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Bonus Make _2000 monthly by dwinurmijayanto


									How to make $2000/month!
Easy guide to your income.

 Earnings made so far:

Have I grabed your attention?

Don't worry this could you earn too or even more. This system is so powerfull and so easy to be
implemented that even a 13years old kiddo could do.

What do you need?

  1. Website
  2. LeadBolt account
  3. Some content

1. Step 1: Website (If you already have a website skip to step 2)

First of all you will need a webhosting account, one of the best and cheapest
webhosting provider is JustHost (Sign up).
After your account is ready you create a website, you can use wordpress, joomla
or whater would you like, you have a lot of options in your cpanel(justhost) account.

Before doing this jump to step 3 to choose your niche related content, whatever you
2. Step 2: Leadbolt account

Leadbolt it's an excelent money making program for your website that converts
much more betten than google Adsens, Yahoo, Affiliate programs and so on..

Sign up for an account : sign up.
You should be approved in max 24h.

So how it works?

Leadbolt is a content blocker system. In a few steps: You have a website and you
want to monetize your content, so you sign up for leadbolt and install your content
blocker script on your site. When visitors will try to acces the page a popup script
will apper asking them to complete one of te surveys and they will have access to
your locked content. This is from where you get the money, you will receive $1-$5
per survey, imagine when 100 visitors will complete your survey per day.. and 100
visitors ? huh.. I get way much more.
All your earnings are uppon you. Huge traffic, huge revenue.

Block your content -> Visitors complete surveys -> You earn!

3. Step 3: Content
This is the most important part, you need to get some content that visitor will definitely
My suggestion that converts really good is to make a tv-series, or movies site. I`m using it too.
But this can be anything you want, just do a little bit research. Other niche ideeas: Ebooks, Scripts,
Craks, Games, Cheats, Music, Secrets, Haks, so on and on...

This was a quick share of my money making method, the priniciples.
You can digg trough google to learn more about Hosting, Websites, and Leadbolt.
If you would like to supercharge your website go ahead and visit

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