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                                    RISER CENTRALIZER

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 Radoil’s Drilling Riser Centralizer allows the riser to be recovered in cur-
 rents that would normally make running risers very di cult or impossible.
 The Centralizer System can be designed and modi ed to t your speci c
 drilling rig requirements and dimensions. It is usable on any deepwater
 drilling vessel but provides the greatest bene t on moored vessels.

 The Drilling Riser Centralizer is made up of two large components; the Drill
 Floor Centralizer and the Moon Pool Centralizer. The Drill Floor Centralizer
 is landed on the rotary table and counters the forces caused when the
 Moon Pool Centralizer pulls the riser into the proper position for retrieval.

 The Moon Pool Centralizer contains a large number of rollers that encircle
 the riser, position it and hold it in the proper position, to neutralize the
 e ects of the wind, wave and current forces. Then the riser can be handled
 at the rotary table without damaging either the riser or the rotary table.

 Features included:
 • Operates at up to 5º riser angle
 • Operates at up to 5 ft. Riser displacement
 • Requires roto-tracks at riser joints
 • Handles 52.25” o.d. risers

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