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Introduction                                                                               The Total healthcare by 1 on 1 Wellness Package comprises
In	a	study	published	by	the	Surgeon	General	of	the	United	States	in	1966,	companies	
were	warned	that	they	were	creating	workplaces	that	were	stressful	and	unpleasant	         •	     Health	day
to	work	in.	The	study	concluded	that	13%	of	employees	from	different	industries	were	
                                                                                           •	     Gym	facilities	(this	is	always	highly	recommended)
showing	symptoms	of	stress	that	could	affect	there	health	and	well	being.	By	1993	the	
figure	had	risen	to	40%		(Galinsky,	Bond	and	Friedman	1993)                                •	     Occupational	and	Primary	Health	care
                                                                                           •	     Wellsure	software	
Healthcare	by	one	on	one	is	a	young	dynamic	Health	and	Wellness	company	focused	
                                                                                           •	     Onsite	Clinic
on	improving	corporate	Health	and	Wellness	with	a	commitment	to	excellence	through	
quality	professionalism	and	dedication	to	the	individual	and	company.                      •	     HIV	programs
                                                                                           •	     Health	promotion	programs	including	flu	Vaccinations
At	our	company	we	are	committed	to	keeping	your	employee’s	healthy,	stress	and	
illness	free.	We	believe	that	by	screening	process	and	early	detection	we	can	save	        •	     Counseling	services	with	24	hour	call	centre
companies	millions	of	Rands	through	days	lost	to	absenteeism	and	low	productivity.	        •	     Psychologists
                                                                                           •	     Education	and	training
                                                                                           •	     Beauty	and	massage	therapist
                                                                                           •	     Health	specialists	such	as	Dietician,	Biokinetisist,		

                                                                                           Start up and entry level: Base One
                                                                                           This	is	our	entry	level	model.	It	allows	companies	to	identify	
                                                                                           problematic	trends	and	high	risk	individuals.	It	also	offers	
                                                                                           a	monitoring	service	where	these	processes	are	identified	
                                                                                           and	tracked	but	no	intervention	takes	place.	This	means	the	
                                                                                           company	will	be	able	to	see/	monitor	these	trends,	giving	
                                                                                           them	the	ability	to	put	procedures	in	place	should	the	health	
                                                                                           standard	deteriorate.

                                                                                           Stage two: AIM
                                                                                           The	contract	begins	with	a	health	day	as	above	but	includes	
                                                                                           the	placement	of	on	onsite	clinic,	Nurse	and	Doctor	and	or	

We	focus	on	the	wellness	continuum	to	educate	employees	on	the	differences	                The	aim	of	the	clinic	is	to	supply	a	service	that	is	private	and	
between	preventative	and	reactive	medicine	and	when	is	the	best	time	to	implement	         confidential	allowing	employees	the	freedom	to	understand	
both.	Our	unique	approach	allows	us	to	implement	systems	that	will	drastically	change	     themselves	and	their	problems	in	friendly	non-obtrusive	way.	
the	health	risk	profile	and	trends	occurring	within	your	company.	                         It	is	also	an	essential	tool	in	decreasing	absenteeism	and	the	
With	our	Onewell	software	system	we	can	for	the	first	time,	show	a	company	its	            associated	costs.			
return	on	investment	once	again	saving	you	thousands	on	eliminating	unnecessary	
intervention	programs	that	do	not	work	or	are	not	reaching	its	intended	audience.          From	the	gym	we	run	our	preventative	program	which	caters	
                                                                                           for	Dieticians,	Biokineticists,	Physiotherapists,	personal	
The	One	Well	integrated	system	makes	use	of	your	Hr	division,	clinic,	gym	and	payroll	     trainers	and	a	whole	range	of	instructors
to	give	real	time	reports	and	feedback	on	these	costs	and	then	with	our	clinic	and	team	
of	health	professionals	we	bring	about	changes	returning	employees	to	health	and	
revving	up	the	productivity	engine	of	the	company.
Aims of our clinics:                                                                       Our unique approach
1.	    Bringing	affordable	health	to	your	employees’	doorstep	.
                                                                                           Combining	clinic,	HR,	the	gym	and	our	unique	system	we	
2.	    Reducing	associated	costs	of	restoring	an	employee	from	sickness	to	health.         are	able		to	report	on	any	and	all	health	risks	occurring	in	the	
3.	    Add	a	meaningful	service	to	your	company’s	employee	proposition	and		 	             company,	nutritional	and	health	programs,	executive	health	
	      company	profile.                                                                    status	and	directly	showing	you	a	return	on	investment.	Not	
                                                                                           only	do	we	just	report	but	we	advise	on	solutions,	monitor	the	
4.	    Supply	a	friendly	and	professional	health	care	service	                             solutions	and	make	our	clients	your	employees	feel	cared	for	
5.	    Add	an	informative	reporting	system	notifying	HR	of	the	occurring	health	trends		   by	their	healthcare	agents.
	      within	the	company
6.	    Offer	expert	advice	on	eliminating	negative	trends	within	the	company.	

Clinic services:
1.	    Identifying	and	monitoring	high	risk	individuals.
2.	    Supply	a	software	system	that	allows	your	company	to	track	and	monitor		 	
	      medication,	absenteeism.
3.	    Notify	patients	of	scheduled	checkups.
4.	    Add	a	friendly	and	helpful	counselling	service.	
5.	    Providing	a	platform	for	education	on	HIV	and	other	chronic	illnesses.
6.	    To	provide	primary	contact	for	a	healthcare	counselling	service.

Additional Services
Any	of	these	services	can	be	chosen	to	supplement	either	start	up	stage	or	stage	2

 Health	Care	Professionals/Programs           Rate
 Dietician	                                                       -
 Physiotherapist                                                  -
 Biokineticist                                                    -
 Hiv	Programs                                                     -
 Health	Promotions                                                -
 Psychologist                                                     -
 Counseling	services                                              -                        THE TEAM AND Associates
 Stress	management	workshops                                      -
                                                                                           Our	medial	team	is	back	by	a	team	of	highly	qualified	medical	
                                                                                           practitioners.	We	have	over	50	years	combined	experience	
                                                                                           in	occupational	and	primary	health	care	and	have	provided	
                                                                                           services	to	companies	such	as	Anglo	American,	De	Beers,	
                                                                                           Bonny	bird	farms,	Autoliv,	Continetal	Mills.
Heading up this division is:                                                                  illness	indicates	wellness.	There	are	actually	many	degrees	
                                                                                              of	wellness,	just	as	there	are	many	degrees	of	illness.	The	
                                                                                              Illness-Wellness	Continuum	illustrates	the	relationship	of	the	
Doctor Dunny Read                                                                             treatment	paradigm	to	the	wellness	paradigm.
B.Sc	(Med)	(Stel),	M.B.	Ch.B	(Stel),	DOH	(Wits)
                                                                                              Moving	from	the	center	to	the	left	shows	a	progressively	
                                                                                              worsening	state	of	health.	Moving	to	the	right	of	center	
Nursing Sister Beverly van Wyk                                                                indicates	increasing	levels	of	health	and	wellbeing.	The	
                                                                                              treatment	paradigm	(drugs,	herbs,	surgery,	psychotherapy,	
B	Tech	Occ	Health,	General	Nursing	Diploma,	Dispensing	License,	Occupational	
                                                                                              acupuncture,	and	so	on)	can	bring	you	up	to	the	neutral	point,	
health	certificate,	Midwife	diploma,	,	Audiometry,	Spirometry,	Clinical	Skills,	
                                                                                              where	the	symptoms	of	disease	have	been	alleviated.
Pharmacology,	Travel	Medicine.
                                                                                              	The	wellness	paradigm,	which	can	be	utilized	at	any	point	
Our	technical	division	is	meticulous	in	it	implementation	and	quality	control.	This	is	
                                                                                              on	the	continuum,	helps	you	move	toward	higher	levels	of	
headed	up	by:
                                                                                              wellness.	The	wellness	paradigm	directs	you	beyond	neutral	
                                                                                              and	encourages	you	to	move	as	far	to	the	right	as	possible.	
                                                                                              It	is	not	meant	to	replace	the	treatment	paradigm	on	the	left	
Carl Van Wyk
                                                                                              side	of	the	continuum,	but	to	work	in	harmony	with	it.	If	you	
N.Dip.	Mech	ENG,	B.Tech	Mech	ENG,	Post	Grad	Cert.	Project	Man	and	is	currently	               are	ill,	then	treatment	is	important,	but	don’t	stop	at	the	neutral	
busy	finishing	his	MBA.                                                                       point.	Use	the	wellness	paradigm	to	move	toward	high-level	
As	a	health	and	Wellness	company	we	are	dedicated	to	improving	the	lives	and	
wellbeing	of	our	clients	through	in-depth	adherence	to	quality	procedures	and	up	to	
date	medical	knowledge.

Through	our	sister	companies	One	on	One	fitness	and	Mpilo	integrations	we	are	able	
to	provide	you	with	an	unrivaled	totally	integrated	wellness	package	building	a	bridge	
between	the	above	mentioned	preventative	and	reactive	healthcare.

Wellness is a process, never a static state.
Most	of	us	think	of	wellness	in	terms	of	illness;	we	assume	that	the	absence	of	

                                                                                            Once	it	was	published	in	1975,	the	continuum	became	an	
Even	though	people	often	lack	physical	symptoms,	they	may	still	be	bored,	depressed,	       immediate	success,	an	easy	way	to	illustrate	what	this	newly	
tense,	anxious,	or	simply	unhappy	with	their	lives.	Such	emotional	states	often	set	the	    emerging	wellness	concept	was	all	about.	Health	practitioners	
stage	for	physical	and	mental	disease.	Even	cancer	can	be	brought	on	by	excessive	          and	educators	began	using	it;	soon	it	was	appearing	in	books,	
alcohol		that	weakens	the	immune	system.	Negative	emotional	states	can	also	lead	to	        journals,	and	slide	presentations	everywhere	around	the	
abuse	of	the	body	through	smoking,	overdrinking	alcohol,	and	overeating	-	attempts	to	      world.
substitute	for	other	more	basic	human	needs	such	as	acknowledgment	and	respect,	a	
stimulating	and	supportive	environment,	and	a	sense	of	purpose	and	meaning.                 	We	naturally	included	it	in	the	first	edition	of	this	book,	and	we	
                                                                                            continue	to	do	so	because	of	its	visual	impact.	To	this	day	it	is	
Wellness	is	not	a	static	state.	High-level	wellness	involves	giving	good	care	to	your	      reprinted	in	health	and	medical	textbooks	worldwide.
physical	self,	using	your	mind	constructively,	expressing	your	emotions	effectively,	
being	creatively	involved	with	those	around	you,	and	being	concerned	about	your	            However,	a	simple	model	cannot	always	convey	a	complex	
physical,	psychological,	and	spiritual	environments.	In	fact,	it’s	not	so	much	where	you	   concept.	For	a	number	of	years	we	had	recognized	that	the	
                                                                                            continuum	could	be	misleading	in	one	very	significant	area.	

                                                                                            We	knew	it	is	possible	to	be	physically	ill	yet	oriented	toward	
                                                                                            wellness,	or	to	be	physically	healthy	yet	functioning	from	an	
                                                                                            illness	mentality.	Our	one-dimensional	model	simply	couldn’t	
                                                                                            show	this	distinction.	

                                                                                            For	example,	imagine	disabled,	sick,	or	dying	people	who	
                                                                                            are	taking	responsibility	for	their	lives	and	are	consciously	
                                                                                            engaged	in	the	experience.	If	only	the	physical	dimension	
                                                                                            were	considered,	they	would	fall	on	the	left	side	of	the	
                                                                                            continuum,	but	if	emotional,	intellectual,	and	spiritual	
                                                                                            dimensions	are	taken	into	account	they	would	definitely	be	on	
                                                                                            the	right	side	of	the	continuum.

are	on	the	continuum,	but	which	direction	you’re	facing.	High-level	wellness	does	not	
preclude	periods	of	illness	and	weakness,	nor	does	it	attempt	to	deny	that	death	is	a	
natural	part	of	life.	(As	you’ll	find	in	the	section	Wellness	and	Finding	Meaning,	dying	
can	be	done	from	a	place	of	wellness).	Awareness	of	this	paradox	eventually	led	us	to	
expand	the	model,	but	first	a	little	background.

The	Illness-Wellness	Continuum	was	first	envisioned	by	John	in	1972,	late	one	
evening	after	everyone	else	at	his	office	in	the	U.S.	Public	Health	Service	Hospital	in	
Baltimore,	Maryland,	had	gone	home.	It	was	a	melding	of	the	health	risk	continuum	
created	by	Lewis	Robbins	(creator	of	the	Health	Risk	Appraisal)	and	Abraham	
Maslow’s	concept	of	self-actualization.