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The United States Army has always taken great pride in being able to
defend out country on many levels. Many people have the idea that they
are mainly ground troops and that is true, but they also have aviation
plans that help us as well. The army trains those that will be part of
their aviation team to make fast decisions and the best judgments based
on the situation. They don’t always have very much time to evaluate the
situation so they must do all they can to do the most good.
Many individuals that have been a part of the army aviation worry that
their legacy will not be captured. As a result of that, they have
dedicated their time to sharing stories and getting the right information
into history books. The majority of the information has been verified as
accurate so you can be confident what you are reading out there is the
The Army aviation museum in Alabama is one of the most visited aviation
museums in the United States. This museum features approximately 160 army
aircraft that have accumulated over the years. Some of them even have
bullet holes in them from real battles they were involved in. Seeing that
really signifies the many sacrifices those involved in Army aviation have
had over the years for us.
Many experts believe that without the Army aviation programs we would not
have been as successful as we were in various wars. Of course all
countries now use aviation but the United States was among they first.
They were also able to put enough money into the project for research and
development. As a result they featured some of the most powerful and
effective types of military aviation found in the world.
On a lighter side of things, many involved in Army aviation also take
part in air shows around the Nation. There you will find plenty of
military planes on display. You can even tour the insides of many of
them. You will see the various military branches on display proudly as
well. It takes a great deal of skill and talent to pull of the various
stunts that are required for this type of Army aviation.