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A Troutmasters Accredited Venue. Visitscotland 4 Star Rated.
Holder of Scottish Record Rainbow Trout 30lb 11oz.

Wellsfield Trout Fishery Stocking Policy

Wellsfield Trout Fishery has 3 lochans.

The stocking of the 3 lochans is managed to ensure the long term success of the fishery.

This means that all 3 lochans are constantly stocked and the trout stock levels managed accordingly
so that as many anglers as possible have an enjoyable and happy experience at the fishery, catch fish
and leave the fishery satisfied, so that they will return again and again.

The 3 lochans are stocked to give the average angler the opportunity to catch their fish limit within
the permit time they have purchased. This means that the 3 lochans are stocked to a level of trout to
allow the average angler to catch their limit e.g. 3 fish within 4 hours or 5 fish within 8 hours.

Wellsfield Fishery is constantly stocked with Grade One Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout and Blue
Trout which are fully finned and hard fighting (by reputation). The minimum stocking size is 2lb up
to 25lb(+!). Our 2009 average stocking size was 3lb 2oz.

We stock double figure trout on a weekly basis as well as other specimen trout in the 4lb-10lb size

We order and receive a fish delivery every week of the year from our supplier which is delivered
into our delivery holding tanks, where we then stock the ponds as required using a quad bike and
stocking transport tank. The fishery is typically stocked 4-7 days per week.

There is a also White Tagged (£500) Prize Trout and Yellow/Red Tagged (£50) Prize Trout stocked
and caught regularly in all 3 lochans by lucky anglers.

General Advice:

Fish all 3 lochans, move around and fish different pegs on each lochan, cover the water well and
locate fish using the countdown method to find the correct depth using floating or intermediate lines
or heavier flies, use the correct speed of retrieve to match your fly size, use flies and lures suitable to
the season. And lastly and very importantly use the wind, sun and rain to your advantage!

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