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									                       This is Cities with Best Air Cleaner

Stockholm, a city with dirty air can damage the health of its citizens. The immediate impact can
be felt among other acute respiratory infections (ARI), shortness of breath and allergies. While
the effects of gravity can lead to heart attacks.

Seeking the city with clean air is now more difficult because of the increasing use of motor
vehicles and industrial growth.

Areas of the European Union (EU) is one of the areas with air pollution of concern.

Of the 25 cities surveyed this new pres-sure, the result only of Stockholm in Sweden that the
level of pollution below the maximum limits recommended by WHO which is 10 mcg/m3.

Stockholm became the cleanest cities across Europe. Stockholm, old town inhabited by more
than 847 thousand inhabitants that have high levels of pollution 9.4 mcg/m3 or lowest in the EU.

While the highest air pollution levels found in Bucharest, an industrial city as well as the state
capital of Romania.

Ranked cities based on the level of air pollution is created in a small study of 25 cities in 12 EU
countries. The study which lasted for 3 years was conducted in Aphekom project, involving
about 39 million respondents.

The content of solid particles in air is measured directly, while the impact being recorded
through investigation and filling questionnaires. These particles can be inhaled into the lungs and
trigger respiratory and heart work.

In that study revealed, 15-30 percent of asthma cases in children occur in the neighborhood who
live on the edge of the highway. Motor vehicle exhaust emission was recorded most greatly
contributed to pollution, especially in a neighborhood near the main road.

List of 25 cities in the EU based on its air pollution levels are as follows, as quoted from

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