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									                                     RBF Investment Account
The RBF Investment Account enables members to increase retirement savings by making additional contributions and
rollovers. Salary sacrifice payments and spouse contributions can also be paid into this account.

Super is a long-term investment. Even at retirement age many members would be unlikely to spend all their super straight
away. It's possible it will remain invested for a further 20-30 years in retirement.

Looking at returns over a period of at least three years gives a more accurate picture of investment performance than short-
term returns. Many investments have a specific time horizon where any extreme results - either good or bad - are balanced
out by the other years to produce a more reliable picture.

By sticking with your long-term investment strategy you will ride out the peaks and troughs that are part of a normal
investment cycle.

RBF's long-term investment returns are strong and demonstrate the value in maintaining your investment strategy.

A summary of the asset allocation, targeted return and level of risk for each option is available here. Click on an
investment option name in the following table for more information about that option.

Investment Returns to 31 January 2011
Member Investment Choice Option                3 year      5 year       7 year      10 year                  Inception Date
 Diversified Options:
 RBF Actively Managed (Default)                0.98%       3.44%        6.51%        5.88%       6.19%        02-Oct-1999
 RBF Long Term Growth                          0.00%       3.02%        7.11%        5.69%       6.41%        02-Oct-1999
 RBF Moderate Growth                            N/A         N/A          N/A          N/A         N/A        18-Aug-2010
 RBF Conservative Growth                       4.95%       5.16%        6.26%        5.39%       5.73%        02-Oct-1999
 RBF Socially Responsible Investments          0.92%       2.82%        5.88%         N/A        5.05%        20-Oct-2001
 Asset Class Options:
 RBF Australian Shares                        -0.98%       3.21%        9.05%         N/A        8.24%        29-Sep-2001
 RBF Int'l Shares                             -1.46%       -0.83%       2.65%         N/A        0.99%        20-Oct-2001
 RBF Property and Alternatives                 0.12%       4.79%        6.64%         N/A        7.04%        28-Jun-2003
 RBF Fixed Interest                            7.07%       6.07%        6.12%         N/A        5.74%        28-Jun-2003
 RBF Cash                                      4.33%       4.74%        4.76%        4.60%       4.67%        02-Oct-1999

Whilst it's important to evaluate performance of your super over the long-term, there is value in keeping track of short-term
returns, so long as they are considered in context of the bigger picture.
Investment Returns to 31 January 2011
Member Investment Choice Option                     1 month      12 mth     2009-10      2008-09     2007-08         2006-07
 Diversified Options:
 RBF Actively Managed (Default)                      1.56%       8.28%       9.94%       -10.41%      -6.44%         15.08%
 RBF Long Term Growth                                1.81%       8.50%       11.70%      -13.87%     -10.22%         18.36%
 RBF Moderate Growth                                 1.15%        N/A         N/A          N/A         N/A            N/A
 RBF Conservative Growth                             0.83%       7.87%       10.41%      -0.03%       -0.36%         8.52%
 RBF Socially Responsible Investments                1.14%       7.01%       11.26%      -11.10%      -7.15%         12.50%
 Asset Class Options:
 RBF Australian Shares                               1.50%       7.69%       15.91%      -18.77%     -15.25%         25.97%
 RBF Int'l Shares                                    3.03%       9.91%       12.24%      -16.05%     -18.18%         11.06%
 RBF Property and Alternatives                       0.76%       6.91%       -0.72%      -5.97%       10.17%         12.54%
 RBF Fixed Interest                                  0.31%       8.46%       10.13%       6.36%       4.73%          4.13%
 RBF Cash                                            0.36%       3.99%       3.27%        4.49%       6.22%          5.28%

Note: Where an entire account balance is rolled over or transferred, investment returns are not applied during the
processing period. In peak processing times this may be between 6 and 13 days.

RBF calculates the weekly investment returns as follows:
Step 1 - Gross investment return
Step 2 - Less investment management fees
Step 3 - Less income tax expense
Step 4 - Equals the investment return (after investment fees and tax)

Since July 2006 investment returns have been calculated net of investment management fees and tax. Administration fees
are deducted directly from members' accounts after the returns have been applied.

Before July 2006 investment returns were calculated net of tax, investment management and administration fees before
being applied to members' accounts.

Our longer-term returns are now calculated net of tax and investment management fees for the entire reporting period.

RBF has prepared information in accordance with ASIC guidelines for presentation of a superannuation fund's fees and
charges. To view this information click here.

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