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									Fall Bridal Accessories

Many brides choose a fall wedding because of the temperatures and the
beautiful fall colors. Fall bridal accessories are just as easy to find
as any other themed or seasonal wedding. Whether you have a traditional
wedding or a themed wedding, the same result occurs, you say your vows
and become husband and wife. The ceremony can be longer or shorter
depending on what your choice is for the ceremony. You will need some
fall bridal accessories for the wedding and the reception. Since your
wedding is in the fall, you can choose many different wedding favors.

Because fall represents change, with the colors changing and the weather
changing, the perfect time to start a new life together is in the fall as
the season changes so does your life. Wedding favors for the reception
can also represent the change the two of you are making. You might like
to decorate the tables with coasters made of glass, fall color scented
soaps, candies shapes as pumpkins or maple leaves as well as aromatherapy
candles or oils and the warming of the tea pouches or a Margarita mix.
Add a personal touch with engravings to show your names and date of

The table decoration not only can include the wedding favors, you could
place fall leaves around the tables and gift area as well as the floor.
You could also have centerpiece on the tables such as pumpkins and dried
flowers. You might even add to your bridal accessories list, a few fish
bowls filled with dried leaves with a few dries herbs inside for an aroma
to fill the air. You do not have to stop there, you could also use candle
warmers on the tables or fruit baskets that represent the fall season.

Your fall bridal accessories include the dress and the flowers as well as
the veil. You can choose any type of dress as well as any color. If you
are leaving tradition behind, you might find pastel colors or some
brighter colors that match the ever-changing colors outside. Many brides
wear a color to compliment the season and then just add a hair comb
styled like a miniature tiara. The idea of a fall wedding is the weather
is cooler and you still have plenty of Indian summer days. It is always
great when one of these days falls on your wedding date.

When choosing fall bridal accessories keep in mind, the colors of fall
can be reds, yellows, blues and orange. With so many different colors to
choose from, why not use them all and have a complete fall wedding. You
have so many different ideas to play with when considering a fall
wedding. You might even want to try some outdoor reception options if the
weather is right. Plan your wedding and remember to find all the fall
bridal accessories that will add to the beauty of your special day. Your
make up and your nail color can also be a little darker than with a
summer or winter wedding.

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