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					      International Institute for Franchise Education (IIFE)
                                   Bringing Life to Learning ~ 2010 Calendar of Programs

M a r c h  
16                                                                                     Franchisee Training – Strategic Business Planning 
                                                                                       Burger King Corporate Headquarters, Miami, FL 
18‐19                                                                                  Franchisee Training – Franchise Real Estate 
                                                                                       Burger King Corporate Headquarters, Miami, FL 
A p r i l  
22‐23                          300 CFE Education Credits                               IIFE Executive Summit 
M a y  
6‐8                            450 CFE Education Credits                                       *Franchise Mini MBA™ ~ Module III 
                                                                                               Strategic Management & Strategy Formulation                                    
10‐12                          450 CFE Education Credits                                       *Franchise Mini MBA™ ~ Module II 
                                                                                               Franchise Sales & Development 
13‐15                           450 CFE Education Credits                              *Franchise Mini MBA™ ~ Module I 
                                                                                       Innovation & Growth                                        
J u l y    
21‐23                          450 CFE Education Credits                               *Entrepreneurial Leader Series ~ Module I 
                                                                                       21st Century Leader 
O c t o b e r  
18‐20                          450 CFE Education Credits                               *Franchise Mini MBA™ ~ Module III 
                                                                                       Strategic Management & Strategy Formulation 
21‐23                          450 CFE Education Credits                               *Franchise Mini MBA™ ~ Module II 
                                                                                       Franchise Development  
25‐27                          450 CFE Education Credits                               *Franchise Mini MBA™ ~ Module I 
                                                                                       Innovation & Growth 
26                                                                                     Franchisee Training – Strategic Business Planning 
                                                                                       Burger King Corporate Headquarters, Miami, FL 
28‐29                                                                                  Franchisee Training – Franchise Real Estate 
                                                                                       Burger King Corporate Headquarters, Miami, FL 
N o v e m b e r  
9‐10                           300 CFE Education Credits                  Developing Operations Manuals & Franchise Training Systems 
11‐12                          300 CFE Education Credits                                Emerging Franchisor Conference   
D e c e m b e r  
8‐10                           450 CFE Education Credits                 * Entrepreneurial Leader Series ~ Module II 
                                                                          Leading Effective Teams 
*Franchise Mini MBA™ and Entrepreneur Leadership Series modules are not sequential and can be taken in any order

Call Cheryl Babcock at 954-262-5071 or Janet Goldstein at 954-262-5139 for more information, or email
                        us at or
      Unless noted, all programs are held at the Huizenga School in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
                        Any programs receiving CFE Education Credits are noted

                                                                                                     H. Wayne Huizenga
                                                                                                                                                      School of Business
                                                                                                                                                     and Entrepreneurship
          International Institute for Franchise Education (IIFE)
                       Bringing Life to Learning ~ 2010 Calendar of Programs

Contact IIFE the next time you have a need for in-house training programs designed for your
corporate staff, field personnel or franchisees. Choose from one of the programs listed below, or we
will work with you to design a unique program.

IIFE has worked with Burger King Corporation, Two Men And A Truck International, Inc., the
Asociación Mexicana de Franquicias, Sripatum University in Thailand, and the Philippine Franchise
Association on in-house custom programs. We will be happy to work with you on a program to meet
your specific needs.
      Decision Making for Managers
      Developing a Leadership Mindset
      Leader as Coach and Collaborator
      Leadership for High Performance
      Leading Change and Managing Conflict
      The Influential Leader
      The Innovative Leader

Strategic Planning
       Corporate Governance Program
       Creating Strategic Value
       Fostering Creativity and Innovation
       Investment and Growth
       Negotiating for Business
       Strategic Business Planning

Real Estate
      Franchise Executive Real Estate Strategy

      Developing Operations Manuals and Franchise Training Systems

      Finance for Non-financial Managers

Relationship Management
       Effective Communication
       How to Hold a Successful Meeting
       Powerful Presentations
Janet Goldstein, Associate Director
Shannon Bonkowski, Program Coordinator

                                      H. Wayne Huizenga
                                                                                       School of Business
                                                                                      and Entrepreneurship