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VoIP 911


									                 Bill Wilde
Creative Interconnect Communications, LLC
                July 27, 2010
 President of Creative Interconnect Communications
 Co-Chair of CALTEL
 Involved in Telecom Industry Since 1970’s
 Technical and Engineering Background
 San Carlos Planning Commission – 6 years
 Experienced in provisioning telecom services for First
 Responders including service for PSAPs
 CIC is headquartered in San Carlos, primarily serving
  Bay Area customers
 CIC has been a California certified CLEC since 2002
 Affiliate was founded as interconnect company selling
  PBXs and Key Systems in 1978
 Serves only business customers
 In 2007, we were 100% circuit switched, TDM
 Most customers were at a single site
 Of the customers that served more than one site with one
  PBX, most had little or no interest in having accurate E911
  location data for remote sites, even when we “educated”
 Many older PBX systems did not support sending the
  handset’s extension number information to the Central
  Office on a 911 call
    A total replacement of the PBX or a major upgrade was
     required to provide accurate location info, resulting in a large
     expense to the customer that most were not willing to
          911 Multi Location Technical Issues
           In a Traditional Non-VoIP Setting
                                           Most PBXs can’t
   PSAP                                 connect directly with a
                                         911 Selective Router
911 Selective Router
                                                                                Off Site “A”
                           PRI (Primary Rate
Telephone Company              Interface)
Central Office Switch            Trunk
                                                                                Off Site “B”
                                               Some PBXs can’t
                                               connect to a PRI

911 ALI Database        Address
                                                                    Customer not
415.555.2200            200 Main St. (calls                       concerned about
                        from all handsets)                              issue

        None of the decisions required to resolve these issues are
       under the control of the Carrier. It’s the customer’s choice.
 Many companies offer VoIP services, however, not all
  of the services operate the same way
 The term “hosted” denotes that the equipment needed
  to provide the service is housed off site from the
  customer (i.e. no PBX on the customer’s premise)
           NOT “Hosted VoIP”
              Example: Vonage
                                         (or Very Small
                 VoIP          Vonage
Internet                       Adapter
              Broadband                   Analog Phone(s)
            (DSL/Cable, etc)
     NOT “Hosted VoIP”
       Example: Business with a PBX


 LEC Central                      PBX
Office Switch      Traditional
                Telephone Lines
           Still NOT “Hosted VoIP”
            Example: PBX with trunking from
                    a VoIP Provider
Internet                   Adaptor
               Broadband             PBX
           NOT “Hosted VoIP”
           Example: Phone service
            from cable company
                VoIP                                  Equipment

Internet   Cable Company                     KTS or
             Broadband   Adapter
 In 2007 we decided that VoIP and Ethernet were the
    future, and we built an all new network
   Most new customers are added to the VoIP platform
   Transition of existing customers is ongoing and the old
    platform is being retired this year
   The VoIP platform natively provides improved support
    for 911 for multi location customers
   With our Hosted VoIP product, there is no PBX. CIC
    updates the 911 ALI database for each handset based
    on the location if there is more than one building (or
    floor in many cases)
                                       CIC’s Hosted VoIP
                                           200 Main St. Centerville
                                                         415-555-2210                                        Off Site
                                                         415-555-2239                  Ste. 1410
                                                                                                   1205 5th Ave. Centerville
                                                        Served by Centerville Police                           415-555-2205
                                                                                                       Served by Centerville Police
                                                                                                            Off Site
                                                                                                    3209 Lake St. Centerville
911 ALI Database   Address                     City          PSAP Agency                                        415-555-2224
415-555-2201       200 Main St. Suite 305      Centerville   Centerville PD                            Not in city limits – Served by
415-555-2210       200 Main St. Suite 305      Centerville   Centerville PD
                                                                                                       Martin County Sheriff’s Office

415-555-2239       200 Main St. Suite 1410     Centerville   Centerville PD

415-555-2205       1205 5th Ave. Floor 1       Centerville   Centerville PD

415-555-2229       1205 5th Ave. Floor 1       Centerville   Centerville PD

415-555-2235       3209 Lake St.               Centerville   Martin County Sheriff’s Office
415-555-2224       3209 Lake St.               Centerville   Martin County Sheriff’s Office
 Customer education is a part of the sale and
  provisioning process
 Network: Combo of Traditional 911 Trunks to Selective
  Routers and Nomadic 911 Provider
 “Nomadic” users register their location at a website
                                                CIC’s Network

                                                                                            Web Interface
Riverside County
Selective Router

                                                                                          CIC’s Customers:
  Alpine County
      Router                          911                                         CIC
                                    Provider                                    Central
Sacramento County                    Switch                                     Office
  Selective Router                                                              Switch

Los Angeles County
 Selective Router                                                           Trunks

                                                 Santa Clara   San Mateo
          Alameda County      San Francisco
                                                   County        County
          Selective Router   County Selective
                                                  Selective     Selective
                                                   Router        Router
 Providing accurate 911 location data is a challenge when a
  customer has more than one premise in a building,
  multiple buildings or more than one address
 With traditional PBXs and telephone services, it may be
  costly or impossible to provide accurate location
 Carriers offer customers solutions to the problems, but
  customers must decide to subscribe to the proper services
  and have or purchase compatible Customer Premise
  Equipment such as PBXs
 All of the decisions rest with the customer, and none with
  the carrier
 Hosted VoIP, as designed and provisioned by Creative
  Interconnect Communications, solves these problems
     Each handset has its own identity
     Each handset has its own record in the ALI database
     911 calls go the correct agency
     PSAP equipment shows the correct address and suite or floor as
      applicable for that individual handset
 The customer does not incur expense for additional
  equipment or services
 CIC updates the ALI database based on information from
  the customer
Any questions?

Bill Wilde
Creative Interconnect Communications, LLC

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