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					Official Business Delegation of the German Federal Ministry of Economics
       and Technology headed by Dr. Bernard Veltrup, Head of Unit
                and by Mr. Christian Lindenau, gepa2 GmbH
         to Bahrain, Kuwait and Qatar from 23rd– 27th October 2010

                           List of Participants

 Representative of Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology:
                        Dr. Bernard Veltrup
           Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology
                      Scharnhorststr. 34 - 37
                      10115 Berlin, Germany
                     Tel.: +49.30.18 615 6242
                     Fax: +49.30.18 615 5219

              Representative of the organising agency:

                       Mr. Christian Lindenau
                           Managing Director
                             gepa2 GmbH
                          Olshausenstraße 6
                        24118 Kiel, Germany
                         Tel.: +49.431.94040
                         Fax: +49.431.95897
                      Mobile: +

             Note: Further details on
Companies from the medical field
Deutsches Hygienezertifikat
Dr. Gerlinde Wagner, Mrs.
Managing Director, CEO

Auf der Reutte 7
14532 Kleinmachnow
Tel: +49.3328.33157.0
Fax: +49.3328.33157.19

Deutsches Hygienezertifikat (DHZ) was established in January 2008
and is the first independent advisory and testing company in Germany
to award a new quality mark for impeccable hygiene and cleanliness.
Establishments are certified by trained specialists based on
government criteria.

Deutsches Zertifikat means accreditation for hygiene and award of the
Deutsches Hygienezertifikat mark. It is applicable in all sectors, such
as hospitals and medical practices, and also hotels, including
restaurants (introduction of HACCP) and in particular health suites,
sports facilities, airlines, etc.

Seeking to establish business contacts with:

-Decision-makers in hospitals
-Hygiene control managers in government establishments
-Institutes for hygiene
-Pest Control
MMD GmbH &Co. KG
Prof. Dr. Brigitte König, Mrs.
Managing Director, CEO

Breiter Weg 10a
39104 Magdeburg
Tel.: +49.391.5353.797
Fax: +49 391.5353.845

MMD stands for Magdeburg Molecular Detections.

MMD is not limited to molecular and microbiological tests and processes
- i.e. traditional lab work. In fact, MMD is active across a variety of areas
which require theoretical and practical knowledge of molecular and
microbiology. Close-knit cooperation with the Medical Faculty of the
University Magdeburg enables MMD to combine scientific rigour with
applicable and practical results. This makes MMD the product of a
scientific location which supports the development of young enterprise.

Main activities fall into the following areas:

-molecular quality control
-research and development
-medical-diagnostic supply
-structural concepts for hygiene management
medical, microbiological and molecular biology installations

Contact with:

- Micro-and molecular biology experts
- Directors of laboratories
- Virology experts
- Experts for quality control and drug analysis
Synlab GmbH
Dr. Michael Becker
Medical Consultant, CEO
Turmstraße 21
10559 Berlin
Tel: +49 30-3974349.0
Fax: +49 30-3974349.99

The German "synlab lab services" provides a wide range of clinical
laboratory tests. The analytical spectrum comprises automated
analysis systems for clinical chemistry and up-to-date molecular
biological tests as well as specialities, e.g. diagnosis and therapy of
immunological infertility.

Our customers are practitioners, hospitals, veterinaries and clients with
environmental questions.

Seeking to establish business contacts with:

- Clinics and hospitals representatives
- Ministry of Health in the target countries
- Laborarory technology companies
- Laboratory operators
- Directors of laboratories
Pegasus Heimbeatmungsdienst GmbH
Mr. Erwin Busch
Managing Director

Fetscherplatz 3
01307 Dresden
Tel.: +49.800.1717.123
Fax: +49.351.2104.400

Pegasus intensive home-care service outside the hospital

Pegasus is offering high-quality intensive care in a non- hospital setting for seriously
ill and heavily injured patients. We provide intensiv care for patients with complete
tetraplegia, and head injuries, Coma as well as COPD, neuromuscular diseases,
tumors or other disease who determine invasive or non-invasive artificial ventilation.
We administer also intensive care for children with illness or prenatal problems,
genetic disorder or because of accidents. We offer our highest level of professional
medical intensive care outside the hospital in the form of group care or in the
patients own private home.
Our innovative intensive care service outside the hospital is:
1. cost effective
2. is one way to free up beds in ICU to make room for other people being admitted
3. shortened the stay of nationals treated in german hospitals
4. increase the quality of life for seriously ill patients

In cooperation with doctors, specialists and therapeutic stuff, we organise the
technical equipment and organise qualified and professional intensive care. We are
accredited for all Health Insurers

Desired business contacts with:
-Specialists for intensive care outside the hospital
-Head of the children's ward in hospital
-Experts in Rehabilitation Services
-Ministry of Health / Supreme Council of Health
Dr. Walthard Vilser, Managing Director
Mr. Dieter Müller, Sales Manager
Am Nasstal 4
07751 Jena
Tel.: + 49.3641.6396.43
Fax:+ 49.3641.6396.12

Backed by several decades of research and development work, IMEDOS has
become an established supplier of analytical systems for retinal vessels.

We provide our customers with a future-proof and attractive product portfolio for
non-invasive retinal vessel analysis.

Fundus Imaging
We provide powerful systems which contain all functions for fundus imaging and the
digital documentation of the ocular fundus.

Static Vessel Analysis
Screenable examination of the state of the retinal vessels, especially the early
detection and monitoring of the progress of microvascular changes in individual
fundus images, can be undertaken with our innovative systems for static vessel
analysis (SVA - Static Vessel Analyzer) in perfect manner.

 Dynamic Vessel Analysis
Our globally unique technology of dynamic vessel analysis (DVA - Dynamic Vessel
Analyzer) supports not only the analysis of the state but also of the functions of the
vessels by a non-invasive video sequence.

Seeking contact with:

- Specialists / Senior doctors from eye clinics,
- internal medicine specialists, cardiologists
- Ophthalmologists
- Orthopedic clinics
- Sports medicine clinics and doctors
- Head of preventive medicine department
More Medical Solutions
Dr. Georg Gradl, Managing Director
Mr. Antonio Martinez, Authorized Signatory

Schillingalle 68
18057 Rostock
Tel.: +49.381.4974747
Fax: +49.381.4974749

Smart Solutions for orthopedic surgery

The company develops solutions in orthopedic and trauma surgery.

We accompany innovations from the first conceptions and patenting
registration until the finished products. In a team of physicians,
scientists and engineers we are exposing problems in medical care,
improving the orthpedic surgical therapy contemporary.

The direct connection to research establishments and a clinic with a
maximum of accommodation enables to put concepts under close
scrutiny through prospektive, randomised examinations and further
more to make publications accessible to a much larger spectrum of

Seeking business contacts with:

- Distributors, sales representative companies
- Clinics for training courses
- Orthopedic clinics
- Sport medicine clinics and doctors
- Traumatology doctors
SECONA Conrad GmbH
Mr. Sven Conrad
Managing Director

Bodenbacher Str. 81
01277 Dresden
Tel: +49.351.259510
Fax: +49.351.2595122

The Secona Conrad GmbH is a family Company founded in 1990.
The Company develops and sells products for: Physiotherapy, Medical centres area,
Physical therapy, Occupation Therapy, Speech Therapy, Rehabilitation centrums

Our range of products encloses:
- Therapy-tables lying for many uses
- Gymnastics accessories
- Warm therapy
- Hydrotherapy
- Electrotherapy
- Ultrasound treatment
- Laser therapy
- Magnetic field therapy
- Biomechanical stimulation
- Piece of furniture for patients and therapists
- Medical training therapy equipment
- treadmills
- Ergocycle
- Stepper
- Teaching means for therapists

Our aim is to be offer it for our customers individual equipment for his therapeutic
specialisation and wishes. By order of the customer we plan with pleasure the
equipment in the newest state kind.

Seeking to establish business contacts with:
--Distributors and wholesalers of medical equipment and supply
- Physiotherapists
- Experts in physical therapy
- Experts for rehabilitation
 Tridelity Display Solutions GmbH
 Mr. Michael Russo, Managing Director
 Mr. Nabil Akiki, Export Manager
 Gerhard-Hauptmann-Str. 23
 18055 Rostock
 Fax: +49.381.49747.49

Tridelity Display Solutions GmbH is a leading developer and producer of autostereoscopic 3D
displays providing a high-quality 3D experience without glasses. Furthermore TRIDELITY offers a
wide range of related technologies and services.

TRIDELITY has been pioneering the development of this cutting-edge technology for years offering
highest quality 3D solutions. As a developer and manufacturer of glasses-free 3D displays,
TRIDELITY provides a broad hardware range of solutions for single viewer and multi viewer
purpose with unprecedented viewing comfort, exceptional 3D depth and the highest resolution in
the industry.

3D advertising with Tridelity displays will attract many more observers due to the fact that no
glasses have to be used in order to view the videos in 3D. Michael Russo, CEO Tridelity GmbH
says: „Tridelity 3D Multi-Viewer displays catch the attention of at least four times more viewers
compared to traditional 2D monitors”. It has been said a lot recently about 3D HDTV monitors,
however it is not possible to use them in advertising, because they require the usage of special
glasses. „It is hard to imagine that passersby would stop and put on special glasses just to watch
3D commercials. „It is practicable impossible.” – says Michael Russo - „Modern 3D monitors
without glasses solve this problem and offer 3D effects and images to many viewers at the same
time, revolutionizing the market of Digital Signage”.

But Tridelity technology is not just to be used for advertising. Glasses-free 3D impression is of high
importance in various professional markets such as in the health sector, in science, in education, in
product design, in architecture, in oil & gas exploration or in defence. Thereby Tridelity provides an
easy interactive connection to any available software in those markets.

Seeking to establish business contacts with:
- Experts for monitoring systems in hospitals, airports, shopping malls and shop centers
- Experts for endoscopy
- Looking for partnership in technology transfer in the consumer sector (3D TV, 3D gaming, 3D-
-Looking for joint venture
- Distributors, wholesalers, sales representative companies
- IT-experts in Ministry of Health
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang König
Leipziger Str. 44
39102 Magdeburg

Tel.: +49.391.67133.92
Fax: +49.391.67133.84

Professor of microbiology, immunology, virology, nvironmental medicine.

Former director of the Institute of Medical Microbiology until 2010.
Professor of medicine since 1977 University Mainz and Ruhruniversity

Chairman of infectious immunology since 1996 and Director of University
Magdeburg 1996 until 2010.

Publications: 350, Bookchapters 150

Major topics for negotations and discussions during this trip:
Inflammation, Infection ,Pevention ,Immunosuppression.

Leadership in multiple international societies and broad experience for
USA ,Arab Countries, Africa and Asia

Contact with:

- Micro-and molecular biology experts
- Directors of laboratories
- Virology experts
- Experts for quality control and drug analysis
BioCon Valley GmbH
Dr. Heinrich Cuypers
Senior Project Manager

Walther-Rethenau-Str. 5
17489 Greifswald

BioCon Valley – Life Science and Health Care Industry in Mecklenburg-
Vorpommern, Germany

BioCon Valley is the initiative life science and health care industry in Mecklenburg-
Vorpommern, Germany. As one of the BioRegions in Germany it represents over
100 life science companies with a highly-qualified staff of over 3.000 and
universities and research institutions with over 700 scientists and almost 10 000
students in the life science sector.

Rapid growth, excellent infrastructure, high concentration of start-up companies as
well as close cooperation between industry and academia – all this characterizes
the region.

Backed by businesses, science and the State Government, BioCon Valley®
organizes the life science network and serves as an information and cooperation
platform for its young industry. It catalyzes potential products to move from
research to their commercial realization.

BioCon Valley is a strategic partner for ScanBalt, the life sciences alliance across
Northern Europe. As a network ScanBalt joins life science regions from 11 nations,
85 million people, 63 universities, and 870 biotech companies. Europe’s north-east
is on its way to become one of the leading life science regions worldwide.

Seeking to establish business contacts with:

- Experts for diabetes treatments
- Distributors and wholesalers of medical equipment and supply
- Local clinics and hospitals
- Representatives of Kuwait and Bahrain Chamber of Commerce
- Ministry of Health, Supreme Council of Health.
Companies from the industrial field
Dresdner Lackfabrik novatic GmbH&Co. KG
Mr. Alexander Zill
Managing Director

Clemens-Müller-Str. 5
01099 Dresden
Tel.: +49.351.829910
Fax: +49.351.8299113

We are a specialized company for corrosion protection products.

Our continuously evolved range of products has proved to be good for
decades. Meanwhile, our products protect millions of square meters of
steel surfaces against corrosion. This includes bridges, industrial plants
of any kind, overhead line towers, tank farms, cranes and many more.
Our products are approved by renowned customers at home and abroad
such as Deutsche Bahn, BASF, BAYER, Thyssen-Krupp-Stahl,
Vattenfall, RWE, Polish Railway, Czech Railway, Enercon, Siemens, etc.

We also develop high-solid coating material in a systematical manner,
optimize existing ones and thus produce low-solvent or solvent-free
products for heavy-duty corrosion protection.

We are looking for business relationships with:

- Paint manufacturers
- Paint / special coating wholesalers
- Experts for coatings for oil tanks
- Construction companies
- Steel construction companies
- Chiefs of environmental departments in hospitals and clinics
- Energy companies
BS Banktechnik GmbH
Mr. Burkhard Strieter
Managing Director

Christian –Wehner-Str. 18
09113 Chmeniz
Tel: +49.371.520940
Fax: +49.371.5209453

BS Banktechnik GmbH is specialized in consultation, manufacture,
distribution and service of modern cash handling components and

As General Distributor of "Magner International Corporation U.S.A." in
Germany and authorized partner of Talaris (former De La Rue) we are
able to offer a comprehensive range of high-quality and precise coin
counting and coin counting and sorting machines as well as banknote
counting machines. These machines can be used separately on a wide
range of applications or implemented into systems.

Seeking to establish business contacts with:

- Technical director of banks, packaging companies and hotels
- Production managers from the pharmaceutical and consumer goods
- Central Bank
- Security companies for the financial institutes

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