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									 In the Name of Allah the Most
Beneficent and the Most Merciful
       Government of Pakistan
               IPO Pakistan-Cabinet Division

Intellectual Property Organization

                         Role Of Intellectual Property Rights in R & D
                                    and Business IP Expert

                                     The Patent Office:
22 May, 2007                         2nd Floor Kandawala Building,
                                     M.A. Jinnah Road, Karachi.
IPO Pakistan

    Presented by:

    Mrs. Yasmeen Abbasi

    Controller of Patents & Registrar of Designs
    Patent Office Karachi.
    Intellectual Property Organization
The Patent Office's brief history

 The Patent office was established in March, 1948 under the
provision of section 55 of the Patents & Designs Act 1911. Now it
has been functioning under the Intellectual Property Organization
(IPO) Pakistan Since April, 2005. the major objective of the IPO’s
policy is to facilitate the general public and patent/design
applicants to achieve the goal of patent registration and
registration of industrial designs.

 In view of the recent developments, activities of WTO, and the
TRIPS agreement, national laws have been amended. Patents
Ordinance 2000 (as amended in 2002) and Designs Ordinance
2000, are being followed for the grant of patents and registration
of Industrial Designs.
Term Of Protection
    Term of Patent has been extended up to 20 years subject to
    renewal & provision for extension of the term has been with

   Term of Design has been extended up to 30 years subject to
    renewal & provision for extension of the term has been with

   Term of Integrated Design Circuit Layout has been
    extended up to 30 years subject to renewal & provision for
    extension of the term has been with drawn.
The Patent Office's brief history

   Being a member of WTO, Pakistan is obliged to ensure minimum
    required protection of intellectual property rights under the TRIPS
    agreement. The creation of autonomous body IPO (Intellectual
    Property Organization) with autonomous status and financial
    independence will provide the solution of all the problems.
   Its head is the Controller of Patents & Designs (BPS-19) assisted by
    two Assistant Controller of Patents & Designs (BPS-18) and
    Examiners of Patents who carry out Technical and Legal
    Examination of Patents. All the officers including Controller of
    Patents & Registrar of Designs are available to general public in
    order to help them solve their problems if any. The technical staff
    (Examiners) are given training from time to time to make updated on
    Patent matters to achieve the best results with assistance of WIPO.
    Flow Chart of Processing Patent Application

Processing of Patent Applications

                                    Receipt &                     Controller of
                 Cash Branch
                                  Issue Section                     Patents


                                  Examination                      Formality
                                    Report                          Section


                                                  No Opposition    Ready for
Scope of Patent Office

   Patents

   Industrial Design Registration

   Integrated Circuit and layout Designs
Main Objectives of the Patent Office

   To encourage research and inventions.

   To disclose new technological discoveries.

   To disseminate technical information & know-how.

   To make transfer of technology possible.

   To create an atmosphere for foreign investment.
Functions of the Patent Office

1)   Statutory

2)   Legal and Judicial

3)   Technical

4)   Advisory
Characteristics of Patentable Inventions

1)   It should relate to a manner of manufacture or product.

2)   The manner of manufacture / product should be new &

3)   According to Patent Ordinance 2000 novelty requirement is
     mad absolute & international. Where as in old law it was
     only local novelty i.e. new & novel in Pakistan only.

4)   It should be the outcome of inventive ingenuity.

5)   It should have utility (practical, industrial & economic).

6)   It should not be contrary to law or morality.
unpatentable inventions in Pakistan
In view of Sec 7 (2) & 7 (4) of Patent Ordinance 2000 amended in 2002)

1)     Discoveries of Laws of nature.
2)     Perpetual motion machines.
3)     Purely scientific & mathematical formulas & principles.
4)     Doctor’s Prescriptions.
5)     Treatment of human beings, animals, flowers & plants.
6)     Surgical operations.
7)     Mere charts, diagrams, & plans.
8)     Articles harmful to public heath & their prosperity.
9)     Literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works.
10)    Substances that exist in nature or if isolated there from.
11)    For a new or subsequent use of a known product or process
12)    Mere change in physical appearance of a chemical product.
Automation of the Patent Office
   In order to automate The Patent Office a project has been started by the Electronic
    Government Directorate (EGD) titled “Automation of The Patent Office, Karachi”

   The Project includes the development of customized applications for automating the
    internal business processes of Patent Office, Karachi Under Cabinet Division. In
    addition to this, the Patent Office Web Site will be redesigned for online services for
    customers and stakeholders.

   The project was fully financed by the World Intellectual Property Organization, Geneva.

   The software namely Industrial Property Automation System (IPAS) which is a
    flexible and rapid solution towards the automation of the patent office assisted by the
Patent Office Performance
Milestone achieved
 Patent Record
 Industrial Design Record
 Revenue structure & two years Comparative statement
 Summary of revocation & opposition decided
 Mail Box
 International Patent Search Internet Facility
 Publishing of Expired Patent during year 2006 and Jan, Feb of 2007 at website
 Publishing of Patent Granted during year 2006
 Publishing of Official Gazette weekly at website
 Check list of substantive upgraded
 Acknowledgment of application is upgraded
 Automation Project (EGD)
      Data Capturing
      Training of New staff
 Helpline desk
 Electronic Reports
Patent Record

Patent Applications filed in Patent Office (from 01/01/2001 up to 31/12/2006)

                         Applications filed                                  Patent Granted

 Year        Local             Foreign                           Local           Foreign
                                                 Total                                           Total
          Applications      Applications                      Applications     Applications
                                              Applications                                    Applications
         4.64% Average     95.36% average                      3% average      97% average

 2001         58                1168             1226             12                 338          350

 2002         55                1057             1112             14                 408          422

 2003         57                1070             1127             13                 350          363

 2004         73                1010             1083             12                 404          416

 2005        143                1141             1284             21                 372          390

 2006         91                1647             1738        22                225                247
Patent is the Direct Measure of R & D of the country

               Local Patent
                Filing 6%

                              Patent Filing
Mail Box

                                                        Applications at
Total number of
                                                         which Patent       Priority                                 National
  Applications       Applications   Report     Reply                                     Non priority Applications
                                                          granted by        Based                                  Applications
received till 31st    withdrawn     issued   received                                    applications  (Foreign)
                                                           Foreign        Applications                               (Local)
December, 2004

      4214              1362        2852      1147          1000             2537           315          4179           35
International Patent Search (Internet Facility)

 International Novelty search is started for the Patent application that
 never practiced ever. Patent Examiners are supplied an internet facility
 for it and also basic Training for it from;
 1. IP - Australia Officials at IPO-Islamabad.
 2. USPTO Officials at Marriot Karachi.
 3. GIPA - USPTO at Washington.
 4. JPO - at Tokyo
 5. IPOS - at Singapore
Publishing of Official Gazette (weekly at website)

The new application filed, accepted cases are published in Official
Gazette Part V . Patent office started to publish the Official Gazette Part V
at website since start of 2006.
Publishing of List of Expired Patent (at website)

It was first time that Patent Office published the list of
Patent expiring during the year 2006 , January 2007 and
February 2007at its official website.

Term of Patent of the following Patents will be expired
during year – 2006
Publishing of Patent Granted during the year 2006 at website )
Computer Networking
With the supply of computers from WIPO, NETSOL (EGD) and IPO Pakistan, a
Computer Network of 42 nodes is set up. Computer is supplied from disk to disk of
each Patent Examiner and in each section.

Internet facility is also provided to the Patent Examiners for International patent
IPO Automation Project (EGD)

A project of data capturing of Historical record of 59 year under the
IPO Automation Project financed by Ministry of IT ( MoIT ) and
deployed by Electronic Government (EGD) is started from June 2006.

Under that project following steps are involved;
•   Online Application System Deployment
•   Historical Data capturing
•   Network of 40 computers
•   Patent office Website
•   Humane Resources Training
Data Capturing

in first phase 15000 complete records are to be entered.

Patent cases (about 25 years):      10,000
Industrial Design (about 25 years ): 5,000

Total record Entered:              15,000

-- 100 % Verification of all the record captured is done by Jr.
Patent Examiners.
-- 5% Cross verification is done by Sr. Examiners and Assistant
Professional Training of New staff

New recruited Jr. Patent Examiners have been trained;

1.   WIPO-Australian training ( IPO Head Office)
2.   Patent Attorneys (Patent Office Karachi)
3.   Training by Sr. Patent Examiners & Assistant Controller (Patent Office Karachi)
                 Patent Ordinance 2000 and rules
                 IPC Classification
                 Examination Report writing (Formal & substantive)
Basic Computer Training of Staff

 To make the optimal utilization of provided automation technology
 facilities, a basic IT training for the Patent Office Staff is organized
 with the collaboration of Electronic Government
WIPO Automation Mission (Dec, 2006)

IPAS Deployment Phase -1

   Automation of “ Patent and Industrial Deign Application Reception Section”
   Data Capturing of New Applications
   Formality Section Work i.e. Formal Examination , Office Documents Entries
Helpline desk

  Applicant / any interested person can get information regarding Filing &
  Drafting Patent Or Design Applications.

  It consist of;

1. Karachi                            2. Islamabad                                 3. Lahore

MISS SHAMS-UN-NISA,                   MISS ERAM ZAIDI,                             MISS HINA ANWAR
     Patent Examiner,                      Intellectual Property Rights Officer,        Management Associate, SMEDA,
     The Patent Office,                    Technology Incubation Center-NUST            6th Floor, LDA Plaza, Egerton Road,
     2nd Floor Khandawala Building,        112-B, Street 37, F-10/1,                    Lahore. Pakistan.
     M.A.Jinnah Road,                      Islamabad, Pakistan.                         Tele: 92-42-111-111-456, 042-6375110
     Karachi-74400, Pakistan.              Tele: 92-51-9267241-44/210                   Fax: 92-42-6304926-27
     Tele: 92-21-9215488                   Fax: 92-51-9267245                           Cell: 92-332-413-9611
     Fax: 92-21-9215489                    Email: eram.zaidi@tic.org.pk                 Email: hinadvocate@hotmail.com,
     Email: shams.nisa@ipo.gov.pk                                                       hina@smeda.org.pk
Electronic Reports
A number of Electronic reports have been generated from last two years. To issue
these reports the bibliographic data of 11000 patent applications has been captured
by the Jr. Patent Examiners.

Mail Box under process:                                       2852
Mail box with drawn:                                          1362
Six years Patent filling from (2001-2006):                    7060
Total record captured by the Patent Office: 11274
List of Electronic Reports
    Design Application File and Registered
    Patent Application File and Grant
        Patent Filing and Grant Year wise
        Patent cases Opposition & Revocation
        Challenged in high court
        Sector wise
        Law firm wise
        Company wise
        Examiner Performance

    Mail Box Statistics
          Mail Box withdrawn
          Mail Box under Process
               Year wise
               Company wise
               Sector wise
               Origin Country wise
               Priority Country wise

    Patent Granted in Priority Countries
    Reply Received Record
    Last 16 years of Patent Record
    Last 16 years of Design Record
    Historical Record Counting of 59 years
    Hardware and software Inventory report

         Mrs. Yasmeen Abbasi
         Controller of Patents
         & Registrar of Designs
         Tel:      +92 21 9215488
         E-mail:   info@patent.gov.pk
         URL:      www.patent.gov.pk

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