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									                       Animal names for Baby, Mother and Father

Sow:   a female breeding hog that has produced one or more litters.

Boar: an uncastrated male hog

Piglet: a baby pig

Rooster: a male chicken

Pullet: A female chicken less than one year old

Hen: Female chickens

Mare: a female horse

Filly: a female foal

Foal: an unweaned colt or filly under one year of age

Colt: a male foal

Stallion : An uncastrated male horse four years or more old

Calf: cattle less than one year old

Bull: a male animal that has not been castrated

Heifer: a young female of cattle that has not had a calf

Steer: a male beef animal that is castrated before puberty

Buck: a male rabbit, also a male goat

Doe: an unspayed female rabbit; also a female goat

Wether: a castrated buck ( goat)

Kid: a goat under one year of age

Kits: young rabbits

Ewe: a female sheep

Ram: a male sheep

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