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31.1 The Women’s Vocational Training Programme in DGE&T, Ministry of Labour was
launched with an objective of social development & economic growth of women through
vocational training. A network of Institutes, both under the Central & State Sector, have
been set up for extending skill training facilities to women. These institutes organize training
courses in skills having high employability.

31.2 Under the Central Sector, A National Vocational Training Institute (NVTI) for Women,
NOIDA and Ten Regional Vocational Training Institutes (RVTIs) for Women have been set
up. During last one year, 50 new training units were introduced in NVTI/RVTIs, thereby
increasing the total seating capacity from 2376 to 3232. Special Drives were launched in
January, August & October 2003 and more than 980 training seats were added. The list of
trades and intake capacity for training is available at the DGE&T website

31.3 Under State Sector, Vocational Training facilities exclusively for women at Craftsmen
level (Basic courses) are provided through a network of Women Industrial Training Institutes
(WITIs) / Women wings in general ITIs under the administrative control of the respective
State Governments. There were about 800 Institutes (218 WITIs and 582 Women Wings in
General ITIs /Private ITIs) with about 46658 Training seats. To promote participation of
women in Craftsmen Training, the NCVT has recommended that the State Government
would reserve 25% seats for women in general ITIs.

31.4 A pilot programme on ‘Decent Employment for Women in India’ funded by US
department of labour(US $ 1.3 million) is being jointly implemented by the ILO and DGE&T,
Ministry Of Labour. The project being implemented in Delhi and Bangalore envisages to
provide skill training to 2000 women in the informal sector and at least 1500 of these trained
women would be assisted in securing decent wage/ self employment. 1700 women from
slum areas have been trained and 70 % were placed in self-employment. Replicable
packages are being prepared under the project and the pilot project would also be extended
to Mumbai and Kolkata.

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