The Best Type of Ant for your Ant Farm

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					The Best Type Of Ant For Your Ant Farm

Purchasing your first ant farm is a very exciting experience. The main
reason for this is because you are able to watch an entire colony of ants
create their own home. You can witness the building of massive and
intricate tunnels as well as the various duties that all of these ants
have. It is mesmerizing to watch hundreds of tiny ants roam around their
ant farm, digging new tunnels, gathering food and tending to the queen
ant. You can literally spend hours upon hours watching these ants go
about their daily lives. However, if you don't have the right type of
ants, than you will quickly become disappointed. When you have an ant
farm, the best type of ant to own is Carpenter Ants.

These types of ants are perfect for ant farms, because they are one of
the most active species of ants, plus they are not too small making it
hard for them to escape.   Carpenter Ants are most likely the type of
ants you have had to battle within your home if you have ever had an ant
problem. One of the main characteristics of these ants is the fact that
they love to burry tunnels and gather food from damp areas. You may
notice that with the various type of Carpenter Ants, they all vary in
color. Although, most of the Carpenter Ants that you will come across
will be the standard black, another interesting fact about Carpenter
Ants, is the fact that they are the largest ant within the ant family.

When you have an ant farm, having larger ants is very important, because
you want to be able to clearly see your ants. Of course, when you have
larger ants, the chance of them escaping through the tiny air holes is
slim-to-none, thus making this type of ant very popular among ant farm
owners. Naturally, Carpenter Ants build their home within moist wood
found in your house. They will then roam around your home looking for
food crumbs and insects for them to eat. Once they have found a source
of food, you will quickly see an army of these ants gathering the food
and transferring it back to their home.

Most of the Carpenter Ants do not work during the day, they wait for the
cover of night to venture out on their food quests.
One of the most interesting aspects about the Carpenter Ants is the way
the set up their village.

Most ants decide on a location and then create a massive city of tunnels
and galleries where the entire colony lives. However, with Carpenter
Ants, they create unique satellite cities, which branch off from the main
colony. This enables the colony of ants to expand and gather more food,
without having all of them live in the same place. You will usually find
these satellite colonies within an adjacent tree or in another part of
your home. How this affects your ant farm colony can be very unique. If
you purchase an ant farm that can be expanded, it is a good idea to
expand your ant farm allowing the Carpenter Ants to create their
satellite colonies.

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