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Our Commitment for Top Quality… (PDF)


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									Our Commitment for Top Quality…

Not even a year that we have released our first two blends (Brut Tradition
and Brut Rose), and it is with real excitement and delight that everyday we
hear more and more compliments. Once again, thanks to all of you giving
us your faithful and friendly support !!! Considering the times being, it is
even more fantastic to see our stock moving nicely (and mainly to the local

Not entering the wine competitions, we are however proud to have been
selected “Editor’s Choice” in both Wine Magazine (Oct 08) and Good Taste
Magazine (June 09).

But don’t think a single instant that we feel comfortably satisfied !!! We
definitely want our distinctive style to become the icon for all the true
bubbly-lovers in South Africa.

Is seems that nowadays, in the local wine industry, the norm for any winery is to produce
bubblies, the other wineries becoming exceptions… With such a “tsunami” wave of Cap
Classique coming onto the market within the next 3 to 5 years, our policy is simple : to
produce for an “intimate” circle of bubbly-lovers the ultimate quality at still an affordable

Just let us update you on our “striving for quality” process.

                                           Know-how and expertise is one of those intangible things
                                           one cannot replace, but they are so essential. For four
                                           years now we have been working with the input and the
                                           support of two prominent actors on the bubbly scene. Our
                                           French friend Nicolas Follet spends now nearly half the
                                           year with us in South Africa (and likely even more in the
                                           years to come…).      Nicolas is a trained oenologist-
                                           consultant, working also in Champagne, Italy and
                                           Argentina. He is the winemaker of Champagne Follet-
                                           Ramillon which for 2 years in a row was selected best
                                           imported Champagne in RSA by Wine Magazine. On the
                                           local side, joyful Pieter “Bubbles” Ferreira is the
renowned winemaker of Graham Beck Wines and very likely the most experienced bubbly-maker in the
country. It is truly amazing to see how much ever-increasing excitement and passion he still has for
bubbly after nearly 30 years of involvement…
As we always said, we have decided to strictly limit our production to 40.000 bottles a year in order to
maintain the highest standards of quality. Nevertheless, we have just finished an half a million rands
extension to the building. This extension is not a capacity increase but is just meant to be extra storage
space for bottles on the lees and to bring within the next 2 years every single bottle of Brut Tradition to
a minimum of 30 months on the lees (from 24 months currently) with a significant further increase in

From our next release, you will also find brand new corks on our bottles, called
“Mytik Diamant”. Although 60% more expensive than the traditional Champagne
cork, it has the huge advantage of being absolutely free of TCA (chlorine derivate
source of the cork taints) and to be much more consistent from one cork to the next
one. More and more used by the top wineries in Champagne, this cork should help
to bring a perfect consistency amongst our whole production.

For those of you who are impatient to restock our Brut Rose, we intend to release on the 28th of
September. Only 4800 bottles will be released and you are welcome to place a provisional order for it -
just email us to orders@colmant.co.za. This will secure an allocation for you and you will then be
invoiced just prior to release.

For the most connoisseurs, our Brut Chardonnay is already showing all signs of a very highly ranked
Blanc de Blancs style : extreme elegance, great minerality, hints of lemon along with brioche and nutty
flavours… The maiden vintage is to be released after 42 months on the lees around April next year !!!

If it’s time for you to re-stock or if you are just feeling in a good bubbly mood as winter is here, simply
access our easy Order Cap Classique and Champagne Online... ( http://www.colmant.co.za/orders.htm )
where as always we offer our full range at unbeatable prices and we deliver free of charge anywhere in
the country.

Thanks again for your great support.

Bubbliest regards

Jean-Philippe & Isabelle Colmant

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