“The project from start to finish has run smoothly and

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					SERVO    CASE STUDY      CUSTOMER                                                                    ADVANTAGE HEALTHCARE GROUP LTD

“The project from start to finish has run
smoothly and professionally even given
some of the unexpected delays from
outside contractors. The new system
is fantastic and already confidence and
feedback from the staff is second to
ADVANTAGE HEALTHCARE GROUP                                                                           Executive Overview
                                                                                                     Advantage Healthcare Group Ltd is
                                                                                                     based in Telford but also operate
                                                                                                     from locations distributed across the
About Advantage Healthcare Group                                                                     UK. To service its IT needs Advantage
Advantage Healthcare Group was established in 1998 and it is now one of the UK’s leading             Healthcare operated a Data Centre
providers of health and social care workers. It recruits nationally and internationally to deliver   from its Telford Head Office location.
service throughout the United Kingdom; supplying staff to all areas and specialties of the           Keith Nurcombe, Chief Executive
healthcare sector and industry. Its clients include care and residential homes, charities, local     Office for Advantage Healthcare, was
authorities, non-statutory organisations, industry, private hospitals, GP Surgeries, the UK          dissatisfied with the service provided
Forces and patients in their own homes.                                                              by its in house IT Department
                                                                                                     and felt that IT generally was a
                                                                                                     distraction from the core objectives
                                                                                                     of the organisation.
Business Issue & Drivers
The driver for change was a fundamental lack of appetite to operate IT services in the
                                                                                                     Keith decided that an outsourced IT
classic way: a self operated Data Centre and internal customer support unit. This is becoming        infrastructure addressed his issues
increasingly common for all but super scale organisations. Fortunately Advantage Healthcare’s        and approached Servo to provide a
CEO Keith Nurcombe did not view IT as a natural internal function and took the decision to           fully managed service in 2007. Servo
outsource. Among the reasons:                                                                        proposed a two stage
                                                                                                     implementation: the first stage was
   Quality of service experienced by the business was unacceptable.                                  to understand and manage the
   There was a need to extend the IT support to the business to 24 x 7.                              existing infrastructure, the second
   The equipment in the Data Centre, although of high quality, was reaching replacement age.         stage was to migrate all of the Data
   Storage was held locally to the server (Direct Attach) and this was expensive and inflexible.     Centre services to a Virtual Shared
   Scalability was problematic: both organic and acquired growth was stifled.                        Platform at Servo’s Birstall Hosting
   IT was seen as high risk at Advantage Healthcare: a single point of failure to the business.      Facility.

These factors combined to create a compelling case for outsourcing using Hosting Services.           In 2008 the migration was
                                                                                                     completed and over 150 users
                                                                                                     are serviced with their IT needs by
Advantage Healthcare & Servo                                                                         Servo. Keith has changed the
Prior to this project there had been little trading history between the two organisations. A well    emphasis of his IT management
timed Marketing activity matched up with Keith’s objective and as result Servo was invited to        from the day to day management
tender for the project. Servo proposed a phased implementation that would significantly reduce       and fire fighting associated with
risk for Advantage Healthcare but also provided a clear roadmap to achieving Keith’s desired         running a small IT Department and
state. Servo was selected based on their approach to the tender and for overall ease of              Data Centre, to a more proactive and
business.                                                                                            less distracting Quality Management
                                                                                                     function. In addition, users get better
Core Activities                                                                                      service and the business gets near
Servo was brought in to complement the existing IT Department. This meant everything from            instant scalability for its business
user support, infrastructure management, executing growth projects and acting as trusted             critical applications.
advisor to the business.
SERVO    CASE STUDY      CUSTOMER                                                                          ADVANTAGE HEALTHCARE GROUP LTD

“the project from start to finish
 has run smoothly”

Solution                                                                    Business Results
Advantage Healthcare’s IT was almost exclusively Microsoft-based.           1. Advantage Healthcare met its objective to outsource
Their primary business application was supplied by Coldharbour                 its IT function.          OVERVIEW
Systems Ltd.
                                                                            2. It now has a Support Services function that monitors
Phase 1 of the project was to take control of the existing                     the performance of IT – a change of emphasis from
infrastructure and support function:                                           operating IT.

   Remote system monitoring was implemented so that the Data                3. Systems availability and performance has also
   Centre and remote servers could be managed from Servo’s                     significantly improved.
   Birstall Facility.
   Hardware and application support was switched to Servo.                  4. The ongoing cost of supporting the IT infrastructure
   All end user support calls were routed to Servo.                            was reduced and an expensive technology refresh
                                                                               was avoided.
This allowed a risk-free migration and allowed the business to switch
off its IT Support function. It also provided Servo with time to evaluate   5. Support is now provided to users 24 x 7.
the existing IT Infrastructure.
                                                                            6. IT is no longer perceived to be a single point of failure.
Phase 2 of the project was to close down the Data Centre and migrate
all of the Data Centre functions to Servo’s Birstall Hosting Facility:      7. The business now believes that it has greater
                                                                               business agility through IT.
   The vast majority of IT Infrastructure was retired.
   It was replaced by a Virtual Shared Platform (VSP) solution:
   VSP is the most efficient Hosting Service that Servo offers              “This is just a very short thank you note from me and all at
   providing customers with Virtual Servers and access to a                 Advantage Healthcare for the work you have done over the last
   Storage Area Network, rather than the cost and inefficiency of           6-8 months on the server relocation project.
   physical servers and direct attach storage.
                                                                            It has been, I appreciate, a mammoth task by our standards
   The remote system monitoring was redirected to Servo’s Birstall          and the project from start to finish has run smoothly and
   Hosting Facility.                                                        professionally even given some of the unexpected delays from
                                                                            outside contractors. The new system is fantastic and already
                                                                            confidence and feedback from the staff is second to none.
This completed the migration project but it is important to
acknowledge that as well as hardware, software and skills Servo             Well done to all of you and please accept my personal thanks as
also provide highly advanced processes and service levels.                  well as all of those at Advantage.”

                                                                            Keith Nurcombe
The solution at the end was the original Microsoft/Coldharbour              Chief Executive, Advantage Healthcare Group
solution but now features VMware for virtualisation and HP
OpenView for systems management. Servo’s VSP solution operates
on HP ProLiant Blade Servers and HP Enterprise Virtual Array (EVA)
Storage Systems.

                                    For further information please contact your Servo Account Manager
                                    or email

                                    SERVO House, Oakwell Way, Birstall, West Yorkshire, WF17 9LU T 0844 863 3333

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