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									Birdhouses & Birdfeeders

Birds are lovely creatures to have around your home. They offer beautiful
sounds and they are quite colorful. Many people encourage them to be
around their home by placing birdhouses and birdfeeders in their yards.
This way they can come rest and get some food. During the winter when
they are flying south food can become scarce. Offering birdfeeders though
means you can help them to get enough food to make the journey safely.

For those that have outdoor pets such as dogs and cats, birds can become
a nuisance. They may go to eat from their food dishes and drink from
their water supply. This should be a concern as they will often leave
excrements behind in that area. As a result your family pets could end up
sick. Do your best to keep birds away from their food by offering a

It can be great fun to go shopping for birdhouses and birdfeeders too.
You will find thousands of different ones to choose from. Some are large
and some are small but they are gorgeous. You can choose a simple one or
something more elaborate. Some even look like miniature cabins for a more
rustic look.

It is very simple to hang up birdhouses and birdfeeders in your yard. You
may want to do so where you can see the birds coming and going from the
windows in your home. Some models of birdfeeders even sit right on the
window so you may want one of those options as well.

If you have the time and ambition, you can even build your own birdhouses
and birdfeeders. You can get kits for them at your local home improvement
store. The entire family can take part in building and painting them. You
can also buy just the plans and then get all of the supplies you need to
build a more complicated birdhouse or birdfeeder.

Birds are very important to our environment and making sure they have a
place to be safe and plenty to eat is a way we can help them. Both
birdhouses and birdfeeders are very affordable and you can make them a
unique addition to your home landscaping. Enjoy the early morning songs
of the birds and observe their habits as they are attracted to what you
have to offer them.

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