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									Santa Clara County Council                                                      Boy Scouts of America

                         Fall 2010 Popcorn Show and Sell
                                 Ending Inventory
                                  Pack Troop Crew # ________

  Please use this form to let the Council know what inventory from your Show and Sell that you had
left over and will be using to fill your Take Orders. Please do not include product that you will return
                                        to the popcorn warehouse.

                              Product                          Cases                  Containers

                    Chocolate Lovers Collection

                    Sweet & Savory Collection

                     Cheese Lover’s Collection

                    Chocolatey Caramel Crunch

                Large Gourmet Caramel Corn 26 oz

                     Butter Toffee Light 20 oz

                    18 pk Unbelievable Butter

                        18 pk Butter Light

                    Original Caramel Corn 11 oz

      Military Donation Adjustment Worksheet
All Military Donations are checked out at the $25 value. When you received your “Popcorn Kick Off in a Box”
there where 25 military donation receipts included. Please complete this simple worksheet below to tell us how
many of the Military Donation Receipts that were checked out to you were sold at either the $40 or the $25
value. Receipts that you wish to return for credit must be attached to this form and hand delivered to the
Council Service Center or the popcorn warehouse by October 25, 2010.

     Product                 # sold
$40 Military
Donation     (A)
$25 Military
Donation     (B)

   # checked out                      # sold (A+B)               # returning
                         -                              =

     Please complete and return to us by October 25th. Fax 408-280-5162 • Email
                          SCCC-Popcorn, 970 W Julian Street, San Jose CA 95126

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