West Nile Virus Surveillance Guide

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					                         West Nile Virus Surveillance Guide

We hope that the information in this guide assist you in conducting your installation’s
mosquito surveillance in support of the Department of Defense (DoD) West Nile virus
(WNV) and other mosquito-borne diseases surveillance programs. It is expected that
more information will be added to this guide as time progresses and that some of the
material in the guide will be modified. If you have any questions or comments regarding
this guide, please contact MAJ Robert Richards at
Robert.Richards@apg.amedd.army.mil, phone: (410) 436-5418, (DSN) 584-5418.

                                  Table of Contents

   •   Work Plan for CY 2005                                                    TAB A

   •   WNV Response Plan including Public Health Action Levels                  TAB B
            and Supporting Documents

   •   Guidelines for the Use of the CDC Gravid Traps                           TAB C

   •   Guidelines for the Use of CDC Light Traps                                TAB D

   •   Guidelines for the Use of New Jersey Light Traps                         TAB E

   •   An Overview of Selected Commercially Available                           TAB F
       Mosquito Surveillance Traps

   •   Guidelines for Pooling Mosquito Samples for WNV Testing                  TAB G

   •   Guidelines for Packaging and Shipping Mosquitoes for                     TAB H
              West Nile Virus Analysis

   •   Guidelines for Sorting and Packing of Light Trapped                      TAB I
       Mosquitoes for Identification

   •   Guidelines for Surveillance of Container Breeding Mosquito               TAB J
       Species Using Ovitraps

   •   Guidelines for Larval Mosquito Surveillance                              TAB K

   •   Guidelines for Dead Bird and other Small Mammal Submission               TAB L

   •   Guidelines for Geo-referencing Surveillance Information                 TAB M

   •   Guidelines for Entering, Validating and Reporting the Surveillance       TAB N
       Data into the CHPPM Central Database
•   TB MED 561, Occupational and Environmental Health Pest           TAB O

•   Data Collection Forms                                            TAB P

•   Supply List for Mosquito Surveillance                            TAB Q

•   Mosquito Species Life Data (distribution, taxonomic keys, etc)   TAB R

•   Selected Points of Contacts (installations, public health, and   TAB S
    other local agencies)

•   WNV Web Sites Links                                              TAB T

•   Fact Sheets on WNV-related subjects                              TAB U

•   Explanation of Killing Freeze                                    TAB V