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									                                 Reel Breakdown

“Safe Place to Cross”, “Dress Bright and Be Seen” & “Stop, Look and
Production Company: Nexus Productions
Software: 3dsmax

These are my shots from the three ads we created for the Department for
Transport. For the first one, “Stop, Look and Listen”, I did the very last shot, with
the boy with the crutch and the other 3 kids with the football. On the second one,
“Dress Bright and Be Seen”, I animated about half of it, from the beginning (not
shown here) to the point where she is about to get run over. Finally, I animated
most of “Safe Place to Cross”, all but two shots.

Production Company: Picasso Pictures
Software: 3dsmax

The original idea for this ad had the cheerleader somersaulting across the word
‘money’ until she reached the letter ‘y’. Afterwards, it was decided that she
should walk across, precariously balancing herself as if on a tightrope, but finally
the version that we ended up with was a combination of both ideas. However, I
always liked the tightrope version better, so that is the one I include here (in
basic render form).
I based the animation in tightrope walking reference found on YouTube. The skirt
was animated by hand, but I ran a simple simulation on the pompoms for the
purposes of this reel (the simulation for the final ad was a little more
The client asked for facial animation to be kept to a minimum, the logic being that
she was a doll made out of plastic so she wouldn’t emote. If you see some of the
older ads you’ll notice that she has no facial animation at all, giving her a zombie-
like quality that I tried to avoid here, while at the same time refraining myself from
doing a fully expressive face.

Production Company: Picasso Pictures
Software: 3dsmax

Animation heaven. In its purest form, this is basically two lines fighting to the
death. I loved working on this one.
I was originally in charge of only the main two characters and the commentator,
but I ended up helping out with the crowd at the background as well.
For the crowd in the final shot, I animated a generic waving clip and then
proceeded to write some scripts in 3dsmax which helped to assign, offset, and
randomize it to create the Mexican wave, and then transition to other random

Production Company: Picasso Pictures
Software: 3dsmax

These are my highlights from the little promos I did for Virgin Media. All the
details of the action where scripted, but the small touch of the tie and the flower
on the first clip was my idea (well, you would like to look good on a first date,
wouldn’t you?).

Production Company: Picasso Pictures
Software: 3dsmax

This is an excerpt from a Fanta Still promo. I did the animation on all the kids, the
dog and the security cameras.
Sci-Fi channel – “Baby”
Production Company: Picasso Pictures
Software: 3dsmax

A pretty straightforward piece. The one challenge was switching rigs between the
morphing baby and the muscular creature.

Production Company: Picasso Pictures
Software: 3dsmax

This is part of an internal promo for a range of musical toys by Hasbro. I did the
animation on all the characters on the shown shots.

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