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									Ant Farm Accessories

Like all products, when you have an ant farm there are certain
accessories you must have in order help make your ant farm operate
smoother. Some of these accessories will help you feed and water your
ants, while other allow you to take a closer look at the ant farm you are
developing. No matter what the reason for these extra products, they
will all help enhance your ant farm experience. Below are some of the
top ant farm accessories for you to choose, while all of them serve a
different purpose, they all will help make you have a successful and fun
ant farm.

The first of these accessories is the AntWorks Habitat Illuminator. If
you have an AntWorks ant farm, than you will absolutely love this
accessory. If you haven't already heard, you can purchase an ant farm
that comes complete with LED lights built within the ant habitat.
However, if you bought your ant farm before knowing about the illuminated
ant farms, than you will be able to make your existing ant farm glow with
brilliant color. Basically how this accessory works is it has several
blue LED lights at the base of the product. All you have to do is attach
your gel ant habitat on top of the lights, and soon you will see a
brilliant and dynamic light show within your ant farm. If you desire a
unique ant farm without having to purchase an entirely new ant habitat,
than this is a great accessory to have.

When you want to look at your ants, there are many options you have,
however, the easiest option is to use a magnifying glass. Yet, just any
magnifying glass will work to see your ants. This is why the AntWorks
Hand-Held Magnifier Lamp is such a great accessory. With this hand-held
magnifier you are able to clearly see all of your ants in brilliant
clarity due to the built-in lamp. Now you can see up-close-and-personal
the lives of your ants, and you might just be surprised with what you may

Another great accessory to have with your ant farm is on the same lines
as the hand-held magnifying glass, however, this is magnifier is simpler
in form. The AntWorks Table Top Magnifier is perfect for anyone who has
an ant farm, but has to take notes at the same time as viewing your ants.
This accessory makes studying ants easier than ever before, because you
get an up-close-and-personal view of the ants, while keeping your hands
free for note taking. If you are a student, than you must have this

This last accessory is something that you can use for the duration of
your ants lives. It is a pre-mixed concoction of ant food. By using
this accessory you will take the worry of making sure that your ants are
receiving all of the nutrients they need out of the way. With this batch
of food, your ants will get all of the various vitamins and minerals they
need in order to live a healthy and active life.

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