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					BAA - Business Level                                                Name:_________________________                                                                       Grade:________

                         Service                                                         Education                                                           Progress
  (Must complete 5. The first three are required)
                                                                    (Must complete 8. The first four are required)                       (Must complete 7. The first two are required)
                       Activity 1
                                                                                        Activity 11                                                           Activity 21
Required. Make a 2-5 minute oral informational presentation
                                                                       Required. Technology. Complete the interactive                   Required. Prepare a recruitment brochure for your local
 about FBLA to a business, class, or at a chapter meeting
                                                                             Business/Internet Scavenger Hunt.                             FBLA chapter (Upload a copy of the brochure).
                        Activity 2
                                                                                            Activity 12                                                       Activity 22
Required. Design a poster encouraging students to join your
                                                                    Required. Entrepreneurship. Prepare a resume, cover                   Required. Participate in a competitive event at the
                   local FBLA chapter.
                                                                 letter, and job application, applying for a fictitious job (Upload                district/regional or state level.
                                                                   a copy of your resume and cover letter. Use the online job
                          Activity 3
                                                                                        application form.)                                                    Activity 23
  Required. Research community service grants that are
                                                                                                                                        Plan an icebreaker for your local chapter members and
 available. Present your findings and any recommendations
                                                                                        Activity 13                                        present it at a local chapter meeting or in a class.
  on grants to pursue to the FBLA Local Officer Team and
                                                                    Required. Complete the interactive Internet Ethics and
            Local Adviser(s) in a one-page memo.
                                                                          Safety Quiz (Complete interactive quiz).                                            Activity 24
                                                                                                                                        Recruit one (1) new Professional Division member. (Enter
                         Activity 4
                                                                                        Activity 14                                   the name of the professional member and the date joined on
Prepare a print ad about American Enterprise Day or FBLA-
                                                                  Required. Entrepreneurship. You have just been hired at                                 the interactive form).
                        PBL Week.
                                                                   the XYZ Corporation. Your first task is to develop a new
                                                                                 green product/invention                                                      Activity 25
                         Activity 5
                                                                                                                                          Submit an article/news release about your chapter's
Participate in a community service project that your chapter
                                                                                         Activity 15                                        activities using the interactive submission form.
                      is sponsoring.
                                                                     Accounting. Explain the importance of high ethical
                                                                     standards in the preparation of financial statements.                                    Activity 26
                        Activity 6
                                                                                                                                        Participate in the Virtual Business Challenge. (Enter the
  Help plan and conduct the Emblem Ceremony at a local
                                                                                        Activity 16                                      names of the team members on the interactive form).
                    chapter meeting.
                                                                 Business. Successfully complete one (1) grading period in a
                                                                        business course with a grade of 'B' or better.                                        Activity 27
                         Activity 7
                                                                                                                                        Write a letter to your school superintendent or principal
 Help organize an activity or event for your local chapter to
                                                                                     Activity 17                                                       about the benefits of FBLA.
  promote American Enterprise Day or FBLA-PBL Week.
                                                                  Communications. Prepare an agenda for two (2) chapter
                                                                      meetings. (Upload copies of the agendas.)                                               Activity 28
                          Activity 8
                                                                                                                                       Participate in a task that is assigned by your local chapter
Visit a kindergarten classroom and read the Dr. Suess book,
                                                                                            Activity 18                                 adviser. (Prepare a 100-word summary describing this
�             to
 The Lorax� students. Help them plant sunflower seed in                                                                                                           activity.)
                                                                 Entrepreneurship. Visit/tour a business. (In proper business
                      cups to take home.
                                                                  format, write a letter addressed to your adviser describing
                          Activity 9                                                     this experience.)                                                    Activity 29
 Prepare a local calendar of activities for your local chapter                                                                        Help organize a letter writing campaign for soldiers. (Upload
  with at least two ideas for chapter activities each month.                           Activity 19                                                   a copy of one of the letters).
                                                                  Communications. Complete a one-page report on a local,
                        Activity 10                                        state, or national business leader.                                                Activity 30
     Help create and present a Halloween safety skit to
                   elementary children.                                                    Activity 20                                   Attend a community or school meeting (Rotary Club,
                                                                                                                                      Chamber of Commerce, School Board, Jaycee� Kiwani�      s,
                                                                  Marketing. Describe how a company markets a product or              PTA, Etc. (Upload a one-page report about the meeting you
                                                                                service in other countries.                                                  attended.).

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