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					  How to make an iPhone app
iphone app development steps
• iPhone app market is gaining it popularity day by
  day. It’s very competitive market too. Developing
  a great iPhone app is just part of the story. The
  most vital part of how to make an iPhone app is
  to sell it with success to get on top of apps retail
  store product sales.

• With hundreds and thousands of apps available
  in the apple store, it can be rather difficult to
  compete. This fact, however, should not
  discourage new developers though. After all it is a
  huge industry and demand of new apps will
  always be there.
• It is no surprise thousands and thousands of
  new developers who enter the market fail one
  after another.

• While you get confused reading and learning
  hundreds of ways of advertising your app –
  these guys use only a couple of ways that
  really work and don’t even waste their time
  on others because they know the exact steps
  of app development process. So what are
  these steps?
Easy steps of How to make an iphone
               app are:
•   1- Have an interesting app idea
•   2- Competition Analysis
•   3- Tools Selection
•   4- Designing your App
•   5- Advertising Apps
1- Have an interesting app idea:
• The first and important step in making an iPhone
  application involves a lot of thinking. The key to
  succeeding in a market where there are thousands of
  other applications demanding for attention is to come
  up with something interesting and unique.
• However, since it is difficult to come up with an
  application that is entirely original, your next best bet
  is to follow what other successful app developers are
  doing and replicate it. Or study an existing app and
  improve it by adding new features. Also find what your
  competitors are doing in same niche as you are in.
2- Competition Analysis:
• The next step in creating your app is analyzing
  level of competition in the market.
• The higher the competition is, the harder it would
  be to sell your app. Ideally, it would be best to
  look for a category with the highest demand and
  the least number of competitors but since this is
  an impossible task, you can opt to look for those
  with minimal competition.
• If you do decide to choose one with high
  competition, you have to be ready to come up
  with an app like no other.
3- Tools Selection:
• If you are developing your own app right tools
  selection is very important.
• Making apps is not difficult if you have right
  tools. And if you are planning to hire a
  developer for your app make sure they have
  right tools and have enough experience with
  iphone app development.
4- Designing your App:
• Designing is again very important step.
• Make sure that your design is as unique and
• You can do this yourself or you can hire a
  professional designer to help you.
5- Advertising Apps:
• The last and most important step is to effectively
  advertise your app.
• Most of the developers place all of their efforts
  in the development and miss out on the most
  crucial component - effective advertising!
• Even the perfect application can continue to be
  completely unknown if you can't sell it off
  correctly. The Process of how to make an iPhone
  application would not be complete without
  actually selling the product.
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