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					How Isabel uses her mobile phone for learning Spanish

Isabel works full-time at London Met University, and is
learning Spanish part-time on the Open Language
Programme. She has an iPhone on a contract that gives
her free data usage (e.g. for Internet). She uses her
iPhone for these learning activities.
1. She bought a Spanish-English dictionary application
   which she uses a lot to look up and check words
   when completing homework, and to look up the
   meaning of words when she’s reading Spanish texts.
   She finds this really helpful because she doesn’t
   need to carry her book dictionary around any more, it is quicker to look up words in the
   iPhone App (it makes suggestions as you start to key in the letters), and it also has a
   useful verb conjugator. Whenever she needs to look something up, her phone and
   dictionary is handy.
2. She accesses Spanish newspapers and websites on the Internet to practice her reading
3. She jots down words and phrases she translates or needs to remember using the ‘Notes’
4. The ‘Calendar’ application is used to schedule her classes, and more importantly her
5. She downloaded a couple of free learning Spanish applications, and uses these when she
   has spare time to practice. Some of these are fun to do, have quizzes and games, and
   some include audio pronunciations which are very helpful.
6. She created a verb reference chart, which she keeps in a specially created ‘Reference’
   email folder, so that she can easily access it when she needs to (providing there is
   network signal or free Wifi to be able to access her email account).
7. She also uses the Internet to conduct research for homework, e.g. searching in Google or
   Wikipedia if she needs to write something on a particular subject – both these sites also
   have sites in Spanish.
8. She has a translator application that will translate phrases from Spanish to English and
   vice versa, which she uses to help with homework.
9. She sometimes listens to Spanish radio using an application for streaming radio stations,
   which is helpful for listening practice.
10. She keeps in touch with other Spanish-speaking friends and fellow students via email,
    SMS and Facebook.
11. For practice before oral exams, she uses a voice recording application and records
    passages that will be useful to remember and practice.

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