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									                               Big Eye bags Signs What?

Jakarta, For those who are very concerned about the appearance, the bag is swollen and
blackened eyes certainly very disturbing. Another case when someone takes the imagery, eye
bag can actually give the impression as a hard worker who tirelessly.

Eye bags or dark circles around the eyes has always been synonymous with people who often
work late at night so that lack of sleep. Though the eye bags not only because of it, there are
several diseases and conditions that can cause eye bags.

The main drivers of the formation of eye bags is the aging factor, an accumulation of fluid and
some diseases.

Here are some of the causes of the formation of bags under the eyes, as reported by
darkcirclesgone and darkcircles.net on Thursday (03/03/2011), namely:

1. Kidney Disorders
Soft area under the eyes are directly related to the kidneys (the area directly associated with
colon or large intestine). In some cases, the bags under the eyes is a sign of kidney problems.

Other signs such as changes in frequency of urination or changes in the appearance of urine,
swelling in the ankles, face, legs and arms, fatigue, itching or skin rash, bad taste in the mouth,
dizziness and difficulty concentrating, feeling constantly cold , as well as pain in the leg and

2. Hypothyroidism (lack of concentration tirod body)
Slow thyroid levels affect 2 of the 100 women, or 2 percent of the female population. If you are
experiencing fatigue, difficulty concentrating, weight loss, sensitivity to cold weather, muscle
weakness or muscle cramps, dry skin and thin hair, pain during menstruation, slow pulse and
swollen tissue, is a sign of low levels of thyroid in the body and also can cause the bag under the

3. Fluid retention
Too much to drink before bed or eating salty foods can cause fluid retention in the body. Water
retention can cause the bag in the eye that usually occurs during sleep at night.

4. Problems in the liver
Pockets in the eyes can also indicate a disturbance in the liver, especially if accompanied by
sweating around the eyes.

5. Allergic Reaction
Bags under the eyes can also be caused by an allergic reaction. Maybe you are allergic to food or
feathers from under the pillow. Hormonal changes during menstruation also cause eye bags.
6. Aging
Aging can cause eye bags are formed. Aging causes the skin around the eyes becomes thinner
and weaken its elasticity, causing the protruding fat.

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