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									New Hanover Township
            2008 Proposed Budget

     Available for public review at the New Hanover Township Building
                 Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm
                          Proposed final adoption at
  Board of Supervisors Meeting on Monday, December 10, 2007 at 7:00 pm
       2008 Budget Summary
• The fiscal year for New
  Hanover Township
  begins January 01 and
  ends December 31. The
  budget is prepared in
  accordance with the
  Commonwealth of PA
  Second Class Township
  Code. This balanced
  budget identifies all
  revenue and expenditure
  estimates for the year
  2008 in all of the
  Township Funds.
                     General Fund 01 Revenue Highlights

•   The 2008 Budget reflects a zero percent increase to the real estate property
    taxes. The current tax rate of 1.68 mils equates to an annual tax bill of
    $168.00 on a property assessed at $100,000. This millage is broken down as
    1.05 for real estate, .31 for fire tax, .16 for road machinery, and .16 for
    recreation. Research results on the historical millage rates for New Hanover
    Township revealed no increase to the real estate portion (1.05) as far back
    as 1983.

•   Successful budgeting and some increases in population growth have assisted
    in being able to maintain the same tax rate for many years. In addition, the
    population growth has resulted in higher earned income tax revenue as well
    as real estate transfer taxes.

•   Again, the official 2008 real estate tax millage will be adopted by resolution at
    the December 10, 2007 public meeting as follows:

•                     1.05 mills for General Fund 01
•                      .31 of a mill for Fire Protection 01
•                      .16 of a mill for Road Machinery 19
•                      .16 of a mill for Recreation 96
•            Total    1.68 mills
                     General Fund 01 Revenues – cont’d.

•   Running side-by-side with the economy, the Township growth has slowed
    down a little in the past two years. Part of the immediate reason has been
    the lack of available sewer capacity. However, the completion of the plant
    expansion is expected by the Spring of 2008, and the Township will begin to
    see and feel the economic growth by housing and commercial sites.

•   The 2008 transfer tax is based on an a slightly higher figure than that of
    2007 also as a result of the delay in building growth. For 2008 and the next
    few years this single revenue will be a substantial part of the budget once
    sewer capacity is attained. The transfer tax is a number based on the
    relative conditions of the economy, and will not always be an integral part of
    the budget when housing and commercial sales slow down.

•   The one percent Earned Income Tax revenue continues to be the largest
    single source of income in the New Hanover Township 2008 budget. The
    new increase of .15 percent added to the current 1 percent is strictly for the
    purpose of acquiring open space. These new revenues will be deposited
    into the 19 Capital Reserve Fund until such time that it is needed for open
    space purposes.
                  General Fund 01 Expenditure Highlights
•   The Legislative, Executive and Administrative Departments have no major
    expenditures outside of continuing to codify the ongoing changes to the
    codes, ordinances and resolutions of New Hanover Township. In addition,
    the Manager plans to publish two editions of the Harbinger newsletter, with
    inserts from the various supporting committees of New Hanover Township.

•   The Finance Department will benefit from a newly created staff position at
    the Sewer Authority in 2008. This new Sewer Authority employee will assist
    in the continued growth of the financial duties that are done on behalf of the
    Sewer Authority at the Township level related to billing and delinquent

•   Special engineering line items reflect expenses towards continued Storm
    Water Management, Dotterer Road and New Hanover Square Road
    improvements, and continued updates of the existing GIS mapping system.

•   For the 2008 Police Department, the budget plans for a new vehicle funded
    in part by the remaining Federal Forfeiture Funds available in 2007 because
    of the successful arrest and conviction of a large drug crime in the Township.
                            Other Fund Expenditures
•   The Sewer 08 Operating Fund is able to maintain the same EDU rate of $125 per
    quarter. These sewer rents will fund the 2008 operating expenses of the existing plant,
    as well as the start-up operations of the new plant projected for the late Spring of 2008.

•   From the Township 19 Capital Fund, the Road Machinery Tax has been budgeted to
    share the expense of a new 10-wheeled dump truck. In addition, road improvement
    projects by the Public Works Department are budgeted out of prior years' Road
    Improvement fees paid by developers that were set aside in the Capital Fund.
    Proposed repairs in 2008 are to Lutheran Road, Kurtz Road, Kulp Road, Rosenberry
    Road, and a portion of Colflesh Road.

•   The State Liquid Fuels 35 Fund will share the balance on the purchase of the 10-
    wheeled dump truck. In addition, there is proposed funding to support road repairs,
    salt and de-icers, in addition to some bridge work as recommended by the annual
    PennDOT Bridge Reports. The annual Township-wide line painting is scheduled for
    the rotation of roads and intersections according to the schedule for the spring of 2008.

•   The Recreation Fund has budgeted for a County Local Shade Tree grant and the
    DCNR’s Keystone Grant for Layfield Park improvements. In addition are the usual
    athletic programs and the annual Fall Frolic.

•   Currently, Township debt is limited to the terms under the leaseback agreement with
    the Sewer Authority. The Sewer Authority is currently responsible for three loans which
    were taken in years prior to finance capital improvements of the existing plant.
                                                  Extra Revenue
                                   Revenue          for Future       Expense
Fund Name and Number                Totals          Reserves         Totals

01 General Fund                  $3,105,850.00       --           $3,105,850.00
08 Sewer Operating Fund          $1,235,201.00       --           $1,235,201.00
10 Sewer Capital Fund            $3,315,609.00       --           $3,168,343.00
13 Transportation Impact Fund     $177,400.00    $177,400.00             $0.00
19 Capital Improvement Fund       $999,101.00    $760,820.00       $238,281.00
35 State Liquid Fuels Fund        $393,226.00     $3,026.00        $390,200.00
96 Recreation Fund                $129,725.00     $531.00          $129,194.00

            Budget Fund Totals   $9,356,112.00   $941,777.00      $8,267,069.00
                                                               Departmental Expense

                                  P ro perty Insur., Debt, M isc.Exp.
A nnual Co nstributio ns                      470,480,487
         459                                      3%
                                                                             Superviso rs
                                                                                                             M anager
  Traffic Signals, St. Lights, Signs                                             1%
                                                                                                                4%         Finance
                 0%                                                                                                          402
                                                                                                                              5%            Tax Co llecto r/Census

                                                                                                                                             Legal, Engineering, P lan., Zo ning
 P ublic Wo rks Dept.                                                                                                                                   404,408,41 4
          430                                                                                                                                               6%

                                                                                                                                     A dministratio n
                                                                                                                                                B uilding
  Trash/Recycle & EA B & EOC
                                                                                                                                                    1 %

       Co de Enfo rcement

                  Fire Co mpanies
                        8%                                                                                                       P o lice
                                                                                                                                  41  0

       Supervisors                                   Manager                     Finance                                Tax Collector/Census
       400                                           401                         402                                    403
       Legal, Engineering, Plan., Zoning             Administration              Building                               Police
       404,408,414                                   405                         409                                    410
       Fire Companies                                Code Enf orcement           Trash/Recycle & EAB & EOC              Public Works Dept.
       411                                           413                         415,426,461                            430
       Traf f ic Signals, St. Lights, Signs          Annual Constributions       Property Insur., Debt, Misc.Exp.
       433,434                                       459                         470,480,487
Ratio of Real Estate Taxes
                                           New Hanover
   Mont. County                               7%

                                                   Area School

           Boyertown Area School
     81%   District                19.42   Mills   as of 07-01-07 to 06-30-08

           Montgomery                              as of 01-01-08 no increase
     12%   County                   2.84   Mills   projected

      7%   New Hanover Township     1.68   Mills   as of 01-01-08 to 12-31-08

    100%                           23.94

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