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					                CPO NEWSBRIEF    Ramstein Air Base, Germany                         OCTOBER 2010

        INSIDE THIS ISSUE                          -   TRAINING
                                                        o STRAT I & II Development
              US PROGRAM                                   Opportunities
-   WHAT’S NEW?                                         o AF Portal Supervisors’ Resource
     o German-American Day                                 Center 2.0
     o New AF Motto: “Aim High…Fly,                     o Employee Training & Development
         Fight, Win”                               -   STAFFING
     o Daylight Savings Time Ends                       o Applying at Ramstein AB?
     o Inclement/Hazardous Weather                      o Benefits & Entitlements Service Team
     o Continuation of the National                        (BEST)
         Emergency                                      o Special Emphasis Program Manager
     o 2011 Open Season for Health Benefits,            o Prohibited Personnel Practices
         Dental and Vision Insurance and                o Emergency Essential
         Flexible Spending Accounts                     o Employment of Retired Members of
     o 86 AW Equal Opportunity Opens                       the Armed Services
         Ramstein Satellite Office                      o Return Rights Position Converting to
     o Transition Calls for Employees to                   Navy Under Joint Base
         Brush Up Resumes
     o AF Releases Officer, Civilian                            NON-U.S. PROGRAMS
         Developmental Education Board                  o Information on the General Treatment
         Results                                            Act
     o OPM Announces iPhone & iPad
         Application for USAJobs.gov
-   NSPS
     o NSPS Transition Schedule                        Aim High ... Fly-Fight-Win
-   AFMA
     o Education Update
-   EMR
     o Are you a Supervisor with an Injured
     o What to do When Injured at Work
     o Filing Overseas Claims
     o Use or Lose Leave
     o Whistleblower Disclosures
     o Discipline & Adverse Actions
     o Civilian Survivor Assistance
     o Weekly & Daily Scheduling of Work &                      From the CPO:
         Holiday Observances
     o Supervisor’s Records
                                                  Welcome to the October edition of the Civilian
     o Training & Development
                                                  Personnel Newsbrief. This month we celebrate our
     o Benefits & Entitlements Service Team
                                                  German-American ties and traditions, the new Air
         (BEST) October Newsletter
                                                  Force motto, and have a special note for our APF
                                                  civilians with return rights to Joint Base Pearl
                                                  Harbor-Hickam. Health Benefits Open Season will
                                                  soon be here and now is a good time to review your
benefits. With the winter season fast approaching       who works this extra hour will be entitled to
we included articles on Daylight Savings Time,          overtime provided they meet the overtime
scheduling work around the holidays, what to do in      requirements (e.g., work in excess of eight hours in
the event of an employee injury, hazardous weather      a day or 40 hours in a week). Employees on leave
conditions and what to do if you're in a Use or Lose    for that shift will be charged eight hours of leave
Leave situation. This is our last month as being part
of a Mission Support Squadron; our next newsletter            Inclement/Hazardous Weather
will be sent as part of our new Force Support                          Conditions
                                                                  POC: DPCS-B 480-2019
Mit Freundlichen Grüssen,                               It is important to be prepared for unexpected
                                                        weather conditions and to know what procedures to
Christine Murray                                        apply during these situations. All supervisors need
Civilian Personnel Officer                              to brief their civilian employees on the procedures
ICE Comments                                            to follow during hazardous weather conditions.
                                                        This includes what to do if there is a base closure,
                                                        late reporting, or early dismissal due to adverse
WHAT’S NEW?                                             weather conditions. Also, mission essential
                                                        designated personnel need to understand their
            German-American Day                         responsibilities prior to weather emergencies. For
                                                        additional information, please call 480-2019.
President Obama declared October 6th as German-
American Day. He set aside this day to pay tribute
to the role the brave Germans had when they             Continuation of the National Emergency
crossed the Atlantic and helped shape America.
President Obama stated, “On this occasion, we           The terrorist threat that caused the state of
honor not only the countless achievements and rich      emergency on 14 September 2001 continues.
heritage of German Americans, but also the strong       President Obama released a proclamation on 10
ties between Germany and the United States.” To         September 2010 stating that the state of emergency
read more of this proclamation click here.              that was declared on September 14, 2001 would
                                                        remain in effect for another year beginning
 New AF Motto, "Aim High...Fly, Fight,                  September 14, 2010. To read the proclamation in
                Win"                                    its entirety please click here.

After nine months of effort and research CORONA          2011 Open Season for Health Benefits,
has approved and released the new Air Force motto.      Dental and Vision Insurance and Flexible
General Schwartz stated, “It must be bigger than                  Spending Accounts
any single person, something that gives voice to the
pride of service of all who’ve worn this nation’s Air   "The Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB)
Force uniform – past, present and future.” To read      Program has important features, including a wide
more about the new AF motto please click here.          choice of health plans and competitive benefit
                                                        packages as well as no pre-existing condition
        Daylight Savings Time Ends                      limitations or waiting periods. Now, for 2011, we
                                                        have eliminated enrollee cost sharing for preventive
Just a reminder that daylight savings time ends the     care services, added incentives for tobacco
last Sunday in October. On 31 Oct 2010 at 0159,         cessation, and, in accordance with the Affordable
clocks will be set back one hour to 0100.               Care Act, added coverage for dependents up to age
Therefore, employees working at 0159 Sunday
morning will work an extra hour. An employee
                                                                                                       Page 2
26. Even with these new benefits, premiums will            accessibility military and civilians employees have
rise less this year than they did last year."              to EO personnel by eliminating the need to drive to
                                                           the main EO office on Kapaun.
John Berry
Director, U.S. Office of Personnel Management              Your 86th AW/EO office is here to serve you and
                                                           ready to provide assistance and information.
Fact Sheets and Premium Information
                                                           Feel free to stop in the new satellite office in the
Information         FAQ's                                  Hercules Theater, 478-EOEO or the main office in
                                                           Bldg 2787 on Kapaun, 489-8563, if you have any
      86 AW Equal Opportunity Opens                        questions or are in need of assistance.
          Ramstein Satellite Office                        Published August 13, 2010
            By Capt. Erick Anderson,
          86th AW/EO Deputy Director                        Transition Calls for Employees to Brush
                                                                         Up Resumes
On Aug. 11, 86th Airlift Wing vice commander                             By Daniel P. Elkins
Col. Stephen Lambert held a ribbon cutting                   Air Force Personnel, Services and Manpower
ceremony to open the 86th Equal Opportunity                                 Public Affairs
Ramstein Satellite Office, in the back of the
Hercules Theater. The satellite EO office will be          RANDOLPH AIR FORCE BASE, Texas –
open from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through           Following the success of a seven-month pilot
Friday.                                                    program using a resume-based system to fill vacant
                                                           positions at 16 locations across the service, current
An EO counselor will be available to conduct client        Air Force civilian employees will now apply for
(military and DOD civilian employees) in-takes and         vacant position using USAJOBS beginning Nov.
provide information on legal protections military          15.
and civilian personnel have against discrimination.
                                                           To search for Air Force vacancies, employees can
86th AW/EO’s mission is “to improve mission                visit the newly launched www.afciviliancareers.com
effectiveness by promoting an environment free             website or www.usajobs.gov.
from personal, social, or institutional barriers that
prevent individuals from achieving their full              Air Force employees who have recently applied for
potential based on their individual merit, aptitude        any position through USAJOBS are already familiar
and capability.”                                           with the new process. Air Force employees new to
                                                           USAJOBS will need to create a resume and an
The staff offers numerous services including Unit          account. They can then seek job vacancy
Climate Assessments, Alternative Dispute                   announcements through USAJOBS, answer job-
Resolution, Diversity Program management, team             related multiple choice questions, and attach a
building, human relations education, and Cultural          resume. According to Michelle LoweSolis, the
Observance Program management, EO counselors               director of civilian force integration at AFPC, each
are also available to visit units to assess and identify   account can store up to five different resumes that
threats to morale and mission effectiveness.               allow employees to clearly identify and highlight
                                                           their skills and abilities when seeking future career
The EO satellite office is another example of 86th         opportunities.
AW leadership working diligently to provide Team
Ramstein with community outreach facilities geared         Officials here highly encourage all Air Force
towards making processes more efficient for                civilian employees to begin developing a resume.
military and civilian personnel.                           Local Airmen and Family Readiness Centers are
The Ramstein satellite office will increase the            available to assist with resume development through

                                                                                                           Page 3
one-on-one consultations, resume writing                  Patterson AFB, Ohio. Officials will inform Air
workshops or answering general questions, said            Force employees as these bases transition to the
Saundra Nichols, a community readiness analyst            new system.
from the AFPC Airman, Family and Community
Operations Branch.                                        As a means of easing the transition, civilian
                                                          personnel officials are distributing an applicant
When managers or selecting officials receive a            information card to bases in October. Base civilian
referral list of candidates, they will receive one list   personnel sections and Airman and Family
of qualified candidates with copies of the resumes        Readiness Centers will then plan to distribute the
to review. They will no longer have to wrestle with       cards through a variety of forums that may include
comparing career briefs on some candidates and            town hall meetings.
resumes on others.
                                                          “The cards will identify resources to assist with
“The new Air Force hiring process will allow our          questions on writing resumes, careers and, most
employees to be more competitive in managing              importantly, how to apply for jobs,” said Pat Stokes,
their careers,” said Nancy Tackett, a supervisory         a marketing specialist at AFPC.
human resources specialist at AFPC. “This
streamlined approach will also help managers and          Ms. Stokes added the applicant information card
employees by expediting the hiring process.”              will also provide helpful links for first-time users
                                                          applying for a vacancy through USAJOBS.
Ms. Tackett said the transition also aligns the Air
Force to meet the president’s call for federal            For more information current Air Force employees
agencies to implement changes that simplify and           may call the Total Force Service Center at (800)
improve the hiring process.                               525-0102 or DSN 665-5000.

“The immediate goals are improving hiring                       AF Releases Officer, Civilian
timelines and the quality level of candidates              Developmental Education Board Results
referred for selection consideration,” she said.
                                                          More than 860 officers and 90 civilians were
That improvement has already begun to take shape          selected for intermediate and senior developmental
at test bases during the pilot program. The timeline      education opportunities during the 2010 Officer and
average for recruitment, referral and selection           Civilian Developmental Education boards. The
improved 36 days when compared to previous                selectee lists were released on 21 Oct at 1400 CDT.
averages for job fill actions at those bases from a       More than 3,600 officers applied for IDE and SDE
year ago, according to Ms. Tackett.                       and more than 200 civilians applied through the
                                                          Civilian Developmental Education Program.
“Supervisors and employees at the test sites have
expressed an increased level of satisfaction under        View the civilian list here.
the resume-based staffing tool business process,”
Ms. Tackett said.                                               OPM Announces iPhone & iPad
Twelve Air Force locations will not be transitioning
                                                                 Application for USAJobs.gov
                                                            Is First in a Series of Planned Apps for Mobile
to the new recruitment process at this time and will
continue advertising their internal vacancies on the
AFPC secure employment website. Those bases
                                                          Washington, DC -The U.S. Office of Personnel
include Arnold Air Force Base, Tenn., Brooks City
                                                          Management (OPM) officially unveiled a
Base, Texas, Edwards AFB, Calif., Eglin AFB, Fla.,
Hanscom AFB, Mass., Hill AFB, Utah, Hurlburt              USAJOBS® application for both the iPhone® and
                                                          iPad®. The free app allows for greater mobile
Field, Fla., Kirtland AFB, N.M., Luke AFB, Ariz.,
                                                          access to finding Federal job opportunities. Since
Robins AFB, Ga., Tinker AFB, Okla., and Wright-
                                                                                                           Page 4
debuting late last week, the app received more than     USAJOBS has served as the Federal Government's
50,000 downloads. OPM sees its application as a         source for Federal employment and job information
first step in making USAJOBS more accessible to         since August 4, 2003. On a typical day, USAJOBS
the American public, and OPM is currently working       logs more than 450,000 visits, establishes over
on rolling out apps for additional mobile platforms.    9,400 new applicant accounts, and hosts 30-40,000
"USAJOBS.gov is a hugely successful site that
helps people identify employment opportunities          OPM News: iPhone & iPad App
with Federal government agencies," said OPM
Director John Berry. "These enhancements are            NSPS...
helping us make USAJOBS even more accessible to
the American public. It is part of our commitment to
simplifying the Federal hiring process and
                                                                   NSPS Transition Schedule
                                                                     Conversion Out Date: 12 Sep 10
providing the public with the tools they need to join
the Federal workforce."                                 NSPS employees and NSPS management officials,
                                                        please review the transition schedule for important
With the new app, job seekers using an iPhone will      information and timelines. Take note that the NSPS
be able to:                                             performance management cycle has been
                                                        streamlined since there will be no shares, shares
- Search over 30,000 Federal job opportunities          distribution, or share payout, for those transitioning
posted on USAJOBS.                                      to GS prior to 2 Jan 11. It is very important for
                                                        employees to receive their last rating of record. This
- Refine searches by location, salary, occupation       rating can be used when considering employees for
and a host of other filters to find the right job for   future positions.
                                                        Oct 10:
- Save job opportunities to their USAJOBS account.
                                                        7. 12 Oct 10: GS Performance Plan (86OA) in Place
- Receive saved search updates.
                                                        8. 22 Oct 10: NSPS Streamlined Pay Pool review and
                                                        approval of Early Annual Recommend Rating of Record
- Receive status updates to jobs that they have         (EARRRs) must be completed to include: completing
applied to.                                             employee self-assessments; rater assessment & recommended
                                                        EARRR; Higher level review official concurrence; pay pool
                                                        manager approval & certification.
- Review video content from OPM.
                                                        9. 25-29 Oct 10: Delivery of Final NSPS Ratings
- The app also will use existing functionality within
the phone to enhance searches.                          10. 25 Oct – 9 Dec 10: Administrative Reconsideration
                                                        Request processing, IAW DoD 1400.25-M, SC1940.13 and
                                                        local pay pool procedures.
- Turn phone sideways for a landscape view.
                                                        Dec 10:
- Shake phone to go to a detailed view of the job
announcement.                                           11. 10 Dec 10: NSPS ratings effective date.

                                                        Jan 11:
- Bump iPhone with another iPhone to share
information.                                            12. 2 Jan 11: GS General Pay Increase

- Enable the use of the voice over function to          Jun 11:
provide assistance to individuals with disabilities.
                                                        13. 1 Jun 11: GS Performance ratings and awards effective

                                                                                                              Page 5
AFMA...                                                provided under the Federal Employees'
                                                       Compensation Act (FECA).
              Education Update                         http://www.cpms.osd.mil/icuc/empinj.aspx

Employees can submit education, license, language,
and occupational certification update requests using                      WORKER'S COMP
Optional Form (OF) 612, Optional Application for                         CLAIM FACT SHEET.doc
Federal Employment, via fax to AFMA/MAH at
DSN 665-2937 or Commercial 210-565-2937. To
                                                                   Filing Overseas Claims
facilitate the electronic process, AFMA/MAH
requests employees fax all update requests. The
AFMA fax cover sheet from the AFMA Portal site         Did you know that all claims for DoD civilian
should be used when submitting update requests.        injuries occurring outside the U.S. are initially
                                                       processed by the OWCP Special Claims office in
Experience Updates: Employees can submit               Cleveland and require special attention when
experience update requests using Optional Form         entered in DIUCS/EDI?
(OF) 612, Optional Application for Federal             http://www.cpms.osd.mil/icuc/Overseas_claims_ED
Employment, to the employees servicing Civilian        I.aspx
Personnel Office.
                                                       Link to CA-1 (Federal Employee's Notice of
Employees must also complete the following             Traumatic Injury and Claim for Continuation of
information from Section A on the OF 612 for all       Pay/Compensation) and CA-2 (Federal Employee's
update requests: last, first and middle name, social   Notice of Occupational Disease)
security number, phone numbers, mailing address,       http://www.cpms.osd.mil/icuc/EDI.aspx
phone numbers, and e-mail address, if available. To
clarify this is an update request, simply indicate                   Use or Lose Leave
“Record Update” in Job Title in Announcement. In                      POC: 480-2019
Section I, employees must sign and date the
applicant certification. Employees may obtain an       All supervisors and employees are reminded that
OF 612 from OPM’s website.                             the leave year ends 1 Jan 2011. Lost annual leave
                                                       can only be restored if loss was due to mission
                                                       requirements, administrative error or because of
EMR...                                                 illness. However, to prevent forfeiture of “use or
                                                       lose” leave it must be requested, approved, and
                                                       scheduled in writing, prior to the close of business
   Are You a Supervisor With an Injured                on Saturday, 20 Nov 2010. Employees who find
               Employee?                               themselves unable to use their excess leave may
                                                       wish to consider donating it to the Voluntary Leave
Helpful information about injury claims for            Transfer Program for the benefit of fellow federal
supervisory personnel. Supervisory Responsibilities    employees who have medical emergencies.
can be found at:
http://www.cpms.osd.mil/icuc/supinj.aspx               HR Advisory 2010-80: Restoration of Forfeited
                                                       Annual Leave. The purpose of this HR Advisory is
    What To Do When Injured at Work                    to provide guidance on restoration of forfeited
                                                       annual leave for all supervisors of civilian
Do you know your rights and responsibilities if you    employees.
are injured on the job? If you are injured at work,
you may be entitled to injury compensation benefits

                                                                                                      Page 6
          Whistleblower Disclosures                        Weekly & Daily Scheduling of Work &
               POC: 480-2019                                      Holiday Observances

A “Whistleblower” discloses information he/she           This instruction implements AFPD 36-8, Employee
reasonably believes is a violation of any law, rule or   Benefits and Entitlements, by providing guidance
regulation, gross management, a gross waste of           and procedures supervisors need to schedule
funds, an abuse of authority or a substantial and        civilian employees (except non-US citizen
specific danger to public health or safety. The          employees employed outside the United States and
Whistleblower Protection Act was established to          the District of Columbia) for work and holiday
protect whistleblowers from reprisal and retaliation     observances. It tells how to establish work
for their reporting of fraud, waste, or abuse (FWA).     schedules, rest and lunch periods, make ready and
For more information, contact US Office of Special       clean-up time. It describes work subject to premium
Counsel, 1730 M Street, NW, Suite 218,                   pay and shows how to get approval for holiday
Washington, DC 20036-4505 or call 1-800-872-             work.
9855. To file a complaint, please contact 1-800-
872-2249; hearing and speech disabled federal relay      AFI 36-807
service 1-800-877-8339. Updated and detailed
information on the Office of Special Counsel and                      Supervisor’s Records
procedures are available at http://www.osc.gov.
                                                         This instruction contains information needed by all
        Discipline & Adverse Actions                     supervisors of civilian employees paid from
                                                         appropriated funds. It prescribes the automated and
This instruction implements AFPD 36-7, Employee          manual records each supervisor must keep
and Labor-Management Relations. It provides              regarding subordinates.
instructions for maintaining discipline and for
taking disciplinary and adverse actions against          AFPAM 36-106
certain civilian employees paid with appropriated
funds only.                                              The AF Form 971, Supervisor’s Record of
                                                         Employee, is a record maintained by the immediate
AFI 36-704                                               supervisor for each civilian employee supervised. It
                                                         is a computer-generated record provided via email
         Civilian Survivor Assistance                    to the immediate supervisor and consists of three
This instruction implements Air Force Policy
Directive (AFPD) 36-8, Employee Benefits and             Part A – Employee Information: This part contains
Entitlements.                                            personal information about the employee, e.g.,
                                                         home address, telephone number, and emergency
It prescribes the procedures to follow when a            contacts. Manually insert entries on this form.
civilian employee dies. It explains the                  Please encourage your employees to use the
responsibilities of commanders; supervisors;             Emergency Medical Data System (EMDS) also.
employees; civilian personnel flights (CPF); Air
Force Personnel Center, Benefits and Entitlements        Part B – Supervisor’s Notes: This part provides an
Service Team (BEST) (HQ AFPC/DPCMB);                     area for your supervisory comments and record of
installation mortuary officers; and other staff          events, e.g., employee’s conduct, reprimands,
officials for notifying and assisting the next of kin    commendations, debts, complaints, notations of
(NOK).                                                   required briefings and meetings. (Additional entries
                                                         may be made by using bond paper attached to this
AFI 36-809                                               part.) Recommend counseling or disciplinary
                                                         actions be documented on plain bond paper and

                                                                                                       Page 7
attached with only a cross-reference on Part B          TRAINING..
referring to the attachment. Any documentation of
a temporary nature, such as counseling and/or                STRAT I & II Level Development
reprimand should be annotated in pencil on Part B.
This will simplify removal at a later date.
Remember, this is a record of favorable comments
as well as negative                                     The STRAT level courses, which are part of the
                                                        Strategic Leadership Education portfolio, did not
Part C – Employee Experience, Awards,                   receive enough nominees to fill all quotas during
Performance and Promotion Factor Ratings,               the AY11 CDE call. The purpose of STRAT I & II
Training Information, and Education: This last          level education is:
portion contains current position data, and limited
data entries.                                                1) to focus on developing senior leaders to
                                                             become better skilled at leading large
The AF Form 971 is for the supervisor’s use. When            organizations or systems, and
significant changes occur, i.e., appointment,                2) to develop effective organizational
conversion, promotion, or reassignment, you should           competency skills to include technical
automatically be forwarded, via e-mail, an updated           competence on force structure and integration
copy of the AF Form 971. If you do not receive a             and on unified, joint, multinational, and
copy or need an updated copy for your LN or US               interagency operations.
employees, please submit a request to
86MSS.DPCD@ramstein.af.mil. The documented              The specific program opportunities and descriptions
information may be necessary and useful in making       can be found on the AFPC Force Development
and supporting workplace decisions or work              website.
assignments. The employee also has a right to
review the documented information and should be          An AY11 out-of-cycle call for STRAT I & II
offered the opportunity to initial each entry in Part   nominations is in effect. All eligible employees are
B.                                                      encouraged to discuss their consideration for these
                                                        programs with their supervisor and then self
                                                        nominate. The DTs and an out-of-cycle CDE board
 Benefits and Entitlements Service Team                 will determine selectees.
      (BEST) October Newsletter
Inside this Issue:
    - Credit for Unused Sick Leave Under the            27 Sep 2010 - Call for Nominations Released
        Federal Employees Retirement System
        (FERS)                                          25 Oct 2010 - Nominations Due to AFPC/DPIFDA
    - Actuarial Reduction for Civil Service
        Retirement System (CSRS) Refunded               1-19 Nov 2010 - Development Teams (DT) Select
        Service Retirement Credit for Certain           STRAT I and Vector for STRAT II Nominations
        District of Columbia Service Calendar of
        Events                                          29-30 Nov 2010 - Out-of-cycle CDE Selection
    - Non-Foreign Area Retirement Equity                Board for STRAT II Only
        Assurance Act (NAREA) Computation of
        Part-Time Service for Civil Service             6 Dec 2010 - AFPC/DPIFDA Announces Selects
        Retirement System Employees (CSRS)
    - Authority to Redeposit Refunds Under the          Basic Eligibility:
        Federal Employees' Retirement System
        (FERS) Retirement Planning through              Strategic Leadership Education I: Civilians in
        Financial Literacy                              permanent grades GS-14/15 and/or equivalent pay

                                                                                                      Page 8
band with 2 years Air Force civil service by 26 Apr       Employee Training & Development
2010. Bachelor's Degree required. Completion of
PME (IDE/SDE) by any method.                          This instruction provides the objectives,
                                                      requirements, and assigned responsibilities for the
Strategic Leadership Education Level II: Civilians    conduct and administration of training and
in permanent grade of GS-15 and/or equivalent pay     development for appropriated fund civilian
band with 2 years Air Force civil service by 26 Apr   employees. It gives guidance for determining needs;
2010. Bachelor's Degree required. Completion of       validating requirements; financial planning;
PME (IDE/SDE) by any method.                          obtaining resources; and evaluating, documenting,
                                                      and reporting training.
Valued Items:
                                                      AFI 36-401
Master's Degree, supervisory experience, length of
time in current position, recommendation/vector       USAFE Supplement:
from endorser & DT on future leadership potential.
                                                      AFI 36-401, 28 June 2002, is supplemented as
Waiver:                                               follows: The provisions of AFI 36-401 apply
                                                      equally to non-US citizen employees, including
PME can be waived for this out-of-cycle call (as it   those paid from non-appropriated funds, except as
was during the FY11 CDE call). Waiver requests        modified by host country agreements and this
must accompany the nomination package and be          supplement. This publication does not apply to Air
submitted in memo format to AFPC/DPIFDA with          National Guard (ANG) and Air Force Reserve
the endorsing official's coordination/signature       (AFRC) units.
block.                                                AFI 36-401 USAFESUP

Nominations require a completed AF Form 4059 -        STAFFING...
The endorsing official must be the Installation
Commander or first Senior Executive Service
(SES) member or general/flag officer (GO) in the       Applying for a position at Ramstein AB?
employee's chain of command.                                       POC: 480-5850

Send nomination package (& waiver if necessary)       Interested in obtaining a new career path? All
electronically to:                                    internal self nominations for Ramstein AB are done
afpc/dpi.ldrshpdev@randolph.af.mil.                   by applying at www.USAjobs.gov by completing
                                                      the assessment questionnaire and submitting your
If you have questions, please contact Joan Gudinas,   resume. Many of you are already familiar with the
AFPC/DPIFDA, DSN 665-2524, or commercial              process since USAFE bases became a test pilot on
210-565-2524.                                         22 Feb 2010 for this process. By applying for a
                                                      position using your resume you can highlight your
 AF Portal Supervisors’ Resource Center               skills, abilities and be a more equitable candidate.
                   2.0                                The application manager allows you to have 5
                                                      resumes and track yourself nomination status on
                                                      positions you have applied for. Air Force has
The Air Force's community for practical knowledge
                                                      released phase II bases to participate in this test in
and tools to support supervisors and leadership
                                                      hopes the single staffing tool will soon be used for
development can be found here.
                                                      all of Air Force civilian positions. If you’d like
                                                      more information on the process the AFPC home
                                                      page has more information under the “civilian” tab.

                                                                                                      Page 9
  Benefits & Entitlements Service Team
                (BEST)                                       Prohibited Personnel Practices
          POC: DPCS 480-5850                                         POC: 480-5850

The local Civilian Personnel Flight no longer        Prohibited personnel practices (5 USC 2302)
provides information on benefits, entitlements or    specify the personnel practices that must be avoided
retirements. All queries should be directed to the   by anyone who is in a position to take or influence
Benefits and Entitlements Service Team (BEST)        personnel actions and ensures that merit system
located at the Air Force Personnel Center (AFPC).    principles and the integrity of the merit system are
The 86 MSS/DPC website link redirects you to         not undermined. For more information click here:
AFPC BEST site. The AFPC BEST website has            https://www.opm.gov/ovrsight/proidx.asp
information on accessing individual benefit
information through the Employee Benefits                         Emergency Essential
Information System (EBIS), how to contact BEST
counselors directly, as well as other pertinent      You may have heard of “Emergency Essential”
benefit information.                                 positions and wondered what that meant. More and
                                                     more civilians are needed to support contingency
   Special Emphasis Program Managers                 operations. Here is an explanation of what it is, and
             (POC: 480-2033)                         when it is appropriate to designate a position as
                                                     Emergency Essential (E-E).
Ramstein AB currently has 4 vacancies for
collateral duty Special Emphasis Program Managers    Department of Defense (DoD) Directive 1404.10,
(SEPM). The primary roles of these managers are      paragraph E2.1.5, defines Emergency Essential (E-
to:                                                  E) positions as one that “is required to ensure the
                                                     success of combat operations or to support combat-
1) Assist in the counseling minorities in career     essential systems subsequent to mobilization, an
opportunities and encouraging self-development       evacuation order, or some other type of military
and continuing education.                            crisis. The position cannot be converted to a
                                                     military position because it requires uninterrupted
2) Communicate information that will enhance the     performance to provide immediate and continuing
employment of minorities.                            support for combat operations and/or support
                                                     maintenance and repair of combat-essential
3) Publicize the objectives of the program to        systems.”
increase management’s awareness of the advantages
of fully utilizing the talents of all employees.     All civilian employees deploying to combat
                                                     operations or crisis situations are considered E-E.
It is anticipated that SEPM’s will spend about 10%   These positions are typically located overseas, or
of their work time on this program. Current          are positions that would require the incumbent to be
vacancies are listed on SEPM Vacancy                 transferred overseas during a crisis situation. An E-
Announcement below. If you are interested in         E employee can be either a temporary or permanent
helping others learn about federal employment,       employee with the Department of Defense, whose
please contact the Ramstein CPF, 480-2033.           position duties meet all of the following criteria:

                                                        1.  Provides immediate and continuing support
                                                           for combat operations or to support
                                                           maintenance and repair of combat essential
                    SEPM                                   systems of the armed forces;
                                                        2. Performs that duty in a combat zone after
                                                           the evacuation of nonessential personnel,

                                                                                                   Page 10
      including any dependents of members of the       AFMAN 36-203, Chapter 6: Employing Retired
      armed forces, from the zone in connection        Members of the Armed Services
      with a war, a national emergency declared        USA Jobs Dual Employment
      by Congress or the President, or the             Can members of a uniformed service hold a civilian
      commencement of combat operations of the         government job? Members of a Uniformed Service
      armed forces in the zone;                        (Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, etc.) on active
   3. Converting the position to one authorized to     duty may not receive pay from another Government
      be filled by a member of the armed forces is     position, except during terminal leave, or unless
      not practicable because of a necessity for       specifically authorized by law. [Refer to section
      that duty to be performed without                5534(a) of title 5, U.S.C.].
                                                       OPM Vet Guide
Mangers should attempt to fill E-E positions with      180-Day Restriction on Department Of Defense
employees who volunteer to occupy such positions       (DOD) Employment of Military Retirees:
and who sign the E-E agreement (DD Form 2365).
There may be an unforeseen circumstance, crisis, or    A retired member of the Armed Forces may not be
emergency situation making it necessary to identify    appointed to a civilian position in DOD (including a
positions as E-E that were not previously identified   non-appropriated fund position) within 180 days
as E-E. In this situation, employees may be            after retirement unless:
involuntarily assigned to E-E positions.                 - The Secretary concerned authorizes the
                                                             appointment; or
The position description of each E-E position must       - the position is authorized special pay under 5
be identified as an E-E position. An example of a            U.S.C. 5305; or
statement designating a position as E-E can be           - a state of national emergency exists.
found in DoD Directive 1404.10. E-E positions
must be documented in Defense Civilian Personnel       Although the Office of Personnel Management
Data System (DCPDS), and vacancy                       (OPM) approval is required by law, OPM has
announcements must identify the position as E-E.       delegated the authority to DOD to make these
Employees and managers must sign a copy of the         determinations.
DD Form 2365 which is filed in the Official
Personnel Folder (OPF).                                   Return Rights Position Converting to
                                                                Navy Under Joint Base
 Employment of Retired Members of the
          Armed Services                               Notice for APF Civilians with Return Rights to
                                                       Hickam AFB:
While we are in a state of national emergency, the
180 day waiver period requirement is waived. This      In accordance with the 2005 Defense Base
is reviewed each September and the President sends     Realignment and Closure Commission (BRAC),
out an annual proclamation on the state of the         Hickam AFB and Naval Station, Pearl Harbor
nation. When we return to a non-emergency state        merged and is called the Joint Base Pearl Harbor-
the 180-day waiting period is to be re-instituted.     Hickam (JBPHH) with the Navy as the supporting
                                                       component. Almost all Installation Support
Employment of Retired Members of the Armed             positions from Hickam AFB became Navy
Forces Instruction                                     employees effective 10 Oct 2010. If you have
                                                       questions regarding your return rights to Hickam
Employment of Retired Members of the Armed             AFB/Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, please
Forces, DoDI                                           contact your Ramstein staffing specialist.

                                                       PEARL HARBOR-HICKAM

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15th Wing
        NON-U.S. PROGRAMS                                           HELPFUL WEBSITES

    Information on the General Equal                   Ramstein CPO Website
             Treatment Act                             lflight.asp
 (Allgemeines Gleichbehandlungsgesetz)
                                                       My Biz/My Workplace
The General Equal Treatment Act obligates the          http://ask.afpc.randolph.af.mil/MyBiz/default.asp?pr
employer and also the employees to prevent against     ods3=2469&prods2=264&prods1=44
discrimination and harassment at the work-place.
The aim of the law is to prevent discrimination for    Air Force Personnel Center (AFPC) Employment
reasons such as race, religion, sex, origin, sexual    Sites:
identity, handicap or age. Violations of the General   http://www.afpc.randolph.af.mil/afcivilianjobs/ -
Equal Treatment Act may lead to claims for
damages.                                               http://www.afpc.randolph.af.mil/library/airforcecivil
For more information click here.
       Information Zum Allgemeinen
         Gleichbehandlungsgesetz                       Benefits and Entitlements Service Team (BEST):
                  (AGG)                                http://ask.afpc.randolph.af.mil/BEST/?prods3=272
Nach dem Allgemeinen Gleichbehandlungsgesetz
(AGG) sind Arbeitgeber, aber auch Arbeitnehmer         DCIPS Information
verpflichtet, Benachteiligungen und Belästigungen
am Arbeitsplatz zu verhindern oder zu beseitigen.      Air Force Personnel Center (AFPC)
Ziel des Gesetzes ist es Benachteiligungen wegen       http://ask.afpc.randolph.af.mil/
Rasse, ethnischer Herkunft, Geschlecht, Religion,
Weltanschauung, Behinderung, Alter oder sexueller      National Security Personnel System (NSPS)
Identität zu verhindern. Bei Verstöβen gegen das       http://www.cpms.osd.mil/nsps/
AGG kann es zu Schadenersatzforderungen
kommen.                                                AF National Security Personnel System (NSPS)
Für zusätzliche Informationen klicken Sie hier
                                                       Office of Personnel Management (OPM)

                                                       USA Jobs

                                                       DFAS - MyPay

                                                       Office of Special Counsel (OSC)

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