How to Organize an Outreach Workshop

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					                                                  How to Organize an Outreach

CONTACT DETAILS                             1 Let’s go to God’s Word
Edgar Gschwend
MAC Secretary and Editor of YES! Magazine   1.1 The entire Bible gives us a
082 853 1252                               mandate
Christo Walters                                   Mandate:    An     authoritative
MAC National Missions Mobilizer                   command or instruction.
083 387 6780
                                            1.2 God’s Heart for the World is
Danja Kϋhn
MAC Event Coordinator                           revealed in the Word in various ways:
084 503 5139                              1. God’s involvement with man from the beginning.
Fax: 011 972 3386
                                              2. God’s Blessing of Abraham to be a blessing to the
In Partnership with World Thrust                 nations (Gen 12:1-3).
CONTACT DETAILS                               3. God’s ordination of Israel as a place of blessing for
Richard Verreynne                                the nations.
083 261 1027                      4. Through the Psalmists.
                                              5. Through the Prophets.
                                                   It reveals the essence of the Old Testament theology

     How to Organize an                           as one of: COME! The nations must come to Israel,
                                                  because it is the throne of the Lord.
     Outreach Workshop                        6. Through Jesus Christ.
                                                   Through His birth, life and ministry.
                                                   Through His vision for all nations.
                                                   Through His Great Commission.
                                                   Jesus revealed the essence of the New Testament
                                                  theology as one of GO!
                                              7. Through the Church of Jesus Christ.
                                                   God has given us a strategy (Acts 1:8).
                                                       How to Organize an Outreach
      God has charged us to GO!
      The Church must gather from all nations.   2 Let’s look at God’s World
  8. Through the life and ministry of Paul.
                                                 2.1 A World in Turmoil
1.3 Personal Notes
                                                       Global warming

                                                       The Bible predicts these happenings as judgements
                                                       from God.
                                                       We must help the world to have the right response
                                                       to God’s judgements: repentance and reconciliation.

                                                 2.2 The World we want to Forget
                                                       o Half of the world (± 3 billion)
                                                          live on less than $2 a day.
                                                       o 80% of people live in countries
                                                          with a widening gap between
                                                          rich & poor.
                                                       o 26 500-30 000 children die each day due to
                                                       o ± 1 Billion people are illiterate.
                                                       o 1.1 Billion people have inadequate access to
                                                       o 4 500 children die each day due to water related
                                                       o 2.6 Billion people lack basic sanitation.
                                                                        How to Organize an Outreach
      Disease                                                    2.5 A World that Knows, but is not Changed
      o HIV/Aids - 40 million have HIV/Aids with 3 million               The discipleship challenge
          deaths in 2004.                                                Landa Cope’s challenge
      o Malaria - 350-500 million cases yearly with 1                    o Do not water down the Great Commission! It’s not
          million fatalities..                                               just going, evangelising and church planting
      A Non-Reading World                                                o Christ’s mandate = make disciples!
      o Non-readers equals over half the world’s                         o That’s where lives are changed, families
          population and rising!                                             restored, communities & society transformed.
      o Illiterate people: By 2025 nearly 1 billion will still           o The Old Testament message is focussed on
          be illiterate, underlining the need for audio visual                             personal & societal ethics.
          communication.                                                               o The New Testament message is
                                                                                           focussed on the Kingdom that is at
2.3 A World of Imbalance                                                                   hand!
                         Imbalance in the amount of time                               o Target nations for discipleship.
                        and money spent to work in
                        evangelized       areas        vs.       2.6 Conclusion
                        unevangelized areas.                     If the entire Word of God mandates the church taking the
                         Imbalance in the availability of        Gospel of salvation to the whole world, the imbalance in the
                        the Gospel! While all people need        availability of the gospel necessitates the church to
      the gospel, the gospel is not yet available to all         reconsider its priorities and strategies for world
      people!                                                    evangelization.

2.4 A World that has not Heard                                   2.7 Implementation
      Rom 10:13-15                                                       Become informed, through:
      The Cry of the 10/40 Window:                                       o News magazines.
      o 65% of the world’s population.                                   o World missions magazines.
      o 90% of the world’s poorest.                                      o Books dealing with world evangelization.
      o 95% those unreached by Christian witness.                        Communicate the information to your congregation.
      Evangelization                                                     Develop special world missions presentations.
      o 3 Billion live in 10/40 window.
      o 95% are unevangelized, including:
      o 865 million unreached Muslims.
      o 550 million unreached Hindus.
      o 150 million unreached Chinese.
      o 275 million unreached Buddhists.
      o 2550 unreached tribal groups.
                             How to Organize an Outreach
2.8 Personal Notes
                     3 Get Your Heart in Mission!

                     3.1 Our key objective should be:

                     That every church member gets personally involved,
                     with his heart, in world evangelization, each in his area of
                     giftedness, so that the whole church personifies God’s heart
                     for the world.

                     3.2 Get Personal
                              A   personalised,      heart-motivated       approach   to
                             missions will enable your church to maximise its
                             involvement in world evangelisation.
                              Can you pray effectively for a missionary that you do
                             not know?
                              Illustration: Christo Vercueil and family.
                              When we get to personally know someone, it is much
                             easier to pray for them and be involved with their

                     3.3 Challenge Mission Misperceptions
                              2000 years ago, in the early church: all were
                             involved in spreading the Gospel.
                              Today: Few are labouring.
                              o Tradition takes precedence over strategy.
                                                               How to Organize an Outreach
 o Institutions have replaced a movement (people).
These changes lead to missions becoming a far-off,
                                                         3.4 Get ALL involved
almost secretive and strange activity, done by                 Outreach team must include the WHOLE Church
It leads to all kinds of mission ‘Urban Legends’, such
 o Missionaries serve strange people living in foreign      Support                                GO!
      places with hard-to-pronounce names.                   Team                                 Team

 o They’re wasting time and lives over there!
 o Missions are done by Women’s groups who pray
      or collect clothes etc.                                  Types of Involvement:
 o People called "missionaries" are a foreign species           o Go
      whom we have never met personally.                        o Give
 o Missions are "offices" somewhere far away to                 o Pray
      whom we send money. We are not always sure                o Support
      why.                                                     What about just giving money?
 o Mission is just mercy ministry to the poor and               o Money is just a symbol of our time, talents and
      needy.                                                       energy.
How can we change this?
                                                         3.5 Results of personal
                                                               Church members develop a World
                                                                o A burden for the nations is developed.
                                                                o There’s more interest in world evangelisation.
                                                                    How to Organize an Outreach
       o They identify with life on the mission-field.
       o There’s more involvement / investment in world
                                                              3.8 Personal Notes
       Mission fields experience increases in finance,
      prayer and personal involvement.
       The ministry of our local church is extended to
      beyond our own boundaries.

3.6 Conclusion

 Personal heart involvement is the most important aim.
When you have people’s hearts, you have their time, energy,
      talents, money, prayer and willingness to serve.

3.7 How to achieve this aim
       Host an annual event in your church to focus on
      God’s world.
       Plan regular short-term outreaches.
       Take up a ‘Faith Promise Offering’ for Missions.
       Encourage continual prayer involvement for God’s
      mission in the world.
                                                                    How to Organize an Outreach
                                                              4.4 Benefits of a STO team with a congregation
4 Short Term Outreach
                                                                  as base:
4.1 What is a Short Term Outreach (STO)?                            The WHOLE congregation becomes the outreach
      Personal involvement in the spreading of the Gospel
                                                                    Thus, we can say that an Outreach team consists of
     by people who are not full-time missionaries. The
     goal is to support established ministries by helping
                                                                     o A GO! Team (those who go physically to the
     with a specific task and for a predetermined time.
                                                                        missions field).
4.2 The purpose of STO                                               o A SUPPORT! Team (those who do not go

      Promote the spreading of the Gospel.                              physically, but helps by giving, praying and

      Stimulates     personal   involvement    within   the             supporting).

                                                              4.5 Why a congregation as base?
      Influences the lives of the Outreach Team.
                                                                    Better    control      and   supervision       (the   local
4.3 Types of STO                                                    congregation takes responsibility for the project and

                                      Special service               supervises it, which minimizes risk and harm that can

                                     work.                          be done out of inexperience or ignorance).

                                      STO teams with a              Better service to missionaries in the field.

                                     mission                        Better preparations and training.

                                     organization as                Opens the way for follow-up

                                     base.                          outreaches.

                                      STO teams with a
                                                              4.6 Popular Outreaches
                                     congregation as
                                                                    Building projects
                                                                    How to Organize an Outreach
      Evangelization (E.g. through the Jesus film)
      Prayer journeys
      Research                                              5 Addendum:                  Dynamics               of       a
                                                                Congregational Short Term Outreach
4.7 Results of STO’s
                                                            When organizing a STO, the aim should be a cross-cultural
      STO’s involve the whole congregation.
                                                            STO that engages and impacts the entire congregation so
      STO’s changes lives:
                                                            that they are encouraged to greater personal involvement in
       o It impacts those who are ministered to.
                                                            world evangelization. This does not happen per chance. There
       o It changes the STO Team members through
                                                            are numerous factors that should be taken into consideration:
          prayer, giving and personal involvement.
       o It changes the lives of the congregation members   5.1 The church leaders must be committed to
          that acted as support team.
                                                                 engaging the entire congregation.
4.8 Conclusion                                                      The minister’s support should be clear to the
                                                                   congregation. He/she should:
      Successful Outreaches will change the lives of
                                                                     o Refer to STO in his sermons etc.
      people – both of the base congregation’s members as
                                                                     o Encourage congregational leaders and workers to
      well as the people that are ministered to.
                                                                        participate in the outreach.
      A STO is an effective opportunity to get personal
                                                                     o Participate. This carries a lot of weight.
      involvement in world evangelization from the whole
                                                                    Congregational leaders must support a clear
                                                                   Short Term Outreach vision:
4.9 Personal Notes                                                   o First determine the vision (goal) before choosing a
                                                                        target group.
                                                                     o Choose dates that would suit most people.
                                                                     o Leave     enough     time   for   preparations   and
                                                                       How to Organize an Outreach
5.2 Develop a strategy that will have the greatest                         have to make it personal, so that they will feel

    possible impact on both the congregation                               that they know the people involved (e.g. the
                                                                           missionary and his family).
    and the World.
                                                                       Ways in which people can get personally involved:
      Outreaches          that   will   have      the     greatest
                                                                        o They can physically go on the outreach.
      congregational impact:
                                                                        o People      can    help,   by   looking     after   the
       o Include an assortment of places and cultures.
                                                                           houses/children/pets of the people who go.
       o Decide on a place where as many as possible can
                                                                        o Prayer teams can be started to pray for the
      Outreaches that will have the greatest impact in the
                                                                        o Ask for specific donations, such as food, tools
                                                                           and other supplies.
       o A ministry that truly serves the missionaries in the
                                                                       Structure the finances, so that all can be involved:
           field   and     leaves   them   with   a     feeling   of
                                                                        o The congregation must accept co-ownership
           gratefulness and not regret.
                                                                           and responsibility for collecting needed funds for
       o The outreach is usually in response to an
                                                                           the STO.
           invitation from the full time missionary and should
                                                                        o The participants who go should collect their own
           at all times display an attitude of servanthood.
                                                                           transport fees.
                                                                       After returning from the mission field, it is very
5.3 Plan to engage the entire congregation:
                                                                       important to give feedback, so that blessing that was
      Make members aware of the project.
                                                                       received on the mission field can be shared.
       o Use notice boards and church bulletins.
                                                                        o A good idea is to dedicate an entire service to
       o Make it interesting by using multi-media or
                                                                           feedback, showing slides/photos/edited video
                                                                           clips as well as reporting back and giving
       o Keep the people informed via newsletter or news
                                                                           testimonies. This should be done by various
           inserts. Remember, for heart involvement, you
                                                                  How to Organize an Outreach
5.4 Thorough preparation of participants is
    necessary to make an impact through local
    and foreign outreach.                                                 Remember:
      Involve the participants in personal and corporal Bible
      study, to prepare them spiritually.                       Together, we CAN make a
      Do cross-cultural and logistical orientation before
      Prepare the participants to share their experiences
      upon return.

5.5 Personal Notes

                                                                          Soli Deo Gloria

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