summersidegolf.com                     conversation over fresh blueberry
     (Summerside). 1399 Fairway Ave.                                                       SUMMERSIDE AREA (E-6)                   SUMMERSIDE AREA (E-6)
                                                muffins. Open May 15-Oct 15. Mon                                                   SUMMERSIDE HISTORIC
     Golf Summerside - great value.             and Wed, 2-4 pm. Pre-booking required.     HARBOURFRONT THEATRE
     Five minutes from downtown                                                            ACELNP                                  WALKING TOUR
     Summerside. 18-hole championship           SEASPLASH SOAP MAKING                                                              NP
     golf course (5700-6500 yd.) with
     modern clubhouse, golf shop and            BCILNO
     licensed restaurant/lounge. Great          882-2896; off season 882-2230
     course for all levels of golfers. Golf     fax 882-3144
     car, pull-cart and club rentals            treasures@tignish.com
     available. Visitors welcome. Advance       www.tignish.com/inn/experiences
     booking of tee time permitted by           (Tignish). 100 School St. Holiday Island
     reservation. Open May 1-Oct 31.            Production/Eva Arsenault, Box 398,
     Green fees: $30-50, (check website for     Tignish, C0B 2B0. Join Eva for a
     current prices). 9-hole rates available.   learning tour of the production
                                                studio. See, touch, and feel the           888-2500; fax 888-4468
                                                beauty of PEI Irish Moss, the key          toll free (800) 708-6505                432-1296
     WOODSTOCK (D-2)                            ingredient in our SeaSplash line of        boxoffice@jubileetheatre.com            www.wyattheritage.com
     MILL RIVER GOLF COURSE                     bath and body products. Create your        www.harbourfronttheatre.com             (Summerside). Take a guided walk
     N     (18-hole, par 72)                    own novelty soaps and enjoy good           (Summerside). 124 Harbour Dr.           through Summerside. Explore the
                                                conversation over fresh blueberry          Nestled on the Summerside               waterfront, the old village, and the
                                                muffins. Open May 15-Oct 15. Tue and       waterfront, this cozy and elegant       historic district. Enjoy a break at the
                                                Thu. 2-4 pm. Pre-booking required.         520-seat professional theatre           Wyatt Heritage Properties with
                                                                                           celebrates the traditions and culture   homemade ice cream and rhubarb
                                                                                           of our region through dramatic and      punch. Check for evening tours.
                                                                                           musical productions all year long.      Leaving from the Visitor
                                                GLENWOOD (E-2)                             Summer 2009 will feature Chuck and      Information Centre at Spinnakers’
                                                                                           Albert, renowned Acadian duo, with      Landing. Open Jul 2-Aug 27.
                                                PIONEER FARM                               a brand new show - toe-tapping          Mon-Fri, 1:30 pm.
                                                LU                                         tunes and hilarious sketch comedy
                                                859-2228                                   with an Acadian flair! Plus much
     toll free (800) 235-8909                   pioneerfarm@pei.sympatico.ca               more of Atlantic Canada’s finest in
     www.golflinkspei.com                       www.pioneerfarm.ca                         story, dance and song - call us toll
     Golf Digest Places to Play ****,                                                      free or visit us online for updated
                                                                                                                                   CAP-EGMONT (F-4)
                                                1835 MacDonald Rd. Rte 176. North                                                  MOONLIGHT CAMPING/
     “Challenging and pretty.” This             Cape Coastal Drive. Judy Bertling,         schedules and complete performance
     mature-forest championship course          Glenwood, C0B 1V0. “Take a llama           information. Open year round.           AU CLAIR D’LA LUNE
     offers the discerning golfer 18            to lunch.” This unique eco-friendly                                                ** (F) *&(R)
     different memories. Rolling fairways,      package includes a guided walk             TIGNISH AREA (B-2)                      GHNP
     well-bunkered greens, subtle               with pack animals and picnic               V’NEZ CHOU NOUS                         854-2746; off season 892-9705
     elevation changes, and numerous            lunch. These gentle creatures make         ACADIAN THEATRE                         8 Campground Rd., Rte 11. 30 km
     lakes and streams make each hole a         the ideal companion to enjoy nature        CDEIO                                   from Summerside in La Région
     new challenge, regardless of your          with. Reservation required.                882-0475; fax 882-0482                  Évangéline. Campers’ store, ice,
     handicap level. Golfers Choice                                                        info@seperrey.org                       playground, laundromat, beach, ice
     awards for best value and best                                                        (DeBlois). 119 DeBlois Rd. A French     cream. Two camp cabins, $45/day.
     service. Resort/Conference Centre                                                     Acadian theatre not to be missed!       Reservations accepted. Open
     with Aquaplex located on site.             SUMMERSIDE AREA (E-6)                      Based on local characters, this play    May 15-Sep 25.
                                                SPRING STREET                              boasts a funny, entertaining            Campground - 14 acres. 7 flush
                                                FARMER’S MARKET                            storyline with lively song and          toilets. 6 hot showers.
                                                                                           dance, both original and traditional.   U - 50 sites. Daily $19(1-4), $2 add’l
     MURRAY ROAD (C-4)                          ACN                                        Great food! By reservation only. Open   person.
     WAGNER’S OUTFITTERS                        854-2353; fax 436-9269                     Jul 15-Aug 31.                          3w - 50 sites. Daily $22(1-4), $2
                                                springstreetfarmersmarket@live.ca                                                  add’l person.
     CGHLN                                      www.summersidewaterfront.ca
     831-3079/2479; fax 831-3079                                                                                                   Camp Cabins - 2 o/n units. Daily
                                                (Summerside). 250 Water St. Gerry                                                  $45(1-2), $4 add’l person.
     eric@wagnerscottage.com                    Reichheld, Summerside Regional
     www.wagnerscottage.com                                                                MOUNT PLEASANT (D-4)
                                                Development Corp., 268 Water St.,          WEST PRINCE VISITOR
     109 Murray Rd., Rte 174. Guided            Summerside, C1N 1B6. Fresh produce,
     goose/duck hunting in fields/salt                                                     INFORMATION CENTRE
                                                preserves, baking, crafts, art, food,
     marshes. Accommodations                    coffee, community atmosphere! Open         ACTINP
     included. Open Oct 1-Dec 31.               year round. Sat, 9 am-1 pm.                831-7930; fax 831-7928
                                                                                           toll free (800) 463-4PEI
                                                                                           Rte 2 West. As you continue your
                                                                                           tour of North Cape Coastal Drive,
                                                                                           be sure to drop in. Our friendly,
                                                                                           knowledgeable staff is waiting to
                                                                                           help you plan an Island adventure
                                                                                           filled with excitement, history and
                                                                                           breathtaking beauty. Open Jun 1-
72                                                                                         Oct 16.

                                    THE AREA CODE FOR PEI IS 902 • INDEX ON PAGE 201 • SYMBOLS LEGEND ON PAGE 59
CAMPING Kildare Capes › CAMPING West Point

KILDARE CAPES (B-3)                    PORT HILL (D-5)                         SUMMERSIDE AREA (E-6)                     WEST POINT (E-2)
JACQUES CARTIER                        GREEN PARK                              GREEN ACRES TRAILER PARK                  CEDAR DUNES
PROVINCIAL PARK                        PROVINCIAL PARK                         HQN                                       PROVINCIAL PARK
** (F) *&(R)                           ** (F) *&(R)                            436-3508; toll free (866) 390-3508        **&(F) ** (R)
CGHTN                                  CGHT                                    (Summerside). David & Barb Wedge,         CDGHTN
                                                                               115 Bayview Dr., Rte 11, Summerside,
                                                                               C1N 4A2. Open May 1-Nov 1.
                                                                               Campground - 1 acre. 1 flush toilet.
                                                                               1 hot shower.
                                                                               3w - 7 sites. Daily $20(1-2).
                                                                               PROVINCIAL PARK
                                                                               *** (F) * (R)
853-8632; off season 859-8790          831-7912; off season 859-8790                                                     859-8785; off season 859-8790
16448 Rte 12. Parks Division West,     364 Green Park Rd., Rte 12. Parks                                                 265 Cedar Dunes Park Rd., Rte 14.
O’Leary RR3, C0B 1V0. Located 5        Division West, Woodstock, O’Leary                                                 Parks Division West, O’Leary RR3,
km east of Alberton. Park recreation   RR3, C0B 1V0. 6 km east of Tyne                                                   C0B 1V0. 24 km south of O’Leary.
and interpretive programs with         Valley. Wooden shipbuilding                                                       Ocean beach with lifeguard, park
evening activities. Ocean beach        display centre and museum, nature                                                 recreation and interpretive
with lifeguard, laundromat, kitchen    trail, playground, river beach.                                                   programs, nature trail, laundromat,
shelter, dumping station. Campers’     Private wooded and river-front tent                                               kitchen shelter, dumping station.
store, 5 km. Leashed pets              sites available. Camp cabins on site.                                             Loan-out recreation equipment.
permitted. Services may vary in        Laundromat, kitchen shelter and                                                   West Point Lighthouse on site.
June and Sept. Reservations            dumping station. Campers’ store,        888-8366; off season 859-8790             Reservations accepted after April 1.
accepted after April 1. Interac, MC,   6 km. Pets permitted on leash.          (Linkletter). 437 Linkletter Rd.,         Interac, MC, V accepted. Open
V accepted. Open Jun 12-Sep 20.        Reservations accepted after April 1.    Rte 11. Parks Division West, Woodstock,   Jun 12-Sep 20.
Campground - 22 acres. 12 flush        Interac, MC, V accepted. Open           O’Leary RR3, C0B 1V0. 8 km west of        Campground - 100 acres. 9 flush
toilets. 6 hot showers.                Jun 12-Sep 7.                           Summerside. Bay beach, playground         toilets. 8 hot showers.
U - 21 sites. Daily $23-25.            Campground - 219 acres. 14 flush        equipment, laundromat, kitchen            U - 20 sites. Daily $23-25.
2w - 36 sites. Daily $26-27.           toilets. 12 hot showers.                shelter and dumping station.              2w - 40 sites. Daily $26-27.
                                       U - 40 sites. Daily $23-25.             Campers’ store, 4 km. Pets permitted
                                       3w - 18 sites. Daily $29-30.            on leash. Reservations accepted after
                                                                               April 1. Interac, MC, V accepted.
                                                                               Open May 29-Sep 20.
                                                                               Campground - 72 acres. 13 flush
                                                                               toilets. 8 hot showers.
                                                                               U - 51 sites. Daily $23-25.
                                                                               2w - 17 sites. Daily $26-27.
                                                                               3w - 16 sites. Daily $29-30.

      • AIR-CONDITIONED                           • A SHORT DRIVE TO MILL RIVER
      • 14 MOTEL ROOMS,                            CHAMPIONSHIP GOLF COURSE
        8 HOUSEKEEPING UNITS                      • SHORT WALK TO PLAYGROUND
      • CABLE TV                                  • TROUT FISHING

                                                        GREAT RATES
                                                          $ 4999& Up              + tax
                                                                                                         (902) 853-2215
                                                        1-800-561-STAY(7829)                                                                                    73
                           THE AREA CODE FOR PEI IS 902 • INDEX ON PAGE 201 • SYMBOLS LEGEND ON PAGE 59
     CAMPING Woodstock › HOTELS/MOTELS/RESORTS Summerside Area

     WOODSTOCK (D-2)                                                                   TRAVELLERS INN MOTEL                   SUMMERSIDE AREA (E-6)
     MILL RIVER PROVINCIAL PARK                                                        **&(H/M)                               CAIRNS MOTEL
     *** (F) **** (R)                                                                  CFHIN                                  **&(H/M)
     CDFHTN                                    CAP-EGMONT (F-4)                                                               CIQNP
                                               MOONLIGHT CAMPING/AU
                                               CLAIR D’LA LUNE
                                               (See Camping, page 72)
                                               PORT HILL (D-5)
                                               WAVES ON GREEN PARK
                                               831-7912; off season 859-8790
                                               364 Green Park Rd., Rte 12. “Waves      853-2215; fax 853-2894
     859-8786; off season 859-8790             on Green Park,” camp cabins             toll free (800) 561-7829               436-5841; fax 436-2140
     3 Mill River Resort Rd., Rte 136. Parks   located in Green Park Provincial        maccormackhospit@eastlink.ca           toll free (877) 224-7676
     Division West, O’Leary RR3, C0B 1V0.      Park, home of the Yeo House and         www.travellersinnpei.com               stay@cairnsmotel.net
     Located 2 km north of Woodstock.          Shipbuilding Museum. Located            330 Church St., Rte 12. Angus & Rita   www.cairnsmotel.net
     Park recreation and interpretive          beside the beautiful Trout River on     MacCormack, Box 138, Alberton, C0B     (Summerside). Aaron & Kendra
     programs, evening activities. 18-hole     the Island’s north shore. Each cozy     1B0. Telephones, colour cable TVs,     Wedge, 721 Water St. East,
     par 72 championship golf course           cabin has three to four mattresses,     air conditioning. Children’s           Summerside, C1N 4J2. A clean, quiet,
     (extra cost) and executive three-hole     table, chairs, picnic table, firepit.   playground within walking              comfortable room awaits you at
     course (free). Canoe/kayaking,            Park offers washroom, showers,          distance. Golf course nearby. Beach,   Cairns Motel. Winner of the 2007
     marina. Racquet and tennis courts,        laundry facilities, beach,              3 km. New heated outdoor pool.         annual Communities in Bloom
     two beach volleyball courts               playground, mini golf. Family and       Small pets allowed. Free               Award. Beautiful water and flower
     (additional fees apply). Playgrounds,     group rates. Open Jun 1-Sep 20.         continental buffet breakfast. AE,      gardens, picnic tables and park
     loan-out recreation equipment.                                                    MC, V accepted. Open year round.       benches under shade trees, a
     Adjacent to Rodd Mill River Resort        Camp Cabins - 12 o/n units. Daily
                                               $45(2), $5 add’l person. Weekly         Motel - 14 o/n, 8 hsk units. 22B&S.    groomed trail which connects onto
     with licensed dining room and                                                     Daily $50-149(2), $15 add’l person.
     lounge, and to Mill River Fun Park.       $285(2), $35 add’l person. Children                                            the Confederation Trail. All rooms
                                               under 6, free.                          Prices include off-season rates.       have air conditioning, new
     Kitchen shelter, laundromat,
     dumping station. All sites are large                                                                                     queen-size Simmons Beautyrest
     and spacious. Leashed pets                                                                                               mattresses, 27” TV, phones, clock
     permitted. Services may vary in June                                                                                     radios, fridge, microwave, hair
     and Sept. Reservations accepted                                                                                          dryer, ample lighting and iron/
     after April 1. Interac, MC, V                                                                                            board. Complimentary coffee.
                                               ALBERTON (C-3)                                                                 Clean rooms guaranteed! Daily
     accepted. Open May 15-Sep 27.             BRIARWOOD INN, COTTAGES
     Campground - 75 acres. 12 flush                                                                                          maid service. Check us out at www.
     toilets. 8 hot showers.                   AND LODGE                                                                      tripadvisor.com. On-site computer
     U - 18 sites. Daily $23-25.               **&(H/M)
     2w - 18 sites. Daily $26-27.              (See Cottages, page 80)
     3w - 36 sites. Daily $29-30.

                                  THE AREA CODE FOR PEI IS 902 • INDEX ON PAGE 201 • SYMBOLS LEGEND ON PAGE 59

with high-speed internet. AE,           Major credit cards accepted. Open        golf, shopping, Confederation Trail,      Convention facilities for 175. Heated
Interac, MC, V accepted. Open           year round.                              restaurants, beaches. Major credit        indoor pool. Licensed lounge. Small
May 1-Oct 31.                           Hotel - 83 o/n, 25 hsk units. 108B&S.    cards accepted. Open May 1-Nov 1.         pets allowed. All rooms newly
Motel - 15 o/n units. 15B&S. Daily      Daily $80-120(1-2), $15 add’l person.    Motel - 21 o/n units. 21B&S. Daily        renovated. All major credit cards
$60-90(1-2).                            Off-season rates available.              $52-75(2), $5 add’l person.               accepted. Open year round.
                                                                                 Off-season rates available.               Motel - 24 o/n, 16 hsk units.
CAUSEWAY BAY LINKLETTER                 CLARK’S SUNNY ISLE MOTEL                                                           40B&S. Daily $70-180(2), $15 add’l
INN AND CONVENTION                      **&(H/M)                                 ECONO LODGE                               person. Prices include off-season
CENTRE                                                                           ***&(H/M)                                 rates.
***&(H/M)                                                                        CDEFHIQN
                                                                                                                           GREEN ACRES MOTEL
                                                                                                                           436-3508; toll free (866) 390-3508
                                                                                                                           (Summerside). North Cape Coastal
                                                                                                                           Drive, Rte 11. Elizabeth Wedge
                                                                                                                           (manager), 115 Bayview Dr.,
                                                                                                                           Summerside, C1N 4A2. Come stay
                                                                                                                           in our clean, comfortable, air-
                                        436-5665                                                                           conditioned rooms. Remote-control,
                                        reservations (877) 682-6824                                                        colour TV with extended cable.
                                                                                 436-9100; fax 436-8805                    Fridge, stove, double and queen
436-2157; toll free (800) 565-7829      myles@eastlink.ca                        toll free (800) 268-7829
                                        www.sunnyislemotel.com                                                             beds, high-speed wireless internet.
infolinkletter@causewaybayhotels.ca                                              econolodgecn435@yahoo.ca                  Cots available. Non-smoking rooms.
www.causewaybayhotels.ca                (Summerside). Myles Clark & family,      www.econolodgesummerside.com
                                        720 Water St. East, Summerside, C1N                                                Quiet location with well-lit parking
(Summerside). Tammy Palmer (General                                              (Summerside). Hal Affleck, 80 All         lot. Five-minute drive to College of
                                        4J1. Situated on 20 acres overlooking    Weather Hwy., Summerside, C1N 4P3.
Manager), 311 Market St., Summerside,   Bedeque Bay. Quiet, relaxing                                                       Piping, Harbourfront Theatre,
C1N 1K8. Customer service is our                                                 Free buffet continental breakfast         shopping centres. Beach, 3 km; dairy
                                        grounds feature water view, gardens,     every morning. Centrally located for
number one priority. Centrally          trees, picnic tables, cedar gazebo.                                                bar, Summerside Golf Course
located hotel within walking distance                                            shopping, beaches and golf. All           (18-hole) and restaurant within
                                        A beautiful trail leads to our private   rooms have high-speed wireless
of all downtown has to offer:           waterfront. Newly renovated                                                        walking distance. Take TransCanada
Summerside’s new sports complex,                                                 internet, coffee makers, hair dryers      Hwy. to Rte 1A, west to North Cape
                                        garden/water view units available.       and air conditioning. Free local calls.
shopping, a beautiful new waterfront    All units feature telephones, air                                                  Coastal Drive (Rte 11) and continue
boardwalk. Over one million dollars                                              Colour cable TV. Largest flea market      west for 6 km. AE, Interac, MC, V
                                        conditioning, queen beds, fridges,       on PEI every Sunday across the
worth of exciting changes. King,        microwaves, hair dryers, free                                                      accepted. Open Jun 1-Sep 30.
queen and standard suites include       wireless internet, 27-32-inch TVs        street. Adjoining rooms for families.     Motel - 1 o/n, 11 hsk units. 12B&S.
free wireless and local calls, guest    with extended cable. Complimentary       Fully equipped kitchenettes.              Daily $56-89(1-2), $5 add’l person.
business centre, coin laundry. Swim     morning coffee. Free continental         Computer with high-speed internet         Efficiency Suite - Daily $69-89(1-2).
in our indoor pool or relax on our      breakfast, May and October. Daily        available for guests in our lobby.        Prices include off-season rates.
outdoor patio. Family restaurant        maid service. Free use of computer       Honeymoon suite has jacuzzi.
and licensed lounge located on site     with internet access. Bicycle storage.
with great food at affordable prices.   Unit parking. Near College of Piping,

                                                                                      69and up

                            THE AREA CODE FOR PEI IS 902 • INDEX ON PAGE 201 • SYMBOLS LEGEND ON PAGE 59

     LOYALIST LAKEVIEW RESORT               MULBERRY MOTEL                         PARKVIEW MOTEL                           Brothers Two Restaurant and
     **** (H/M)                             ** (H/M)                               & COTTAGES                               dinner theatre. Non-smoking
                                            CDHIQLNP                               CGHLN                                    rooms. Jacuzzi suites. Pet-friendly
                                                                                   436-6146                                 in Simpson Court. Open year round.
                                                                                   davidlinkletter@eastlink.ca              Hotel - 94 o/n units. 67B&S, 27S.
                                                                                   www.parkviewmotelpei.com                 Daily $99-199(2), $10 add’l person.
                                                                                   (Linkletter). 161 Linkletter Beach Rd.   HMR Overnight Suite - Daily
                                                                                   David & Nancy Linkletter,                $129-289(2). Prices include
                                                                                   Summerside RR2, C1N 4J8. 6 km            off-season rates.
                                                                                   west of Summerside. Quiet country
                                                                                   setting. One- and two-bedroom            SLEMON PARK HOTEL
                                                                                   housekeeping cottages.                   ***&(H/M)
                                                                                   Housekeeping motel units. Cable          RCDEHTIQLUNO
                                                                                   TV. Crib and cots available. Swing
     436-3333; fax 436-4304                 436-2520; fax (800) 274-3825           sets on premises. Golf course, 3 km;
     toll free (877) 355-3500               toll free (800) 274-3825               bay beach, 200 m; Confederation
     loyalistinn@pei.aibn.com               mulberry@summerside.ca                 Trail, 2 km; shopping, Harbourside
     www.lakeviewhotels.com                 www.peisland.com/mulberryinn           Theatre, 6 km. Leashed pets
     (Summerside). 195 Harbour Dr.,         (Summerside). Don Reid, 6 Water St.    permitted. Ask about our third-day
     Summerside, C1N 5R1. Traditional       East., Summerside, C1A 1A1. A          discount. MC, V accepted. Open
     inn offering all amenities of a        moderately priced family destination   May 15-Sep 20.
     luxury urban hotel, in the heart of    with some not-so-moderate extras.      Motel - 5 o/n, 8 hsk units. 13B&S.
     Summerside. On a prime site            Spacious rooms with secluded
                                            grounds. Centrally located on PEI,     Daily $55-70(2), $10 add’l person.
     overlooking Summerside                                                        Weekly $350-425(2), $40 add’l
     Waterfront, curling and yacht clubs,   we are a short walk to Summerside                                               432-1780; fax 436-4523
                                            waterfront and just minutes’ drive     person.
     and marina. Licensed dining room,                                                                                      toll free (877) 782-9734
                                            from deep-sea fishing, swimming        Cottage - 4 hsk units. 2B&S, 2S.         staypei@slemonpark.com
     lounge, conference facilities. Two                                            Daily $65-90(2), $10 add’l person.
     rooms for physically challenged        and golf. You can be in Cavendish                                               www.slemonparkhotel.com
                                            in less than 30 minutes, and           Weekly $400-550(2), $40 add’l            (Slemon Park). Rte 2. Kevin Mouflier,
     persons, craft shop, indoor pool,                                             person. Off-season rates available.
                                            Charlottetown is a pleasant                                                     12 Redwood Ave., Box 90, Slemon
     sauna, exercise room, bike rental,     45-minute drive. We have efficiency
     outside patio. 30 rooms with                                                                                           Park, C0B 2A0. 30 minutes from
                                            and housekeeping rooms, barbecues,     QUALITY INN AND SUITES -                 Confederation Bridge and most
     whirlpool tubs. Major credit cards     picnic tables, smoking/non-smoking,    GARDEN OF THE GULF                       major attractions/golf courses in
     accepted. Open year round.             laundromat, telephones, wireless                                                Cavendish. Standard rooms with
     Hotel - 95 o/n, 8 hsk units. 103B&S.                                          ***&(H/M)
                                            high-speed internet, basketball,       CDFGHIQLNP                               one queen or two double
     Daily $99-199(2), $10 add’l person.    volleyball and shuffleboard courts,                                             beds, large efficiency suites. One
     HMR Overnight Suite - Daily            playground. Adventure, golf and                                                 special-needs-access efficiency
     $150-299(2). Prices include            deep-sea packages are available.                                                suite. Hotel newly renovated in
     off-season rates.                      Open year round.                                                                2007. Complimentary local calls
                                            Motel - 13 o/n, 23 hsk units. 39B&S.                                            and high-speed internet included.
                                            Daily $60-90(1), $10 add’l person.                                              Children under 18 stay free. Stay
                                            Weekly $360-540(1), $60 add’l                                                   with us for a most memorable,
                                            person.                                                                         valued Island experience. Anson’s
                                                                                                                            Restaurant & Spitfire Pub
                                                                                                                            specializes in fresh Island seafood
                                                                                                                            and premium hand-carved steaks.
                                                                                   436-2295; fax 432-2911                   Vacation packages for air tours,
                                                                                   toll free (800) 265-5551                 golf, theatre, deep-sea fishing and
                                                                                   info@qualityinnpei.com                   romance. Major credit cards
                                                                                   www.qualityinnpei.com                    accepted. Open year round.
                                                                                   (Summerside). Alfred V. Groom,           Hotel - 74 o/n, 44 hsk units. 118B&S.
                                                                                   618 Water St. East, Summerside, C1N      Daily $101-199(2), $10 add’l person.
                                                                                   2V5. Waterfront property ideally         Continental breakfast included.
                                                                                   located within 30 minutes of most
                                                                                   major attractions and golf courses
                                                                                   (Cavendish, Green Gables, Sandspit
                                                                                   Amusement Park). Located directly
                                                                                   across from College of Piping.
                                                                                   Indoor and outdoor pools.
                                                                                   Complimentary 9-hole, par 3 golf.
                                                                                   Bicycling. Gift shop. Coffee shop.

                                                                                      Slemon Park Hotel & Conference Centre Welcomes You
                                                                                                         Our associates will ensure
                                                                                                         that your stay is relaxing and
                                                                                                         enjoyable in pampering you

        The Loyalist Country Inn in Summerside PEI is a full service
        resort featuring indoor pool, exercise room, Crown & Anchor                   with unforgettable
       Tavern & Prince William Dining Room. Our on-site Conference                    service. Treat yourself
                                                                                      and be our guest. We                                Located at 12 Redwood
           Centre is ideal for meetings and large social gatherings.                  offer competitive                                   Avenue in Slemon Park.
                                                                                                                                              Call 432-1774
                   195 Harbour Drive, Summerside PEI                                  rates year
                                                                                      round.           Book your reservation online
                    902.436.3333 | 1.877.355.3500                                                at www.slemonparkhotel.com or
                         lakeviewhotels.com                                                     Email: staypei@slemonpark.com or
                                                                                                  Call Toll Free 1-877-782-9734
                                THE AREA CODE FOR PEI IS 902 • INDEX ON PAGE 201 • SYMBOLS LEGEND ON PAGE 59

SUMMERSIDE MOTEL                          TIGNISH AREA (B-2)                      WOODSTOCK (D-2)                         Full-service, newly renovated resort
**&(H/M) **&(C)                           ISLAND’S END MOTEL                      LEWIS MOTEL & RESTAURANT                with 18-hole championship golf
                                                                                                                          course (ranked within top 50 in
CHIQLNP                                   **&(H/M)                                **&(H/M)                                Canada), indoor pool, 90-ft.
                                          CGHN                                    CDHN                                    waterslide, kiddies’ pool,
                                          882-3554                                859-2396; toll free (800) 838-2084      whirlpool, sauna, Rodd Spa
                                          info@islandsendmotel.com                olewis@route2.pe.ca                     Boutique, squash courts, tennis
                                          www.islandsendmotel.com                 37564 Rte 2 West. Harry & Ella Lewis,   courts (day/night), large fitness
                                          (Seacow Pond). 42 Doyle Rd., off        O’Leary RR3, C0B 1V0. Seven rooms       centre, aerobics, complimentary
                                          Rte 12. Box 547, Tignish, C0B 2B0.      with two double beds, five with one     wireless internet, restaurant and
                                          6 km north of Tignish. Seven rooms      double. Near golf, fun park, beaches,   lounge. Marina with canoeing,
                                          with single or double beds. 5 km        shopping, marina, churches,             windsurfing, kayaking, biking and
                                          from Wind Test Site and restaurant      Confederation Trail. Pets permitted     recreation programs. Conference
                                          at North Cape. Quiet location           if attended. Satellite TV. No charge    facilities for 250. Family, golf and
436-3865; toll free (800) 386-6734        overlooking Gulf of St. Lawrence.       for children under 13. AE, MC, V        winter packages available (see
summersidemotel@eastlink.ca               Walking distance to beach. Irish        accepted. Open Jun 30-Nov 30.           website). CAA/AAA and seniors’
www.peisland.com/summersidemotel          moss harvesting and golf nearby.        Motel - 12 o/n units. 7B&S, 5S. Daily   discounts. All major credit cards
(Reads Corner). Janice & John Holmes,     Children under 6 free. Also one         $50-60(1-2), $5 add’l person. Weekly    accepted. Open year round.
500 Read Dr., Summerside, C1N 5A9.        light housekeeping houseboat            $336-406(2), $35 add’l person. Prices   Hotel - 90 o/n units. 90B&S. Daily
Affordable, comfortable, non-             cottage. 48-hour cancellation policy    include off-season rates.               $95-195(2), $10 add’l person.
smoking rooms. Laundromat, picnic         applies. MC, V accepted. Open                                                   Efficiency Suite - Daily $144-310(2),
tables, barbecues, playground and         May 1-Sep 29.                           RODD MILL RIVER - A RODD                $10 add’l person.
duck pond located on our spacious         Motel - 3 o/n units, 4 hsk units.       SIGNATURE RESORT
property. Cable TV, telephones and        7B&S. Daily $65-95(2-4), $7 add’l       ***&(R)
coffee makers in rooms. Fully             person. Weekly rates available.
                                          Cottage - 1 hsk unit. 1S. Weekly        RCDEFHTIQLN
equipped kitchenettes, microwaves,
hair dryers, alarm clocks, wireless       $630(1-4), $49 add’l person. Prices
internet and air conditioning/fans        include off-season rates.                                                       ALBERTON (C-3)
available. Pets welcome. Minutes                                                                                          BRIARWOOD INN, COTTAGES
from Confederation Bridge,                                                                                                AND LODGE
Confederation Trail, Summerside
Golf Course, College of Piping,                                                                                           **&(B&B)
beaches, boardwalk and Shipyard                                                                                           (See Cottages, page 80)
Market. Motorcycles welcome. Open
year round.
Motel - 12 o/n, 12 hsk units.
24B&S. Daily $65-85(2). Continental                                               859-3555; fax 859-2486
breakfast included.                                                               toll free (800) 565-RODD(7633)
Cottage - 1 hsk unit. 1B&S. Daily                                                 rodd@roddvacations.com
$75-85(2). Off-season rates                                                       www.roddmillriver.com
available.                                                                        Box 399, O’Leary, C0B 1V0. Off
                                                                                  Rte 2, 57 km west of Summerside.

                             Quality Inn – Garden of the Gulf
                                    Relax, rejuvenate, and play …
                             Free golf (9 hole par three), two swimming pools, Brothers Two
                             Restaurant, Pub, and Feast Dinner Theatre, The Harbourfront
                             Jubilee Theatre, Island walking, hiking, and biking trails,
    ValuE PaCkagES:          The College of Piping, & great shopping. Tour the Island from
                             our central location. We’re 30 easy minutes from Anne of Green
    Package from             Gables at Cavendish, most major attractions, & championship
    $159                     golf courses.
    Based on 2 people
    Family getaway
    Based on a family of 4
    for 2 nights
    Escape for Two
    Based on 2 people
    for 2 nights

                    Please call for information on our vacation packages.
                    618 Water Street East (Route 11) . Summerside, PE . C1N 2V5                                1-800-265-5551
                    902-436-2295 (local)                                                                 www.qualityinnpei.com                                    77
                               THE AREA CODE FOR PEI IS 902 • INDEX ON PAGE 201 • SYMBOLS LEGEND ON PAGE 59
     INNS/BED & BREAKFASTS Alberton › INNS/BED & BREAKFASTS Summerside Area

     HUNTER HOUSE INN                        LA PETITE FRANCE                        Multi-night discount. AE, Interac,     RICHMOND (E-4)
     **** (B&B)                              **&(B&B)                                MC, V accepted. Open May 1-Oct         MOM’S BED ‘N’ BREAKFAST
                                                                                     31. Off season by reservation.         CENTURY HOME
     CTQNP                                   CDQNO
                                                                                     Bed & Breakfast - 2 o/n units.         **&(B&B)
                                             853-3975; fax 853-3975
                                                                                     2B&S. Daily $75-80(2). Weekly
                                             hubert_lihrmann@hotmail.com                                                    CDNP
                                             Michele Lihrmann, 441 Church St.,                                              854-2419; off season 863-3665
                                                                                     B&B Suite - Daily $120-130(4).
                                             Alberton, C0B 1B0. French hospitality                                          reservations (888) 666-7999
                                             in a Heritage house. Next to the                                               jmachielsen@ns.sympatico.ca
                                             Alberton museum. French, German         MISCOUCHE (E-5)                        www.momsbednbreakfast.com
                                             and English spoken. Fine dining on      LECKY’S BED & BREAKFAST INN            Intersection of rtes 2 West and 127.
                                             demand. Bike rental available.          **&(B&B)                               Erma Gaudet-MacArthur, Richmond,
                                             Canada Games welcome! Open              CDQLNP                                 C0B 1Y0. Experience the ambience
                                             May 1-Oct 31.                                                                  of this elegant early 1800s 15-room
                                             Bed & Breakfast - 2 o/n units.                                                 home which has retained its original
     853-4027; toll free (888) 853-4027      1B&S. Daily $60(1-2), $15 add’l                                                character. Adjacent to Confederation
     peihistoricplaces.ca                    person. Weekly $360(1-2), $90 add’l                                            Trail. Accommodates families,
     www.bbcanada.com/hunterhouse            person.                                                                        couples. Room with en suite bath.
     1013 Rte 152. Phil & Diane Rochefort,                                                                                  Open Jun 1-Oct 15.
     Alberton RR2, C0B 1B0. Registered                                                                                      Bed & Breakfast - 3 o/n units.
     Heritage home. 1883 farmhouse set
                                             BIDEFORD (D-4)                                                                 1B&S, 1S, ½B. Daily $60-75(2), $10
     amidst six landscaped acres.            HILLTOP ACRES                                                                  add’l person.
     Spacious, antique-furnished             BED & BREAKFAST                                                                B&B Suite - Daily $120-150(4-6).
     bedrooms (one with romantic             ***&(B&B)                                                                      Full breakfast included. Weekly
     enclosed balcony). Private baths,       CDQN                                    436-3216; toll free (888) 220-4059     rental, one night free.
     sitting areas, queen beds. Barrier-     831-2817; fax 831-2817                  lecky@pei.sympatico.ca
     free suite: separate living room;       toll free (877) 305-2817
                                                                                                                            SUMMERSIDE AREA (E-6)
     private, screened verandah with         wjt_hilltop@pei.sympatico.ca            11 North Cape Coastal Drive, rtes 2    CHIMNEYS BED & BREAKFAST
     hot tub. Moonlight garden.              www.bbcanada.com/hilltopacres           and 12. Allen Lecky, Box 336,          ***&(B&B)
     Confederation Trail, harbour,           694 Bideford Rd., Rte 166. Janice       Miscouche, C0B 1T0. Open year round.   CDFHTQN
     museum, golf, beaches, capes,           (Wayne) Trowsdale, Box 3011,            Bed & Breakfast - 3 o/n units.         436-1027; toll free (888) 693-4669
     woollen mill nearby. “A jewel in the    Ellerslie, C0B 1J0. Enjoy the quiet     3B&S. Daily $69-138(2). Prices         www.chimneysbandb.com
     heart of Prince County.” Gourmet        of the country in historic Bideford,    include off-season rates.              (Linkletter). Jan & Frank Henry,
     breakfast. AE, MC, V accepted.          where L. M. Montgomery first                                                   1770 Linkletter Rd., Summerside RR2,
     Open May 1-Oct 31.                      taught school. Relax on balcony,        NORTHPORT (C-3)                        C1N 4J8. A warm welcome awaits
     Bed & Breakfast - 3 o/n units.          garden swings, decks, screened                                                 at our beautifully restored Victorian
     1B&S, 2S. Daily $89(2), $15 add’l                                               NORTHPORT PIER INN                     farmhouse furnished with many
                                             gazebo or guest living room.
     person. Full breakfast included.        Spacious lawn. Cyclists welcome.        **** (I)                               period antiques. Situated on two
     B&B Suite - Daily $120(2), $15          3 km from Confederation Trail.          RCDEGTIQLUNP                           acres with extensive flower gardens
     add’l person.                           Queen bedroom has ensuite bath;                                                and a view of Northumberland
                                             two-bedroom suite has private                                                  Strait. 1 km to beach, minutes to
                                             bath. Homemade preserves.                                                      downtown. Each room features
                                                                                                                            fresh flowers, private four-piece
                                                                                                                            bath, coffee, tea, homemade
                                                                                                                            cookies, wireless internet , phone,
                                                                                                                            cable TV/VCR. Movies available.
                                                                                                                            Outdoor and indoor games. 24-ft.
                                                                                                                            pool with large deck, sandbox,
                                                                                                                            swing set. Children welcome. Full
                                                                                                                            farm breakfast with large choice of
                                                                                     853-4520; fax 853-3990                 hot dishes included. MC, V
                                                                                     toll free (866) 887-4520               accepted. Open year round.
                                                                                     inn@northportpier.ca                   Bed & Breakfast - 2 o/n units. 2B&S.
                                                                                     www.northportpier.ca                   Daily $65-90(1-2), $10 add’l person.
                                                                                     298 Rte 152, (Main St.). Cathy         Weekly $350-500(1-2). Full breakfast
                                                                                     Bullied. Luxury oceanfront inn         included. Prices included off-season
                                                                                     offering spectacular views of          rates.
                                                                                     Cascumpec Bay and the intriguing       COMME CHEZ VOUS
                                                                                     ambience of a busy fishing harbour.
                                                                                     Watch scores of blue heron arriving    **** (B&B)
                                                                                     from their rookery to feed at low      436-8600 CDIQLNO
                                                                                     tide. Marina, seafood restaurant,      anwe@pei.sympatico.ca
                                                                                     bike racks, interpretive centre on     (Summerside). André Cormier &
                                                                                     premises. Tranquil setting for beach   Wendell Cameron, 161 Fitzroy St.,
                                                                                     walks. Confederation Trail bike        Summerside, C1N 1H2. A warm
                                                                                     path nearby. All rooms have private    welcome awaits you at Comme
                                                                                     baths, balconies or patios             Chez Vous, a beautiful Heritage
                                                                                     overlooking the harbour, wireless      home. We offer a quiet, restful
                                                                                     high-speed and data ports.             atmosphere where you can lounge
                                                                                     Barrier-free rooms feature             next to the fireplace, relax in the
                                                                                     wheelchair-accessible showers,         backyard, or in your room with a
                                                                                     patio. Meeting rooms for executive     good book. Centrally located
                                                                                                                            downtown, close to shopping, live
                                                                                     or artist retreats. Minutes from       theatre and entertainment, art
                                                                                     excellent golf. Open May 1-Oct 3.      gallery, antique shops, restaurants,
                                                                                     Inn - 12 o/n units. 10B&S, 2S. Daily   churches, spas, Spinnakers’
                                                                                     $145(1-2), $15 add’l person.           Landing and Confederation Trail.
                                                                                     Suite - 2 o/n units. 2B&S              You will not have to walk far until
                                                                                     (whirlpool). Daily $180(1-2), $15      you find something to pique your
                                                                                     add’l person. Continental breakfast    interest! Dinner by arrangement.
                                                                                     included. Off-season rates             Open year round.
                                                                                     available.                             Bed & Breakfast - 2 o/n units.
                                                                                                                            1B&S, 1S. Daily $90-115(1-2), $25
                                                                                                                            add’l person. Weekly $690(1-2),
                                                                                                                            $150 add’l person. Off-season rates

                                 THE AREA CODE FOR PEI IS 902 • INDEX ON PAGE 201 • SYMBOLS LEGEND ON PAGE 59

HOLMAN/CUNNINGHAM                      WILLOWGREEN FARM                       Breakfast Inn - 17 o/n units.           URBAINVILLE (E-4)
HOUSE B&B                              BED & BREAKFAST                        15B&S, 2S. Daily $70-125(2), $10        CHEZ YVETTE
**** (B&B)                             ***&(B&B)                              add’l person. Weekly $420-750(2),       BED & BREAKFAST
                                                                              $60 add’l person. Children under
CDQN                                   CQKN                                   6 free. Continental breakfast           **&(B&B)
724-0914; fax 724-3044                 436-4420; toll free (888) 436-4420     included. Prices include off-season     CDQNO
toll free (866) 724-0914               willowgreenfarm@pei.aibn.com           rates.                                  854-2966
nhall62@hotmail.com                    www.willowgreenfarm.com                                                        yvetteandgerry@hotmail.com
www.hchouse.ca                         (Summerside). Steven & Laura Read,                                             www.chezyvette.ca/
(Summerside). Norman & Linda Hall,     117 Bishop Dr., Summerside, C1N        TYNE VALLEY (D-4)
                                                                              THE DOCTOR’S INN                        1154 Rte 124. Yvette Deschenes,
2 Water St., Summerside, C1N 1A1.      5Z8. A unique pastoral farm setting                                            Box 63, Urbainville, C0B 2E0.
Open year round.                       in the city. Welcome to our spacious   BED & BREAKFAST                         Located in the heart of the
Bed & Breakfast - 3 o/n units.         country homestead, a haven within      **&(B&B)                                Evangeline area and surrounded
2B&S, 1S. Daily $90(2), $15 add’l      walking distance of dining,            CDHQN                                   by magnificent flower gardens, this
person. Weekly $540(2), $15 add’l      entertainment or fields. After         831-3057                                pristine establishment offers a fine
person. Off-season rates available.    beaches, sightseeing and theatre,      doctorsinn@pei.sympatico.ca             blend of traditional and modern
                                       come home to the farm! Minutes         www.peisland.com/doctorsinn             comfort. Breakfast is served in the
ISLAND HOME                            from downtown, behind the              32 Allen Rd., Rte 167. Paul & Jean      dining room, graced with fine
BED AND BREAKFAST                      College of Piping and on the           Offer, Tyne Valley. 30 km west of       antiques. Three rooms: two with
***&(B&B)                              Confederation Trail is where you       Summerside, 4 km from Green Park        queen-size beds, and one with two
                                       will find us. Comfortable theme        and river swimming. Beautifully         single beds. Bilingual. Completely
CDQN                                   rooms with your needs in mind, all
436-7559                                                                      landscaped village home, c. 1860.       renovated homestead. Open
                                       with private bath, two with air        Cozy living room with fireplace.        May 1-Oct 31.
islandhomebandb@eastlink.ca            conditioning, and some on main
www.islandhomebandb.ca                                                        Two-acre organic market gardens         Bed & Breakfast - 3 o/n units. 1
                                       floor. Laundry services available.     provide fresh vegetables. Dining by     B&S, 1S. Daily $65(1-2), $15 add’l
(Summerside). Patrick Higgins &        Handmade sweaters/crafts for sale.
Anne Fagan, 44 Spring St,                                                     reservation. Recommended in             person. Breakfast included.
                                       Theme package options.                 Where to Eat in Canada ‘92-’08
Summerside, C1N 3E2. At home on        Reservations recommended.
the Island. Warm and friendly                                                 (one-star rating). One double, one
                                       Singles discount. MC, V accepted.      queen. Adult environment.
hospitality awaits you. Three          Open year round.
spacious, well-appointed guest                                                Cancellation policy. MC, V
                                       Bed & Breakfast - 9 o/n units.         accepted. Open year round.
rooms with ensuite and private         4B&S(2 whirlpool), 1B(whirlpool),
bath. Hearty breakfast each                                                   Bed & Breakfast - 2 o/n units. 1B.
                                       4S. Daily $50-115(2), $10 add’l        Daily $70-85(2), $20 add’l person.
morning in the dining room. Open       person. Weekly $300-690(2), $60
year round.                                                                   Weekly $420-510(2), $120 add’l
                                       add’l person. Breakfast included.      person. Breakfast included. Prices
Bed & Breakfast - 3 o/n units. 1       Prices include off-season rates.
B&S, 2S. Daily $90-110(2), $15 add’l                                          include off-season rates.
person.                                TIGNISH AREA (B-2)
SILVER FOX INN                         MURPHY’S TOURIST
                                       HOME & COTTAGES
***** (B&B)                                                                    visitorguidead:4          10/31/08        4:34 PM       Page 1
                                       *** (B&B)
                                       (See Cottages, page 82)

                                       TIGNISH HERITAGE
                                       INN & GARDENS
                                       CDTQKLNP                                                            Northport Pier…
                                                                                                      Surround yourself in serenity
436-1664; off season (780)
499-4903; toll free (800) 565-4033                                                                                 Northport Pier Inn
www.silverfoxinn.net                                                                                            Toll Free 1-866-887-4520
(Summerside). Gary Svendsen, 61                                                                           14 cozy rooms overlooking the harbour,
Granville St., Summerside, C1N 2Z3.
“Good things come to those...” who     882-2491; fax 882-2500
                                                                                                          minutes from shopping, dining and golf
choose to stay at our inn! This        toll free (877) 882-2491
beautiful Heritage home offers         heritageinn@tignish.com                                         Boat Shop Steak & Seafood Restaurant
peace and tranquility - the perfect    www.tignish.com/inn
spot from which to base all your                                                                                     902-853-4510
                                       (Tignish). 206 Maple St. Behind St.
Island touring. “Early Bird” coffee,   Simon and St. Jude Church, off Maple                        Originally the boat builder’s workshop, now serving
full breakfast buffet, lunch and       St. Box 398, Tignish, C0B 2B0. Built                          breakfast, lunch and supper on the waterfront
afternoon tea available in our tea     in 1868, this restored Heritage
room. Dinner? Yes, we do that too!     property featuring magnificent
Evening coffee, laundry service,       floral gardens offers the unique                                   The Galley Gift and Coffee Shop
picnic lunches, ensuite bathrooms,     charm of the past with all the                                  Local maritime treasures and Internet access
air conditioners, free wireless        modern amenities. Minutes from
internet. Extended-stay discounts.     North Cape, beaches and golf.
Visit our website for details on how   Within walking distance of                                                   Northport Marina
to “Come home to our Island.” AE,      restaurants, museum, shopping                                Fresh water, electricity, shower and laundry facilities
MC, V accepted. Open year round.       and mile zero of Confederation
Bed & Breakfast - 6 o/n units.         Trail. 17 guest rooms with private
6B&S. Daily $100-150(2), $25 add’l     bath/shower and cable TV.                                                  www.northportpier.ca
person. Breakfast included.            Honeymoon suite. Kitchen and
Off-season rates available.            laundry facilities available. Open
                                       to groups year round (some
                                       restrictions apply). Ray of SunShine
                                       Garden Experience, Mon and Fri,
                                       2-4 pm (pre-booking required).                                                                        NORTHPORT
                                                                                                             Follow the North Cape
                                       48-hour cancellation policy. Open                                     Coastal Drive through
                                       May 15-Oct 15.                                                        Alberton to the
                                                                                                             Northport Pier.                P •I •E •R
                            THE AREA CODE FOR PEI IS 902 • INDEX ON PAGE 201 • SYMBOLS LEGEND ON PAGE 59

     WEST POINT (E-2)                        Lodge has one-bedroom suites with      BIRCH HILL (D-5)                         EAST BIDEFORD (D-4)
     STEWART MEMORIAL BEACH                  complete kitchen, living area, full    SPRUCE MEADOW COTTAGE                    BAYVIEW VACATION HOME
     HOUSE BED & BREAKFAST                   bath and queen bed. Our larger
                                             suites offer patio doors to a deck,
                                                                                    **&(C)                                   ****&(C)
     **&(B&B)                                cathedral ceiling, queen bed and       GH                                       CGN
     CDLN                                    spacious bathroom with whirlpool       831-2259; off season (631) 264-0883      831-2173/3263; fax 831-3029
     859-2970/1939                           tub. Also, standard double rooms       clifld@aol.com                           toll free (866) 723-9411
     www3.pei.sympatico.ca/~audrey.          and king suites available. Our         183 Sheri Court. Clifford Demorest,      ad.caseley@hotmail.com
     macdonald                               award-winning Heritage home            Box 149, Tyne Valley, C0B 2C0            bayviewvacation.cottagelink.com
     120 Harbour Rd., Rte 14. Audrey         provides a panoramic view of Dock      (winter: 20 SouthBay Ave., Amityville,   75 Red Shore Lane. Charlene & Roger
     MacDonald, West Point, C0B 1V0.         River. Period furniture, front         NY, USA 11701). Nestled on a river       Palmer, Ellerslie RR2, C0B 1J0.
     Replica house with artifacts,           verandah, quiet location. No           leading to Malpeque Bay is Spruce        Four-bedroom executive vacation
     antiques, geneology, history.           smoking. Pet surcharge applies.        Meadow, a private, unpretentious         home on a large waterfront lot.
     Operating since 1995. Cook lobster      AE, Interac, MC, V accepted. Open      retreat. Near the Confederation          Spacious interior, hardwood floors,
     here in season. By West Point           year round.                            Trail, Green Park, golf, beaches for     pine accents, and incredible
     Harbourside Centre, Cedar Dunes         Cottage - 6 hsk units. 6B&S. Daily     swimming/boating. Large deck,            fireplace. Spiral staircase to loft
     Park, lighthouse and crafts. Ideal      $125(2), $10 add’l person. Weekly      great views. Open Jun 15-Sep 15.         bedroom with view. Fully equipped,
     location for cycling tourists. Open     $800(4), $25 add’l person.             Cottage - 1 hsk unit. 1S. Weekly         large kitchen, washer/dryer, air tub,
     May 1-Oct 31.                           Bed & Breakfast - 3 o/n units. 1B,     $495-695(4), $25 add’l person.           satellite TV/DVD, 64-ft. deck with
     Bed & Breakfast - 3 o/n units.          1S. Daily $75(2), $10 add’l person.    Prices include off-season rates.         ocean view. Boat access, floating
     1 B&S, 1S. Daily $65-75. Weekly         HMR Lodge - 8 hsk units. 8B&S (2                                                dock and playground available.
     $390-450. Full breakfast included.      jacuzzis). Daily $110-145(2), $10      WEST COUNTRY COTTAGES                    Kayaks and bicycles available. Open
                                             add’l person. Weekly $700-800(1-2),    ***&(C)                                  May 1-Nov 10.
     WEST POINT LIGHTHOUSE                   $25 add’l person.                                                               Cottage - 1 hsk unit. 2B&S. Weekly
                                                                                    GHN                                      $1800(8), $25 add’l person.
     INN, MUSEUM & RESTAURANT                Motel - 8 o/n units. 8B&S (4           831-3342/888-8727
     *** (I)                                 jacuzzis). Daily $85-125(2), $10                                                Off-season rates available.
                                             add’l person. Off-season rates         westcountrycottages.cottagelink.com
                                             available.                             16 Schooner Lane, Rte 12. Clayton &
                                                                                                                             RED SHORE COTTAGES
                                                                                    Donnalee Noye, Tyne Valley RR2, C0B      ****&(C)
                                             BAYSIDE (E-5)                          2C0. Spacious deluxe cottages            CGN
                                             CAERNARVON COTTAGES                    overlooking Malpeque Bay. Fully
                                             AND GARDENS                            equipped one- and two-bedroom
                                             **** (C)                               units with queen/double beds plus
                                                                                    sofa bed. Honeymoon suite with
                                             CH CAA-AAA                             jacuzzi/hot tub, perfect for a
                                                                                    romantic getaway/anniversary
                                                                                    celebration. All have pine interiors,
                                                                                    phone, propane barbecues, satellite
     859-3605; fax 859-1510                                                         TV. Laundry facilities, playground,
     toll free (800) 764-6854                                                       beachfront for swimming and
     westpointlighthouse@gmail.com                                                  boating. Golfing at nearby Mill
     www.westpointlighthouse.com                                                    River or Summerside golf courses.        831-2007/888-7442; fax 831-3029
     364 Cedar Dunes Park Rd., off Rte 14.                                          MC, V accepted. Open May 15-             toll free (866) 723-9411
     West Point. Canada’s first inn in an                                           Oct 15.                                  redshorecottages@hotmail.com
     active lighthouse, featuring the                                               Cottage - 4 hsk units. 4B&S. Daily       redshorecottages.cottagelink.com
     “Tower Room” or eight rooms in                                                 $120(4), $10 add’l person. Weekly        Roger & Charlene Palmer, 85 Red
                                             854-3418; toll free (800) 514-9170                                              Shore Lane, Ellerslie RR2, C0B 1J0.
     the attached inn. Licensed              2cappers@pei.sympatico.ca              $800(4), $25 add’l person.
     restaurant, patio. Cancellation/                                               Off-season rates available.              Deluxe two- and four-bedroom
                                             www.cottagelink.com/caernarvon                                                  cottages located on large waterfront
     deposit policy. Seventh night free.     4697 Rte 12. Rusty Capper, Richmond
     AE, MC, V accepted. Open                                                                                                lots overlooking the Bideford River.
                                             RR1, C0B 1Y0. Great for family         BROOKLYN (C-3)                           Spacious interiors with pine and
     May 31-Oct 1.                           vacations. Enjoy tranquility,
     Inn - 9 o/n units. 9B&S. Daily                                                 MILL RIVER LOG HOME                      hardwood floors. Fully equipped
                                             comfort and value. Relax in our        **&(C)                                   kitchen, queen beds, washer/dryer,
     $100-145(1-2).                          gardens. This is an outstanding
                                                                                    CGHNP                                    satellite TV, VCR or DVD. Boat
                                             property. Great price. Please check                                             access, floating dock, playground,
                                             our website for photos, availability   859-3700
                                                                                    info@millriverloghome.com                and paved driveway. Free use of
                                             and cancellation policy. Open                                                   kayaks, canoes and bikes. Smoking
                                             Jun 15-Sep 15.                         www.millriverloghome.com
                                                                                    Juanita & Ricky Gallant, 176 Lyman       on decks only. Open year round.
                                             Cottage - 4 hsk units. 4B&S. Daily                                              Cottage - 9 hsk units. 13B&S(5
     ALBERTON (C-3)                          $125(1-2), $10 add’l person.           Leard Lane, O’Leary, C0B 1V0. Open
                                                                                    Jun 1-Sep 30.                            whirlpools). Weekly $600-1275(6-8).
     BRIARWOOD INN, COTTAGES                                                                                                 Prices include off-season rates.
     AND LODGE                               GRAND RIVER FARMS                      Cottage - 1 hsk unit. 1S. Daily
                                                                                    $130(4), $25 add’l person. Weekly
     *** (C) **&(B&B)                        COTTAGES
                                                                                    $850(4), $40 add’l person.               GLENWOOD (E-2)
     **&(H/M)                                **&(C)                                 Off-season rates available.              PIONEER FARM
     CGHQN                                   CGLNP                                                                           **&(C)
                                             854-2683/432-2370; fax 854-2683        SANSWAY SUMMER HOME
                                             cdmcneill@pei.sympatico.ca                                                      CGUN
                                                                                    **** (C)                                 859-2228
                                             com                                    C                                        pioneerfarm@pei.sympatico.ca
                                             4462 Bayside, Rte 12. Donna &          831-2202/439-0816                        www.pioneerfarm.ca
                                             Charlie McNeill, Box 29, Richmond,     sanswaysummerhome@hotmail.com            1835 MacDonald Rd. Judy Bertling,
                                             C0B 1Y0. Come enjoy peaceful           www.sansway.com                          O’Leary RR2, C0B 1V0. Experience a
                                             sunrises and sunsets! Two beautiful    Sandra Henderson, 38 Wallace Dr.,        unique holiday on our wind- and
                                             waterfront cottages. Executive         Brooklyn, C0B 1B0. Open Jul 1-Aug        solar-powered homestead farm.
                                             three-bedroom cottage with upper       31.                                      Situated in woodland with
                                             and lower decks and fireplace.         Cottage - 1 hsk unit. 2B, 1 jacuzzi.     breathtaking seascape, our
     853-2518; toll free (888) 27CABIN       Two-bedroom cottage with lower         Weekly $1000(6), $50 add’l person.       oceanfront cottage sleeps a
     accommodations@briarwood.pe.ca          deck. Fully equipped. Satellite TV.                                             maximum of six. Includes
     www.briarwood.pe.ca                     Open Jun 1-Oct 30.                                                              renewable energy orientation, dory
     253 Matthews Lane. Gary & Debbie        Cottage - 2 hsk units. 2B&S. Daily                                              for short row to secluded sandbar,
     Inman, Box 215, Alberton, C0B 1B0.      $80-150(4-6). Weekly $500-1000(4-6).                                            wagon rides, interpretive nature
     Six housekeeping cabins situated                                                                                        trails, eco learning centre. Partake
     on the water. Two bedrooms, full                                                                                        in daily farm chores with our
     bath, patio doors to deck, free                                                                                         animals, where technology puts
     wireless internet, laundromat,                                                                                          nature first. Open Jun 1-Oct 31.
     barbecues, telephones. Briarwood                                                                                        Cottage - 1 hsk unit. 1B. Weekly
80                                                                                                                           $850(1-6).

                                 THE AREA CODE FOR PEI IS 902 • INDEX ON PAGE 201 • SYMBOLS LEGEND ON PAGE 59

GRAND RIVER (E-5)                       MIMINEGASH (C-2)                        Cottage - 11 hsk units. 1B&S, 10S.      ST. LAWRENCE (C-2)
RIVERVIEW COUNTRY INN                   SEASHORE COTTAGE                        Daily $90-225(4-6), $10 add’l           SEA, SAND & STARS COTTAGE
                                                                                person. Weekly $575-1495(4-6), $50
**&(C)                                  **** (C)                                add’l person. Prices include
CH                                      CGN                                     off-season rates.                       CGN
854-2503                                (309) 277-8596; fax (309) 277-8596                                              (403) 284-1071
1120 Allen Rd., Rte 131. Claudia        info@seashorecottage.ca                 MURRAY ROAD (C-4)                       huber@ucalgary.ca
McLellan, Richmond RR1, C0B 1Y0.        www.seashorecottage.ca                                                          86 Holly Del Lane. Irene Huber. Open
Six-bedroom Century farmhouse           10 Holly-Del Lane. David & Karin        RIVERSIDE COUNTRY HOME                  May 1-Nov 1.
with private, spacious yard. TV         McHugh, Box 490, Rapids City, IL,       **&(C)                                  Cottage - 1 hsk unit. 1B&S. Weekly
room with satellite TV/VCR/DVD          USA 61278. Seashore Cottage is          CGHNP                                   $1800-2300(2). Prices include
player. Parlour with piano.             situated on 250 ft. of oceanfront,      831-2479/3079                           off-season rates.
Microwave, washer, barbecue,            sandy beach. Enjoy breathtaking         eric@wagnerscottage.com
picnic tables and bicycle storage.      sunsets from the 37-ft. long            677 Murray Rd. Donna & Eric             SEAWATCH COTTAGE
Sleeps 12. Playpen, high chair,         screened porch. Walk for miles          Wagner, 495 Murray Rd., Ellerslie       **&(C)
sandbox, games and movies               on beautiful sandy beach. Satellite,    RR2, C0B 1J0. Ocean view,
available. Home is 10 minutes from      washer/dryer, fireplace. Open           riverside, three-bedroom house.         CGN
provincial park, beach and              Jun 1-Oct 1.                            Fully equipped: laundry, satellite
restaurant. Ideal for two families.     Cottage - 1 hsk unit. 1B&S, 1S.         TV, covered patio, barbecue, large
Open Jun 15-Sep 15.                     Weekly $900-1800(1-8). Prices           kitchen, large private yard. Canoe,
House - 1 hsk unit. 1B&S. Weekly        include off-season rates.               kayak, clamming, shopping,
$650(6), $30 add’l person.                                                      dining, golf nearby. Peaceful,
Off-season rates available.             STELLA MARIS COTTAGES                   country living. Open Jun 1-Dec 10.
                                        **&(C)                                  House - 1 hsk unit. 1B&S, 1S. Daily
SERENITY ACRES                                                                  $100-180(1-2). Weekly $600-1000(1-
                                        CGN                                     2). Prices include off-season rates.
*&(C)                                   882-4340
CHIN                                    info@stellamariscottages.com
(717) 637-4849                          www.stellamariscottages.com             WAGNER’S COTTAGE                        (772) 286-7600
veronica.miller@longandfoster.com       11857 Hwy 14. Janet & Tom Jensen,       & OUTFITTERS                            stephendutcher@live.com
www.peivacationsite.com                 St. Louis RR1, C0B 1Z0. Five            *** (C)                                 www.seawatchpei.com
Veronica Miller, 3874 Arlington Rd.,    two-bedroom (with queen/twin                                                    3 Holly-Del Lane. Stephen Dutcher.
                                                                                CGHLN                                   Privately situated at the end of a
Grand River, C0B 1Y0. Beautifully       beds and decks) and two three-          831-3079/2479; fax 831-3079
appointed Victorian farmhouse on        bedroom (with king/twin beds and                                                cul-de-sac on spacious two-acre lot.
42 acres along the pristine Grand       screened porches), housekeeping                                                 500-ft. oceanfront, breathtaking
River. Play, relax, reconnect with      cottages. Less than 60 m (200 ft.)                                              sunrises and sunsets. Walk for
                                                                                109 Murray Rd. Eric & Donna
family, refresh your spirit. Three      from sandy ocean beach. Fully                                                   miles on red-sand beach. Satellite
                                                                                Wagner, Ellerslie RR2, C0B 1J0.
bedrooms, two baths (one with           equipped, linens, microwave, TV/                                                TV, fireplace, washer/dryer,
                                                                                Located on the beach. Four
large soaker tub and corner             DVD, picnic table. Bicycles, kayaks                                             internet. Pull-out couch in living
                                                                                housekeeping cottages, beams with
shower), gourmet kitchen, gas           available. Laundromat, pay                                                      room. Beautiful sunrises over
                                                                                pine walls and floors. Satellite TV,
fireplace, laundry room, central air.   telephone. Quiet family relaxation.                                             Miminegash pond. Open Jun 1-
                                                                                telephone. Full kitchen, baths, patio
Panoramic views from the                Breathtaking sunsets. Large                                                     Sep 30.
                                                                                with view of dunes. Barbecues,
comfortable sun room or outside         recreational area (swing set,                                                   Cottage - 1 hsk unit. 1B&S, 1S.
                                                                                firepits, canoe, kayaks, clam
patio. Minutes from Summerside,         horseshoe pit, barbecues,                                                       Weekly $750-1700(1-2). Prices
                                                                                digging. Open Jun 15-Nov 30.
sandy beaches, golf, theatre. Perfect   volleyball/badminton, firepit).                                                 include off-season rates.
                                                                                Cottage - 4 hsk units. 4B&S. Daily
romantic holiday! Open year round.      Churches, stores, two golf courses,     $120(4), $15 add’l person. Weekly
House - 1 hsk unit. 1B&S, 1S, ½B.       Mill River Fun Park nearby.             $695(4), $35 add’l person.              SPRINGHILL (E-4)
Daily $125-210(1-4). Weekly             Tignish, Alberton and O’Leary           Off-season rates available.             AQUA DREAM
$750-1100(1-4), $35 add’l person.       within 20 minutes. Reservations                                                 PARADISE COTTAGES
Prices include off-season rates.        suggested. Deposit required.            NORTHPORT (C-3)                         **&(C)
                                        Cancellation policy. No pets. Open
                                        Jun 1-Sep 20. Before or after by
                                                                                HARBOURVIEW HAVEN                       CIN
KILDARE CAPES (B-3)                                                                                                     831-3212; toll free (800) 298-3270
                                        reservation.                            ***&(C)
ST-FELIX BEACH HOUSE                                                                                                    aqua.dream@pei.sympatico.ca
                                        Cottage - 7 hsk units. 2B&S, 5S.        CLN
**** (C)                                Daily $100-195(2-5). Weekly             436-5491                                www.aquadreamcottages.com
CGNP                                    $1000-1260(2-5). Off-season rates       marliemcneill@msn.com                   163 MacArthur Rd. David Ford, Tyne
368-8242/629-0509                       available.                              http://users.eastlink.ca/~harbo         Valley RR2, C0B 2C0. One- and
mobile 394-1049                                                                 urviewhaven                             two-bedroom fully equipped
lrmaccormack@pei.sympatico.ca           MONT-CARMEL (F-4)                       Marlene McNeill, 144 Gardiner St.,      deluxe executive housekeeping
www.stfelixbeachhouse.com                                                       Summerside, C1N 5J2. Open Jun 1-        cottages and one honeymoon
                                        CHALETS RENDEZ-VOUS                                                             cottage. Fully equipped: air
88 Round Pond Rd. Leonard &             COTTAGES                                Oct 1.
Rosemary MacCormack, Brackley RR9,                                              House - 1 hsk unit. 1B&S, 1S.           conditioning, whirlpool tubs,
C1E 1Z3. Lovely 3000-sq. ft.            **&(C)                                                                          full-size fridge, stove, microwave,
                                                                                Weekly $1000(1-6), $50 add’l
oceanfront executive beachhouse.        GHLNO                                   person.                                 dishwasher. Solid pine interior with
Five bedrooms, three baths, dining      854-2262; toll free (877) 894-0697                                              cathedral ceilings, hardwood floors.
room, living room, laundry room,        rendez@pei.sympatico.ca                                                         All queen beds. Satellite TV, phone
                                                                                ST-CHRYSOSTOME (E-4)                    and internet access. Large covered
wrap-around screened-in porch,                                                  CHALETS DE LA GRANDE BASSE
sandy beach, heated. Equipped           6433 Cape Egmont, Rte 11. c/o Cheryl                                            patio with patio furniture,
with five appliances, fireplace,        LeBlanc, 60 Rural Estates Dr.,          ***&(C)                                 barbecue. Laundromat,
satellite TV/DVD, barbecue. Open        Moncton, NB, E1G 4W2. 25 km west        CGNO                                    playground, and large in-ground
Jun 1-Oct 30.                           of Summerside. Waterfront property.     854-2189                                heated pool. Beach, Confederation
House - 1 hsk unit. 1B&S, 2S.           Two- , three- and four-bedroom          jmbernar@hotmail.com                    Trail nearby. Honeymoon, deep-sea
Weekly $3400(1-12). Off-season          housekeeping cottages. Well             www.chaletsgrandebasse.com              fishing, golf. Check website for
rates available.                        equipped with everything you need       6 Napoleon Rd. Marcel & Jeannita        photos. No pets, please. Smoking
                                        to enjoy your stay on PEI. Kitchen      Bernard, Richmond RR2, C0B 1Y0.         on decks only. Interac, MC, V
MILL RIVER (B-3)                        with microwave, coffee maker, cable     Fully equipped cottages with queen      accepted. Open May 1-Oct 31.
                                        TV/VCR, propane barbecue, linens        beds, propane fireplaces,               Cottage - 4 hsk units. 4B&S. Daily
MILL RIVER CHALET                       and towels, dishes, etc. Cottages are                                           $85-175(4), $10 add’l person.
ON-THE-WATER                                                                    microwaves, dishwashers, screened
                                        well spaced out for added privacy.      porches. Nestled on sheltered bay       Weekly $540-1195(4), $40 add’l
***&(C)                                 Visit our website for photos and a      in the heart of the Acadian region.     person. Children under 6 free.
CGN                                     list of amenities. We enjoy a great     Endless beaches, gorgeous sunsets,      Prices include off-season rates.
859-2700; fax 859-3011                  deal of repeat and referral business.   access to golf. Open May 15-Oct 15.
millriverc@xplornet.com                 Bonfire area, excellent clam digging,   Cottage - 4 hsk units. 4B&S. Daily
21 Pitt Island Rd. Arlene & Randy       star gazing and beachcombing.           $80-150(4), $10 add’l person.
Bernard, O’Leary, C0B 1V0. Open         Laundromat on premises. 15              Weekly $550-1000(4), $50 add’l
Jun 1-Oct 15.                           minutes from Summerside.                person. Prices include off-season
Cottage - 1 hsk unit. 1S. Weekly        Bilingual staff. Groups welcome.        rates.
$770-1000(1-4).                         Open Jun 1-Sep 30.                                                                                                     81
                            THE AREA CODE FOR PEI IS 902 • INDEX ON PAGE 201 • SYMBOLS LEGEND ON PAGE 59

     SUMMERSIDE AREA (E-6)                  COUNTRY HAVEN COTTAGES                 SUMMERSIDE MOTEL                        GAUDET’S BY THE SEA
     THE APARTMENT                          **** (C)                               **&(C)                                  **** (C)
     AT CHIMNEYS                            CGQN                                   (See Hotels/Motels/Resorts, page 77)    CHNO
     ***&(C)                                                                                                               853-2527
     CFHQN                                                                         SUNSET COTTAGES                         contactus@gaudetsbythesea.pe.ca
     436-1027; toll free (888) 693-4669                                            ***&(C)                                 www.gaudetsbythesea.pe.ca
     www.chimneysbandb.com                                                         IQN                                     (Anglo Tignish). 19939 Rte 12. Taylor
     (Linkletter). Jan & Frank Henry,                                              436-6882                                & Krista Gaudet, Anglo Tignish RR4,
     1770 Linkletter Rd., Summerside RR2,                                          ndtaylor@pei.sympatico.ca               C0B 2B0. Experience the luxury of
     C1N 4J8. Newly decorated                                                      www.sunsetcottagespei.com               fully equipped, beautifully
     apartment with large living/dining                                            (Travellers Rest). Nancy Taylor, 28     decorated vacation homes. Your
     room with TV/VCR, hide-a-bed,                                                 Sunset Cres., Summerside. Spacious,     “home away from home,” nestled
     etc. Fully equipped kitchen, full                                             luxury executive cottages. Solid        on three acres. A short walk from a
     bath, verandah, private entrance,                                             pine interior throughout. Two           beach boasting rocky cliffs in one
                                            436-5385; fax 436-0669                                                         direction and miles of sand in the
     picnic table, barbecue, 24-ft. pool.   countryhaven@pei.sympatico.ca          bedrooms, queen/double beds. Full
     Open Jun 1-Sep 1.                                                             bath, kitchen, laundry, cable TV/       other. Large, eat-in screened porch
                                            (Travellers Rest). 167 Steele Rd.                                              and washer/dryer combine to
     Apartment - 1 hsk unit. 1B&S.          Georgie Silliker, Summerside RR2,      VCR. Air-conditioned, fireplace,
     Daily $85-100(4-5). Weekly                                                    high-speed internet. Walking            make Gaudet’s By The Sea a unique
                                            Travellers Rest, C1N 4J8. Luxury                                               vacation experience. Open year
     $450-550(4-5). Prices include          two-bedroom housekeeping               distance to Confederation Trail.
     off-season rates.                                                             Open May 1-Oct 31.                      round.
                                            cottages located on Malpeque Bay,                                              Cottage - 3 hsk units. 3B&S. Daily
                                            near Summerside and Cavendish.         Cottage - 2 hsk units. 2B&S. Daily
     BAKER SHORE COTTAGE                                                           $110(2), $10 add’l person.              $99-125(1-4). Weekly $650-850(1-4),
                                            Featuring queen-size beds and                                                  $25 add’l person. Prices include
     *&(C)                                  sectional, fireplace, satellite TV/    Off-season rates available.
                                                                                                                           off-season rates.
     CGN                                    VCR/DVD, dishwasher, washer/
     bakershorecottage@gmail.com            dryer, crib, high chair, therapeutic   TIGNISH AREA (B-2)                      MURPHY’S TOURIST
     www.bakershorecottage.com              air-massage tub, stand-up shower,      CHAISSON COTTAGES
                                            covered deck with patio furniture.
                                                                                                                           HOME & COTTAGES
     (Summerside). 36 Lisa Lane. Dustan                                            HNO                                     ** (C) *** (B&B)
     Wiebe, 9-11020 No. 1 Rd., Richmond,    Interior accented by cathedral         882-2566
     BC, V7E 1S5. Expansive ocean           ceiling and pine wood. Barbecue,       (Tignish). Anita Chaisson, 174          CDNP
     views, clean air, peace and quiet.     electric heat, bikes, outdoor cooker   Chaisson Rd., Tignish, C0B 2B0.         882-2667; toll free (866) 710-2667
     Two-bedroom cottage on the sea,        and playground. Campfire wood          Open Jun 1-Sep 15.                      (Tignish). Richard Murphy, 325
     private beach, two sun decks,          supplied. Deposit required with        Cottage - 4 hsk units. 4S. Weekly       Church St., Tignish, C0B 2B0. Three
     barbecue. Fully equipped               booking (non-refundable).              $400-900(1-4). Prices include           one-bedroom cottages with two
     kitchen, TV, selection of DVDs.        Off-season weekend getaway and         off-season rates.                       double beds, and two two-
     Five minutes to Summerside.            romance packages. Absolutely no                                                bedroom cottages with double
     Open May 2-Sep 26.                     pets. AE, MC, V, accepted. Open        DRIFTWOOD COUNTRY                       and single beds. Covered decks.
     Cottage - 1 hsk unit. 1S. Weekly       May 15-Oct 15.                                                                 Spacious playground. Picnic tables
                                            Cottage - 2 hsk units. 2B&S. Daily     COTTAGES                                and barbecues available. Walking
     $500-750(1-2). Prices include                                                 ***&(C)
     off-season rates.                      $150-200(6). Weekly $850-1250(6).                                              distance to church, shopping and
                                            Prices include off-season rates.       RCGQLNP                                 Confederation Trail.
     COTTAGE 15 ON THE                                                                                                     Thermostatically-controlled heat
     BOARDWALK                              HONEYSUCKLE INN                                                                in cottages. Cable TV. Dining
                                            ***&(C)                                                                        room, 1 km; beach, 5 km; golf,
     **** (C)                                                                                                              3 km. 48-hour cancellation policy
     CGQNO                                  CQLNP                                                                          applies. MC, V accepted. Open
     836-5371; off season 880-1894          887-3485                                                                       May 15-Oct 15.
     toll free (888) 836-5371               info@honeysuckleinn.ca                                                         Cottage - 5 hsk units. 4S, 1B&S.
     foxhouse2000@hotmail.com               www.honeysuckleinn.ca                                                          Daily $65-75(2), $20 add’l person.
     www.theshoresatdarnley.com             (Summerside). 21 Baker Shore Rd.                                               Weekly $470-525(2).
     (Summerside). 15 St. Lawrence St.      Ron & Jacinta Dalton, Summerside                                               Bed & Breakfast - 3 o/n units.
     Greg Weeks, Box 488, Kensington,       RR3, C1N 4J9. Spacious, beautifully                                            1B&S, 2S. Daily $65(1-2). Weekly
     C0B 1M0. Attention cyclists,           decorated two-bedroom                  882-2617; fax 882-2617                  $400(1-2).
     joggers, kayakers, windsurfers -       housekeeping apartment with            toll free (877) 882-2617
     bring your gear. You’ll need it out    quality queen-size beds. Fully         anne@driftwood.pe.ca
                                            equipped kitchen, lounge, TV.          www.driftwood.pe.ca
                                                                                                                           TYNE VALLEY (D-4)
     front. Hip new waterfront cottage                                                                                     RIVERBANK COTTAGE
     at Summerside Beach. Fantastic         Located minutes from Summerside,       (Anglo Tignish). 12 Driftwood
                                            beaches, golf, theatre. No pets. No    Country Lane, off Rte 12. Anne & Joe    AT TYNE VALLEY
     water views and sunsets. Stylish
     cool interior. Better book early.      smoking. Reservations                  Arsenault, Box 423, Tignish, C0B 2B0.   *** (C)
     Open Jun 1-Oct 1.                      recommended. Open Jun 1-Sep 15.        Experience the unspoiled natural        G
     Cottage - 1 hsk unit. 1B (jacuzzi).    Apartment - 1 hsk unit. 1B&S.          beauty of Prince Edward Island in a     831-2259; off season (631) 264-0883
     Weekly $2000(1-4), $250 add’l          Weekly $700(1-4).                      quiet country location. Chalet-style    CLIFLD@aol.com
     person.                                                                       executive cottages with all             10 Shoreline Rd. Clifford Demorest,
                                            PARKVIEW MOTEL                         amenities on a 100-acre property.       Box 149, Tyne Valley, C0B 2C0
                                            & COTTAGES                             Designed to provide a peaceful,         (winter: 20 SouthBay Ave., Amityville,
                                            (See Hotels/Motels/Resorts, page 76)   private retreat where visitors can      NY, USA 11701). Experience a sense
                                                                                   rest, relax and enjoy the ocean view.   of simple serenity at Riverbank, a
                                            SCHURMAN’S SHORE                       Fireplace, covered porch, barbecue,     three-bedroom cottage retreat
                                            WATERFRONT COTTAGES                    dishwasher, satellite, wireless         overlooking the Trout River
                                                                                   high-speed, cathedral ceilings.         estuary. Nearby: Confederation
                                            **&(C)                                 Minutes from nature trails, golf,       Trail, Green Park, golf, beaches for
                                            CGN                                    fishing, crafts, dining and             swimming/boating. Kayaks
                                            toll free (800) 361-5669               attractions. Open year round.           available. Open Jun 30-Sep 15.
                                            schurmancottages@pei.sympatico.ca      Cottage - 6 hsk units. 6B&S,            Cottage - 1 hsk unit. 1B&S, ½B.
                                            www.peivacation.ca                     2B(jacuzzi). Daily $99-195(1-4).        Weekly $950(1-4), $25 add’l person.
                                            (Travellers Rest). The Hughes          Weekly $597-1195(1-4), $25 add’l
                                            Family, 179 Steel Rd., Summerside,     person. Prices include off-season
                                            C1N 4J8. Clean, cozy and central.      rates.
                                            Fully equipped cottages on
                                            beautiful Malpeque Bay. Experience
                                            some of the most spectacular
                                            sunsets offered on the Island. So
                                            peaceful and only 8 km from
                                            Summerside. Open May 1-Oct 31.
                                            Housekeeping - 8 hsk units. 2B&S,
                                            6S. Weekly $600-1200(1-6). Daily
                                            and off-season rates available.
                                 THE AREA CODE FOR PEI IS 902 • INDEX ON PAGE 201 • SYMBOLS LEGEND ON PAGE 59

UNION CORNER (F-5)                    WEST POINT (E-2)                    trails. Golf, Mill River Fun Park,     WEST POINT HARBOURSIDE
CHALET GALLANT COTTAGE                LIGHTHOUSE LOVER’S                  25 km. Fully equipped. Four            CENTRE SUITE
*** (C)                               VACATION HOME                       bedrooms, quilts, four queen beds,     ***&(C)
                                                                          one double. 2½ baths including
CGO                                   **** (C)                            whirlpool. Living room, dining         CGHILN
854-4106; off season (506) 384-3858   CHLN                                room, comfortable mix of antique       859-3605; fax 859-1510
gallaalv@nbed.nb.ca                                                       and contemporary furniture.            toll free (800) 764-6854
www.garago.ca/agcottage                                                   Laundry room, terrific kitchen.        westpointlighthouse@gmail.com
5415 Rte 11. Alvin Gallant, 57 Rue                                        Verandah, patio, barbecue, satellite   www.westpointlighthouse.com
Curry, Moncton, NB, E1A 3V6. Open                                         TV/DVD, phones, fax, internet,         159 Cedar Dunes Park Rd., Rte 14.
Jul 1-Sep 1.                                                              library, bicycles, stroller, lawn      The perfect romantic getaway! 1 km
Cottage - 1 hsk unit. 1B, ½B. Daily                                       swing, hammock, games. Canoe,          from the West Point Lighthouse,
$200(1-6), $100 add’l person.                                             rowboat in duck pond. Folklore,        Museum and Restaurant. A 30-stair
Weekly $1000(1-6), $100 add’l                                             extensive lighthouse photographs       height provides total privacy.
person.                                                                   and books. Storytelling, lighthouse    Balcony overlooking the beach.
                                                                          tours available. Open year round.      Fully equipped kitchenette,
VICTORIA WEST (E-4)                                                       House - 1 hsk unit. 1B&S, 1B           bedroom/living/dining room with
                                      859-3117; fax 859-2693                                                     queen bed, pull-out sofa, TV,
CINNAMON COAST                        toll free (877) 886-8585            (jacuzzi), ½B. Daily $150-250.
                                                                          Weekly $950-1600. Prices include       telephone. Wake to the sounds of
BEACH HOUSE LTD.                      peilight@pei.sympatico.ca                                                  local fishers heading out to sea.
**** (C)                              www.lighthouseloversvacation.com    off-season rates.
                                                                                                                 Indoor storage for bicycles. Open
CGN                                   4290 Rte 14. Carol Livingstone,                                            year round.
(905) 873-6474                        O’Leary RR2, C0B 1V0. Create                                               Cottage Suite - 1 hsk unit.
www.cinnamoncoast.com                 lasting holiday memories with                                              1B&S(whirlpool). Daily $145(2).
29 Country Lane. Open May 1-Sep 30.   friends and family. Two acres of
Cottage - 1 hsk unit. 2B&S. Weekly    lawn and trees. Minutes from West
$1200-2300. Prices include            Point Lighthouse, beach, harbour,
off-season rates.

                       The best part of my job?
                          Living in Halifax.
                         The toughest part?
                             Not smiling.

                               Graeme Hill
                      78th Highlander, Halifax Citadel

                            1 800 565 0000 op 003
   024-9386 PEI Highland.indd 1                                                                                                  12/12/08 11:25:35 AM
                              THE AREA CODE FOR PEI IS 902 • INDEX ON PAGE 201 • SYMBOLS LEGEND ON PAGE 59

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