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									Civil Aviation

Civil aviation is the part of aircraft that has to do with civilian life.
The other has to do with aviation that is for the military. While the
basics of them are the same, the goal of each of them is different. Civil
aviation has to do more with safety and with transporting people and
goods. Military aviation has to do with delivering supplies but also with
engaging in warfare. Many of these types of aircraft also have weapons on
board that can be used for combat while they are in the air.

The area of civil aviation pertains to both private aircraft and
commercial aircraft. There are particular laws that have to be followed
in order for someone to be authorized and licensed to operate civilian
aircraft. They need to have a certain amount of hours, pass a background
check, and pass a mental health evaluation to name a few of those
requirements. The guidelines for getting into flight school have been
tightened since it was learned that terrorists had trained to be pilots
in the United States.

It isn’t unusual for individuals that have been involved in military
aviation to end up in the civilian sector later on. They may have retired
from the military or simply decided not to re-enlist. Regardless of the
situation though they are likely still very passionate about the various
areas of aviation.

It takes many more employees than just the pilots for civil aviation to
operate smoothly. Hundreds of airplanes arrive and depart from airports
all over the world every single day. There are people in place to make
sure they operate as they should, that they are full of fuel, that safety
is a priority, and that aircraft are taking off and landing in the right

Individuals that are interested in the various areas of civil aviation
can look into programs offered from technical schools. These will allow a
person to have the right requirements in order to get a job in the field.
Security has become a main concern in the area of civil aviation. This is
due to the attacks of 09/11/01 where several airplanes were hijacked from
airports and used to crash into selected locations.

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