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					                         CTO Tourist Guide School

The Cyprus Tourist Organisation (CTO), may by law operate a Tourist Guide

This School does not operate every year but whenever there is a shortage of
tourist guides in the market. The decision to run classes is taken by the
School’s executive committee. This is announced in the local press and on
the CTO’s website

The last time classes were held was during the academic year 2005 – 2006.

The basic prerequisites for attending the school during its last session were
as follows:

      Candidates had to be citizens of a European Union state member or
      citizens of other states. NB: The tourist guide license is only given to
      after successful candidates obtained the citizenship of an EU member
      Candidates should preferably be under 50 years old
      Candidates should have a secondary school diploma from a school
      registered with the Ministry of Education of the country issuing the
      Candidates should be fluent in Greek and at least one other foreign
      language from the most popular countries from where tourists
      emanate. Candidates who are solely English speakers are not invited
      to take the entrance exams. Preference is given to candidates who are
      fluent in two or more foreign languages in which there is a shortage of
      guides, such as Dutch, Spanish, Hebrew, Swedish, Norwegian,
      Danish, Finnish, Czech, Slovakian, Hungarian, Polish, Russian, Arabic,
      Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Rumanian, and Turkish.
      Candidates who fulfil the entrance requirements are called to take
      written and oral entrance exams and for a personal interview.
      The written exams in Greek consist of an essay, general knowledge
      with emphasis on the history, geography and culture of Cyprus and
      current affairs.
      The written language exams for the language for which a prospective
      guide wishes to apply for consist of an essay, text understanding and
      linguistic observations.
      The oral exam/personal interview aims at ascertaining the candidate’s
      personality (relaxed presence, adaptability, and flexibility), critical
      thought, ability to substantiate and evaluate, language fluency,
      eloquence, flow of language and elocution.
      Fluency in Greek of candidates whose mother tongue is not Greek is
      ascertained though the relevant written exams and the personal
The Tourist Guide School is based in Lefkosia (Nicosia). Classes are
usually held in the Origeni Spyridakis Hall of the Pancyprian Gymnasium
opposite the Archbishopric. Classes are in Greek and are held Monday to
Friday in the afternoons from about 15:00 to 18:30. In addition about 30
full day educational field trips are also held.

Fees for 2005-06 were at CY£1,200.

Application forms should be obtained and completed only after the
announcement is made that a new school will be held and are available
from the CTO’s headquarters or from its website.