Integrated performance management

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					Integrated performance management

Organizations continue to struggle with how to gauge the business value of training.
Research data shows a significant disconnect between what organizations view as the
important and valuable areas to measure and what is actually being measured.

What is usually measured?

When you get deep into the research (Best Practices in Training Management, Bersin &
Associates - interviewed 140 companies of all sizes), the following is a tell-tale list of the
top 6 things companies actually measure:

1- Who has completed assignments and on time.

2- How many trainees/students are enrolled in your training program.

3- Satisfaction level

4. #of hours of training

5. Total cost

6. Compliance

However, when you look at your actual training budget from a business perspective and
how much money your actually spending on your training program... the critical
disconnect is not having a viable indicator of how all of your training ties back to your
business goals and the impact your training has on job performance and your business as
a whole.

According to the research, companies SAY that the most important measures of training
are exactly that - the impact on employees' jobs and on the business - but they're not
measuring that.

So why such a discrepancy?

There are many reasons - but the major one is that most companies lack adequate tools
and a performance management process that is needed to exist and coincide with their
other measurement tools and reporting.

According to Bersin & Associates' research... more than 2/3 of organizations do not have
an integrated process for employee performance management.
While many elearning management solutions and systems can measure and report on
easily available data such as completions, enrollments, delinquencies and satisfaction, so
many of them do not have the critical performance appraisal function that is needed to
obtain any meaningful data on the business impact of training.

Here's What You Need.

You need to research the right system for you that incorporates a true performance
appraisal and/or certification process that enables you to monitor "hands-on" job
performance along side your training program.

The right system will allow you to monitor completions of certain courses and then allow
managers an opportunity to set performance goals (tied to the company's business
objectives) and evaluate and rate performance based on those goals.

The bottom line is this - most companies need and want to show the true business impact
of training and learning. To do so, they will need to put in place a formal process and
integrate an elearning management solution and system that has an integrated
performance management tool.

There cannot be any compromise.

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