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									                         Full Circle Finance Balance Sheet
                                        Individual or Legal Name

                              Effective Date

ASSETS                                                             LIABILITIES

Current Assets                                                     Current Liabilities

Cash/Savings                                                       Accounts payable

Marketable Securites                                               Current Portion of Long Term Debt

Accounts receivable                                                __________________________________

Harvest Crops                                                      __________________________________

Investment in Growing Crops                                        __________________________________

Livestock # ________of head                                        __________________________________

__________________________________                                 __________________________________

    Total Current Assets                                              Total Current Liabilities

Fixed Assets                                                       Long-term Liabilities

Machinery & Equipment                                              Mortgage

Vehicles                                                           Equipment - term loans/capital leases

Farm & Ranch Land #___________ of acres                            Other long-term liabilities

Other (list)                                                          Total Long-Term Liabilities


__________________________________                                 Total Liablitilites


    Total Fixed Assets                                             Total Net Worth

TOTAL ASSETS                                                       TOTAL LIABILITIES & NET WORTH

                       Signature: _____________________________________________                            Date: __________________

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