Intermediate Accounting Ch 21 Accounting for Leases by jym67032


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									Acct 3352 Quiz Windows, Spring 2006                                             "On-Line WebCT Vista Quizzes"
Spiceland, et al., Updated 3rd Ed, Intermediate Accounting                    (Finish each by Monday, 11:00 pm)
& Hoyle, et al., Updated 7th Ed, Advanced Accounting                                 60 Minute, no re-entry Quizzes
Prof: Greg Kordecki
Spiceland/                                                                    Key        Vista      Start no          Finish
  Hoyle                                                                       End       On-Line    earlier than       by
 Chapter                                   Topic                              Date       Quiz       1:00 AM       11:00 PM
  Ch 15    Leases                                                          Th,1/19        Q15        Th,1/12       Th,1/19

   Ch 16     Accounting for Income Taxes                                   M,2/6          Q16         M,2/6            M,2/6

   Ch 17     Pensions                                                      M,2/27         Q17        M,2/27           M,2/27

   Ch 18     Employee Benefit Plans                                        M,2/27         Q18        M,2/27           M,2/27

   Ch 19     Stockholders’ Equity                                          M,3/13         Q19        M,3/13           M,3/13

   Ch 20     Earnings per Share                                            Th,3/23        Q20        M,3/20           Th,3/23

   Ch 21     Accounting Changes                                            Th,3/23        Q21        M,3/20           Th,3/23

   Ch 22     Statement of Cash Flows                                       M,4/3          Q22         M,4/3            M,4/3

    H9       Foreign Currency Transactions & Hedging Exchange Risk         M,4/17         H9         M,4/17           M,4/17

    H10      Translation of Foreign Currency Financial Statements          M,4/17         H10        M,4/17           M,4/17

    H11      Worldwide Accounting Diversity and International Standards    M,4/17         H11        M,4/17           M,4/17

    H16      Accounting for State and Local Governments I                  M,4/24         H16        M,4/24           M,4/24

    H17      Accounting for State and Local Governments II                 M,4/24         H17        M,4/24           M,4/24

    H18      Accounting & Reporting for Private Non-Profit Organizations   M,4/24         H18        M,4/24           M,4/24

Syllabus File 3
     *       Quiz 15 has Th start and end rather than M only; Q20 & Q21 have a M through Th window.

Syllabus File 3

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