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					                      PROFILE OF KEY PERSONNEL AT GLI

                                                                                                                            As at 1.10.2005

       Name          Location   Qualifications                                                      Experience

A.Srinivasulu        Chennai    B.E. (Mech) Hons                             Core Competence: Engineering, manufacturing,
Managing Director               M.E-Foundry                                  construction and failure investigation in power
                                Chartered Engineer                           sector, Material evaluation.               Fellow of Indian National Academy of
                                Engineering.                                 40 Years of Experience in Management of Engineering,
                                FIE (India)                                  Manufacturing, Welding, NDE, Material Evaluation and QA,
                                Hon. Member of many Professional             Failure Investigations particularly related to Power and
                                Bodies.                                      General Engineering, Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers,
                                                                             Served on the Board of BHEL as Director – Engg. (R&D).
                                                                             Recipient of NDE Man of the Year and Bajaj Quality Award
                                                                             Life Time Achievement Award of ISNT.

S. Ramakrishnan      Chennai    B.E Metallurgy;                              Core Competence: Quality Assurance and
Executive Director              M.S. Quality Management                      Inspection offshore and onshore installations, and
                                ASME Authorized Inspector                    power sectors.; Code Inspections, Design Reviews
                                Certified welding Inspector                  of Coded vessels, tanks, shut down inspections                Registered Principal Auditor (IRCA & RAB)
                                                                             and health assessments and balance life
                                Approved as ‘Inspector’ & ‘Competent
                                Person by Chief Controller of Explosives     assessments..
                                Approved by Inspector of Factories for       30 Years Experience in Quality Assurance, Third Party
                                Inspection and certification of Lifting      Inspection and Certification of plants and equipment in
                                equipment.                                   Oil/Gas, Power, Petrochemical and process sectors.
                                Approved Trainer for IRCA Accredited         Expertise in Certification of Quality management systems to
                                Lead Auditor and internal Auditor courses.   ISO 9000 Standards and Safety Audit Specialist..

                                                                             Expertise in Inspection of ASME Coded vessels. Inspection
                                                                             of    Offshore inspection of Platforms and Underwater
                                                                             structures; health assessments..

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                      PROFILE OF KEY PERSONNEL AT GLI

       Name          Location   Qualifications                                                       Experience

S. Raghu             Mumbai     B.Sc. Engineering (Mechanical)               Core       Competence:        Class     certification,
Executive Director              Post Graduation in Marine Engineering.       offshore/onshore TPI project management, System
                                Post Graduate Diploma in Business            certification, Statutory surveys/loss assessments.
                                Administration-                              A mechanical and Marine Engineer with Techno commercial               Chief Engineers Certificate of Competency    experience and exposure of over 20 years.
                                (First class M.O.T.Certificate -1983.Loss
                                Assessors License issued by Govt of India    Profile includes Project Management &“Hands on’
                                                                             inspection and certification assignments related to Quality
                                IRCA Registered Lead (UK) QMS Auditor &      safety, and Environment standards for Industrial, Marine,
                                Qualified IRCA Trainer.                      onshore &-offshore projects.
P.V.S. Prasad        Chennai    B.E., M.I.E                                  Core     Competence:      Manufacturing, heavy
General Manager                 ASNT Level I CWI No.98011511                 fabrication, Pipelines/line pipes inspections,
                                ASNT Level II (RT, UT, PT, MT)               coating inspections, shut down inspections,                 Certified Welding Inspector (AWS)            Valves and actuators, .

                                                                             30 years of experience in Fabrication, ship building, marine
                                                                             vessels, Valves and actuators, earth moving equipments,
                                                                             pipelines, gas and petrochemicals, offshore pipe laying,
                                                                             CTE, CWC, PU, 3 LPE Coating of pipes in inspection and
                                                                             Testing of fabricated items.

                                                                             Expertise in Cross Country Pipeline / Line pipe inspection.
H.C. Sachdeva        Mumbai     Diploma in Mechanical Engineering            Core Competence: offshore installations, onshore
General Manager                 ASNT LEVEL II in RT, MT, Certified-welding   cross country pipelines, coating systems for
                                inspector from CSWIP, UK from Welding        oil/gas installations, material/shop inspections.
                                institute of   Cambridge, UK. Certified      32 Years of Experience in tin Fabrication and Construction                 Senior    Industrial   painting    coating   of in Oil / Gas and other sectors.
                                inspector from British Gas (B.G.A.S.) UK
                                under Reg.No.BG12582 Grade-II. Certified     Specialist experience in Cross Country Pipeline(Including
                                Lead Auditor/ Assessor of ISO9000,           offshore/onshore constructions, coatings, commissioning,
                                approved by IRCA, UK                         etc) & inspection and certification.

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                       PROFILE OF KEY PERSONNEL AT GLI

       Name           Location                  Qualifications                                      Experience

S. Mukherjee          Mumbai      B.E (Mechanical )                          Core Competence: Marine operations, ship repairs,
Head of Operations                M.O.T Class III                            Plant maintenance, TPM, FMEA
Marine                            Certified Quality Engineer                 13 years experience in Ship repairs, Mechanical                                                               maintenance of power plants, erection and
                                                                             commissioning of power plant equipment,On board
                                                                             marine related activities.
B. Bhavsar            Ahmedabad   B.E (Mechanical)                           Core Competence : Manufacturing, heavy
Dy. General Manager               ASNT Level II, RT, UT, MP & UT             fabrication, Pipelines/line pipes inspections,
                                  AWS-CWI                                    coating inspections, shut down inspections.
                                  CSWIP – BGAS – GR 3                        19 years of experience in Fabrication, earth moving
                                                                             equipments, pipelines, gas and petrochemicals, offshore
                                                                             pipe laying, CTE, CWC, PU, 3 LPE Coating of pipes in
                                                                             inspection and Testing of fabricated items.
                                                                             Expertise in Cross Country Pipeline / Line pipe inspection.
T.V. Sambasiva Rao    Ahmedabad   B.E. (Mechanical)                          Core Competence: Marine Terminal Projects
Manager                           Certificate Course on Piping Engineering   including offshore/onshore pipelines, associated
                                  LEVEL II in Radiography Testing            installations like tanks, pumps, and other terminal                                                              constructions.; offshore/onshore cross country
                                                                             pipelines and refinery constructions.
                                                                             14 years experience in Quality Assurance/Quality Control,
                                                                             Welding, NDT Procedures, Mechanical testing, Fabrication,
                                                                             Piping Oil/Gas sector
S. Ravichandran       Chennai     B.E (Mechanical)                           Core Competence: Valves, Materials Inspection,
Sr. Manager                       ISNT Level II (RT, PT, MT, UT)             pressure vessels, heat exchangers, Tanks, Health                   Certified ISO Lead Auditor                 Assessments, Reliability Engg.,
                                  Post graduate diploma in Business          16 years of experience in Welding and Fabrication of
                                  Administration                             Pressure Vessels, line pipe, coating, Valves, Storage
                                                                             Tanks, steel foundry, machining, assembly and testing
                                                                             of industrial valves. Work experience in storage tank
                                                                             construction site. Well conversant with the preparation
                                                                             of manufacturing QA, Procedures and Documentation.

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                      PROFILE OF KEY PERSONNEL AT GLI

       Name           Location                    Qualifications                               Experience

V. Magendran         Chennai      B.E. (Mechanical)                     Core Competence: Pipelines/Line pipe inspections;
Manager                           ASNT Level II in UT, PT and MT        shut down inspections, health assessments, valves                   NACE – CIP Level II                   inspections.
                                  ASNT Level III in RT                  11 years of experience in Inspection of static
                                                                        equipments such as vessels, columns, exchangers,
                                                                        storage tanks, forgings, castings, pipe line laying, line
                                                                        pipes & coating and valves. Inspection of Pressure
                                                                        vessels on line fabrication and periodic inspection. On
                                                                        stream inspection, maintenance & Shutdown inspection
                                                                        in refinery, petro-chemical, petro-products and fertilizer
                                                                        divisions. Safety relief valves, shut off valves and
                                                                        control valves, Pneumatic and hydraulic actuators.
                                                                        Experience in construction inspection of plant piping,
                                                                        under ground piping, wrapping, refractory lining and
R. Swaminatha Babu   Coimbatore   B.E (Industrial & Production Engg.)   Core Competence: Pressure Vessels, Non Pressure                                                         Parts, Boiler Equipments, Heavy Structural, Valves

                                                                        More    than    10   years   experience   in   Quality
                                                                        Assurance/Quality Control of Pressure vessels, Boiler
                                                                        components, Tanks, Columns, Pipe work, valves and
                                                                        heavy Boiler structures. Hands on experience in
                                                                        working with Fabrication Codes like ASME VIII Div. 1 &
                                                                        II, ASME IX, ANSI B 31.1, AWS D1.1 and other customer
                                                                        specifications. Expertise in site inspections and
                                                                        periodic statutory CCOE Inspections of tanks, tankers,
                                                                        safety valves and ESDs.

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                       PROFILE OF KEY PERSONNEL AT GLI

       Name          Location                  Qualifications                             Experience

K. Kalanidhi         Madurai     B.E Mechanical                   Core      Competence:    QA/QC of                   Nuclear
                                 ASNT LIII in RT/UT/LT/MT.        packages/systems; Shop inspections             of    Power
                                                                  Plant/oil gas equipment.
                                                                  36 years in Project coordination / Management, Quality
                                                                  Management, Technology Development. Specialist
                                                                  experience in Inspection materials and equipment for
                                                                  Nuclear applications.

V. Muralidharan      Nilambur    B.E (Mech)                       Core Competence: oiL/gas installations, offshore
                     (Kerala)    CWI                              constructions, materials inspections.
                                                                  More than 25 years experience in Inspection of
                                                                  offshore/refinery constructions, storage tanks, piping,
R.V.Chandrasekaran   Bangalore   Licentiate in Mechanical engg.   Core Competence: Power Plant constructions,
                                                                  Line pipe inspections;

                                                                  39 years experience in inspection, and expediting, welding,
                                                                  NDT, construction and erection of pressure vessels and
                                                                  Heat Exchangers. Conversant with ASME, IBR, TEMA
                                                                  codes and standards. Specialist experience in line pipe
Umesh D. Dhake       Mumbai      B.E(Chemical Engg)               Core Competence: Chemicals Inspections, Coating
                                                                  Inspections, FRP/HDPE Pies/equipment.
                                                                  6 years experience in Quality management, Industrial
                                                                  consultancy and Risk Assessments, HAZOP/HAZID
                                                                  Studies, QMS/Safety Audits and Coating inspection of lines
                                                                  pipes and Inspection and certification of FRP
                                                                  item/equipment for sewerage treatment plants.

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                     PROFILE OF KEY PERSONNEL AT GLI

        Name       Location                    Qualifications                                         Experience

D.Y. Bhogale       Mumbai     Diploma in Mech Engineering                     Core      Competence:       Pipelines/Line     pipe
                              ASNT Level II, UT, RT                           inspections;      shut      down        inspections                ISNT Certified Welding Inspector                ,Boilers/pressure vessels, valves inspections

                                                                              12 years of Expertise in Line pipe inspection including
                                                                              DI/HDPE Pipes/ Fittings and Coating inspection. Hands on
                                                                              experience in inspection of waste heat boilers,, fired
                                                                              Heaters,,pressure vessels and Heat exchangers and
                                                                              associated pipe work
C.R. Joshi         Mumbai     B.E-Electrical               Core Competence: Electrical Systems Inspections, FAT of E&I
                              Engineering                  items
                                                           27 years experience in design, manufacture, installation and inspection of
                                                           electrical systems having generators, Motors, transformers, switchgear, cables,
                                                           controls and instruments and protection system, for Oil/gas and Power Plants.

Suresh Chithroda   Pune       B.E(Mech)                    Core Competence: , Materials inspections, Offshore/Onshore
                                                           installations, Pressure vessels, Process equipment
                                                           24 Years in ONSHORE & OFFSHORE Projects. QA/QC Experience in
                                                           Fabrication of pressure vessels and process equipment and associated piping,
                                                           as per international standards like ASME VIII DIV.1, ANSI B 31.3. Expertise in
                                                           NDE review /witness as per relevant acceptance standards.
J.S. Solanki       Vadodara   Diploma in Mechanical        Core Competence: , Pipelines/Line Pipes/Materials inspections,
                              Engg.                        Onshore installations, Fabrication.
                              ASNT Level II- RT            25 years experience in fabrication, QA/QC in Oil/Gas industries. Specific
                                                           experience in city gas distribution pipelines and shop inspection of Line
                                                           pipes including coating inspections.

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                          PROFILE OF KEY PERSONNEL AT GLI

           Name       Location          Qualifications                                        Experience

P. Patel              Ahmedabad   B.E.(Mech)                 Core Competence: Pipelines/Line pipe inspections, , Materials inspections
                                  ASNT Level II in UT, RT,   13 years of experience in QA/QC of cross country pipelines, City gas
                                  PT and MT                  distribution lines, Port terminal projects, Line pipe inspections. Specialist
                                  Certified QMS Auditor      expertise in coating systems for Pipe lines.

M. Suresh Kumar       Mundra      B.Tech (Mechanical)        Core Competence: Pipelines/Line               pipe    inspections,      Valves,
                                  ASNT Level II UT, RT, MT   Materials inspections.                   & PT
                                  AWS Certified Welding      8 years of experience in Line pipe inspection including DI/HDPE Pipes / Fittings
                                  Inspector                  and Coating inspection. Hands on experience in inspection of valves, raw
                                                             materials like coils, tubes, fittings, etc.

K. Balasubramanian    Delhi       B.Tech-Chemical            Core Competence: Design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of
Business                                                     process equipment for oil/gas installations and refineries.
Development                                                  34 years experience in marketing, Engineering, construction and
Manager                                                      commissioning of turn key projects in oil/gas and chemical industries.
                                                             Specialist expertise in design of Heat exchangers and pressure vessels.
R.K.Aggarwal      Delhi           B.Sc                       Core Competence: Design, engineering, manufacture, installation and
                                  B.E-Electrical             commissioning of electrical equipment.
                                  Successful completion of
                                  IRCA Accredited Lead       35 years experience in design manufacture, inspection and expediting of electrical
                                  Auditor course.            equipment both AC and DC, Large size turbo generator, Hydro generator, Steam
                                                             turbines, Gas turbines, Hydro turbines, Heat exchangers and associated equipment
                                                             for power plants.

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                        PROFILE OF KEY PERSONNEL AT GLI

     Name         Location          Qualifications                                              Experience

Man Mohan Lal   Delhi         B.E(Metallurgy)              Core Competence: Pressure vessels, Pumps ,Pipe work,                           Valves,
Ragtah                                                     Materials inspections.

                                                           30 years experience in Inspection of raw materials like forgings, plates, fittings, etc.
                                                           to relevant International standards, expertise in fabrication and inspection of
                                                           Pressure vessels and heat exchangers built to ASME VIII Div. I &2; Inspection of
                                                           various types of pumps and process pipelines for oil/gas installations.
P.H.            Chennai       L.E.E      (Diploma     in   Core Competence: electrical Systems Inspections, FAT of E&I items;
Krishnamurthy                 Electrical Engg.)            Installation inspections

                                                           30 years experience in Power and Oil/gas sector in inspection of E&I items, Site
                                                           installation and commissioning of Electrical equipment and systems.
Sanjoy Sarkar   Kolkata       B.E. (Mechanical). CSWIP     Core Competence: Pumps, Pipe work, Valves, Materials inspections.
                              Level II in RT, UT, MT &
                              LPT                          7 years of experience in QA/QC vendor inspections. Specialist expertise in Line
                              Certified          welding   pipe inspections and pipe laying.
                              inspector from Indian
                              Institute of Welding
Subhahis Roy    Kolkatta      B.E. (Metallurgy)            Core Competence: Materials inspections., Steel Plant Equipment, DI
                              Master      of    Business   Pipes/fittings.
                              Administration (Operation
                              Research)                    16 years experience in QA/QC/ vendor inspections. Specialist expertise in castings
                                                           and materials inspections in steel plants and foundries.
O.N. Tandon     Lucknow       B.Sc (Metallurgical Engg)    Core Competence: Line pipe inspections, Materials inspections,
                                                           metallurgical consumables for steel plants.

                                                           More than 30 years experience in Steel plant, QA/QC of rolled products, Line pipes,
                                                           and associated materials like coils, plates, raw materials for steel making like flux
                                                           cored wires., etc. Specialist experience in Line pipe inspections , including ERW, LS
                                                           and Helical pipes as per APi standards.

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                     PROFILE OF KEY PERSONNEL AT GLI

     Name        Location         Qualifications                                           Experience

A. Srinivas    Hyderabad    B.E (Mechanical)            Core Competence: Heavy Fabrication, Oil & Natural Gas, Electrical and
                            Master of Technology –      Hydraulics Industries
                            Industrial Engg. & Mgmt.
                                                        More than 14 years experience in heavy fabrication, Oil & Natural Gas, Electrical
                                                        Transformer and hydraulic industries ( Onshore and Offshore) .

G.K. Mallela   Hyderabad    B.E.(Mechanical)            Core Competence: Machine tools manufacture,                         steel    Plant
                                                        constructions, Heavy Fabrications and machining.

                                                        34 years experience in Manufacturing, heavy fabrication of machine tools, hydraulic
                                                        press equipments, associated QA/QC activities,

J. Ramesh      Bangalore    DME (Mechanical)            Core Competence: Quality Assurance Audits, Risk Assessment,
Dy. Manager                 P.G. Diploma –              Fabrication (Pre and Post) of Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers.
                            Production Management
                            Senior Technician –         17 years experience in managing and coordination of inspection activities during
                            Institution of Engineers    fabrication (pre and Post) of Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers etc.,
                            Certified ISO Lead
                                                        Profile includes Project Management & Hands on inspection and
                            ASNT Level II in PT, MT &   certification assignments

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