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					          Joburg Market
Tender Briefing – 08 December 2010

•   South Africa is the highest ranked economy in sub-Saharan Africa.

•   At the heart of the country is Johannesburg, known colloquially as Joburg or Jozi.

•   It is the economic capital of South Africa and Africa’s most powerful economy.

•   Ranked No 11 globally as the best emerging market centre, Joburg is the place where business

•   With food the main source of sustaining life, Joburg Market is what keeps Johannesburg going.
     Aerial overview of
Joburg Market facilities

• The Joburg Market facilitates the sale of fresh produce between farmers and buyers; the largest of
  its type in Africa.

• The Market can be described as South Africa’s eminent stock exchange for fresh produce.

• The widest variety of fruit and vegetables ever imaginable, is delivered daily at the Market direct
  from farms.

• This creates the largest and most active one-stop-shop that attracts buyers from across SADC and
The widest variety of fruit and veg
                  ever imaginable
                                                                    Joburg Market fact file

• The award winning Joburg Market is the largest of its type in Africa.

• Over 1 million tons of fresh produce is traded annually at the Market, making it the largest in the
  world by volume.

• It is not only the largest market globally but also plays a pivotal role as price barometer for fruit and
  vegetables in South Africa.

• The Market also contributes to stabilizing produce supply and demand, as well as ensuring price
Joburg Market – Gateway to SADC
                                                                              Target Market

•   Joburg Market boast a diversity of buyers including but not limited to:

        chain retailers
        wholesalers
        exporters
        caterers
        processors
        informal traders (hawkers)
        household consumers
                                                                              Market Share

• The Joburg Market accounts for 38% market share of the commission market industry.

• It is twice the size of the 2nd ranked market in SA and bigger than 16 other fresh produce markets

• One million tons (1 billion kg) of fruit and vegetable is sold at the Joburg Market per year.

• Joburg Market is the world’s leading market by volume.

• At 1000 000 tons, volume of produce sold at the Joburg Market is bigger than volume sold at
  Rungis International- Paris (823 585 tons), deemed to be the largest market in the world.
                                                            Marketing Objectives

 To grow volume and turnover.

 To increase value of business from informal traders.

 To grow international trade.

 increase the number of regular customers.

 To build positive market image and increase Joburg Market brand awareness.
                                             Agriculture – a compelling case

•   Food Security is a major concern globally.

•   Global food shortages and growing demand have sent agriculture commodity prices soaring.

•   The growing imbalance in supply/demand is driven by the following factors:

        global surge in the popularity of healthy food

        population growth

        growing urbanisation

        income growth in the emerging markets

        climate change
                                                                Changing landscape

•   The Joburg Market is undergoing fundamental changes to improve on its rich history as South
    Africa’s eminent stock exchange for fresh produce.

•   This, coupled with the global food shortages and growing demand creates a compelling
    investment opportunities for companies in the agricultural sector.

•   As the world’s leading Market, the Joburg Market need to appoint suitable branding and
    communications agency to help develop strategies to exploit the existing opportunities.
                                                                                 The tender

•   This tender is targeted at small-to-medium sized specialist BEE compliant and youth owned
    branding and communication companies to apply for pre-qualification assessment.

•   Agencies that meets the above criteria and are able to develop strategies that work hard both
    creatively and financially will be shortlisted.

•   Short Listed agencies will be invited to present their credentials and strategies on how they
    plan to help the Joburg Market exploit the opportunities and capture people’s imagination with
    refreshing brand strategy and iconic creative work.

•   The winning agency will be chosen from the short list.

•   Marketing and Advertising strategies

•   Creative direction of projects

•   Client Service (acting liaison between market & media houses)

•   Media planning and buying

•   Design and art direction

•   Copyright and origination of copy, editing and author’s correction

•   Desktop publishing to final material

•   Stripping and finalisation of all electronic material for television and/or radio broadcasts

•   Below and above the line advertising from concept to finished product