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                                                   March 3, 2010
                                  (Minutes in their entirety are kept on DVD at City Hall)

I.     Call to Order
       The meeting was called to order by Chair Frischman at 6:30 p.m.

II.    Present: Commissioners Frischman, Harreld, Heinrich, Norton and Council Liaison Burg
       Absent: Commissioner Trevorrow
       Also Present: Parks and Recreation Director Sandy Breuer and Golf Manager Ken Manthis.
                     Resident and VIP Ray Tandeski was present.

III.   Minutes of February 3, 2010

IV.    Trails Committee Update – Brian Strub; Chair
       Brian Strub stated the Trails Committee met tonight. He is excited to be the new Chair. This next
       year they will be focusing on connectivity. Connecting trails to our City, City parks, residents and
       also to our neighboring cities. Topics discussed today: The Committee passed a resolution which
       will be forwarded to this Commission and ideally to the City Council. We are expressing our
       vested interest in the future development of the Twin Cities Army Ammunition Plant (TCAAP)
       property in Arden Hills. It states our interest as a city in the trails, the park land and also the
       development that our neighbors are doing. You will see a copy of that and will discuss that at
       your next meeting. We are looking at ways we can partner with our neighbors and be supportive
       of park land, open space and connection of trails. In the future we will be bringing in a speaker to
       the Trails Committee to talk about the Complete Streets proposal. This will provide some
       opportunities for how a city looks at streets. It insures that there is walking on our streets. It
       insures there are ways to get around town, besides a car. We also heard an update from the
       Active Living Ramsey County group as well. The Trails Committee is moving ahead and would
       love to have any input we can from residents. The next meeting is Wednesday, April 7th at the
       Family Service Center. The meetings are open to all residents. Heinrich stated there has been trail
       development in the arsenal property. Strub stated there has been much discussion over future
       development of that property. There has been talk of mixed use; residential and parkland. We
       know our neighbors are vigorously pursuing open space and park land opportunities. We are
       concerned that those plans are done in partnership with New Brighton, so we are all connected.

       Frischman stated that a meeting she attended discussed the issue of how to get access to the
       TCAAP development area to those trails, because of the challenge in just getting across 35W
       from New Brighton.

       Frischman inquired why the resolution is coming to the Parks, Recreation and Environmental
       Commission in April. Strub stated the Trails Committee had a discussion about New Brighton
       having a very vested interest in what happens in the neighboring city under the theme of
       connectivity partnership. Our goal was to formally state that through PREC and ideally through
       our City Council.

       Strub stated everyone is welcome to attend the Trails Committee meeting with the Complete
       Streets speaker. All meetings are open to the public. Our intention is to have the speaker for our
       April 7th meeting.

V.   Correspondence
            A.    Council Report – Council Member Mary Burg
                  Burg stated they have working on budget items. They started early this year so that
                  they can work on having a balanced budget. Almost every area they are looking at
                  is in the red. They do not want to have double digit tax increases. They are
                  working diligently on ideas. It is tough. It impacts services. We are looking at
                  ways to reorganize. There are real impacts to everything we do. Council had a
                  retreat with City staff and then a day on there own for team building. Personnel is
                  the biggest part of our budget. Also had an excellent speaker come and speak on
                  the Emerald Ash Borer. The Neighborhood meetings have started. The next one is
                  Thursday, March 18th at Totem Pole. The last is at Freedom on March 25th.

                   Norton commented about the Emerald Ash Borer meeting he attended. The best
                   option is to treat the trees. The City and residents will have to make a decision
                   about what to do about it. Burg stated that if you don’t treat your tree, it will die.
                   The Council is onboard with taking an active stance starting this year.

                   Breuer stated the City did a tree inventory in 2001, which relates to boulevard
                   trees. The City has 949 ash trees on our boulevards. We do not have an inventory
                   on park trees. The speaker came from Massachusetts to speak to the Council.
                   Council wanted to move forward with treatment of the trees. Now we have to put
                   a management plan in place, order supplies, determine how to hire seasonal staff,
                   and determine how we will do the work. The EAB work session was taped and
                   Breuer can share that with anyone who is interested. Another option would be to
                   share it at a future meeting. Next month we will have two staff reports. The EAB
                   audio tape was about an hour and 15 minutes. There is also a book which she has
                   that she would highly recommend you look at. Residents may come to PREC
                   members for information.

                   Frischman stated that even after this speaker, there is no plan to hire a forester?

                   Burg stated that the speaker gave hope that there are ways to manage this
                   situation. Burg stated we will have a plan in place.

                    Frischman asked who will be handling the resident concerns?

                   Breuer stated we plan to educate residents as much as we can. We will put
                   information on our website. Perhaps use door hangers to inform residents ahead of
                   time that we are coming. We want the project to keep moving forward. We may
                   present information at the Town Hall meeting, use the local newspaper and
                   anyway we can to inform residents.

                   Burg stated that this Commission had probably heard that they will not be meeting
                   here at City Hall and be televised, but move to the Family Service Center for their
                   monthly meetings, they will be audio taped. Burg felt that the Emerald Ash Borer
                   issue was a good reason to keep the meetings televised so residents could be
                   updated. Burg stated she would advocate for that.
Frischman stated that being televised is a good way to get all kinds of information
to residents; including the Emerald Ash Borer information. We also have a fair
amount of Public Hearings that are held. We are providing a service to residents
by allowing them to be a part of the process even if they are not physically here.

Burg stated she will inform the Council of these concerns.

Frischman felt that if residents have concerns about Parks, Recreation and
Environmental Commission meetings no longer being televised, they should
contact their Council members.
Burg stated that given the Emerald Ash Borer situation only, seems like a good
reason to keep it televised. The ash tree is the largest population of trees in
Minnesota. It has already shown up about 4 miles from here. If you have
woodpeckers in your ash tree, you probably already have the infestation. It takes 4
years before the damage shows up. It spreads really fast. Spending $50-$100 to
treat a tree for three or four years may save the tree. If we can get the word out,
that is worth re-examining where we have this meeting.

Harreld stated the City will treat boulevard trees and have information available
for residents to pay to treat their own trees.

Burg stated the City will treat boulevard and park trees. The City needs to develop
a plan of which trees it will treat first. There has been talk of having our city
service available to home owners to treat a tree. Burg stated she would purchase
that service because the cost to replace one ash tree would be at least $150 and
then she would have to wait 30 years for it to grow to the size of the one she lost.

Burg stated that we are considering finding ways to allow residents to find a
contractor that is reasonable. It could be as simple as providing information to
residents about contractor’s that are using products that we know work, have
reasonable rates and are reputable.

Breuer stated that once the Council gave the green light to move forward, we went
to the Cities that we know are ahead of the ball game in forestry and started
collecting other City Emerald Ash Borer plans.

Norton stated that an article in the newspaper stated you had to treat the trees
twice a year. The information he remembers from the presentation was that you
treat the tree once every three years. Then once the infestation is past, then it is
once every five years. It is not a huge expense or time commitment.

Breuer stated that the application the City is planning on using has a proven rate
of 2 years; now even 3 or 4 years. However, there are different applications.
There’s soil drenching, there’s aerial spray. Those do have to be done on a yearly
basis. So that is something to keep in mind when people are thinking about their
own trees. Now you can buy the materials yourself in a hardware store and do the
soil drenching yourself, but you would need to do that every year.

Frischman stated New Brighton has had a long history of having a City Forester of
whom we can come to with questions. We are sitting in a very treacherous point.
Frischman felt that it is too bad that the Council made the decision to not move
forward with hiring a City Forester.

                       Council has considered hiring someone on a seasonal basis; someone with
                       expertise in the field. The issue is not adding more full time staff. Burg stated that
                       the projected 2011 budget shows one scenario as having a $900,000 deficit. That
                       would be a 10.8% increase in our budget. We are creatively trying to find ways to
                       make these financial decisions to satisfy these service needs.

                       Norton felt it was important to have someone in that role, especially in the
                       upcoming summers.

VI.     Public Hearing

VII.    Staff Report – Ken Manthis; Golf Operations Manager
        Breuer stated Ken has started his 5th year with the City. He will give his presentation on the golf
        operations and this year he took on new responsibilities and was responsible for warming houses.

        Manthis gave his presentation. Areas that were touched on were: green fees, rounds of golf,
        junior league, practice range, 2010 collections, league news, golf programs, 2009 happenings,
        marketing initiatives, new and exciting ideas for 2010 and ice rinks.

VIII.   New Business

IX.     Announcements
              A.    Chair Updates
                    Frischman stated that the Council made a decision to discontinue the televising of
                    the PREC meetings. We are a forum for education and communication to
                    residents. It is a great way for residents to be in the process without physically
                    being here and especially so when we have public hearings. She encouraged
                    residents to contact a City Council member if you feel strongly about this and
                    would like this service reinstated for residents.

               B.      Department Happenings / upcoming events
                       Breuer gave the monthly Department Happenings presentation.
                       Frischman commented on the event where Ray Tandeski was honored. Frischman
                       wanted to relay to residents what a huge asset Ray is to the community with

                       Frischman stated this is her last evening as chair. Next month Joel Norton will be
                       chairing this committee.

                       Breuer thanked Frischman for her service as chair for the last couple of years. We
                       have been very happy to have you with your expertise and your children
                       participating in our programs. We are happy you have been with us and hope you
                       will continue your service.

                       Breuer stated we will have two new members next month.

X.      Adjourn

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