UGIS – HUNGARY Interviews with key persons Budapest and Szeged_ 23 by leader6


									                                          UGIS – HUNGARY

                                   Interviews with key persons

                          Budapest and Szeged, 23-27 February 2002

date                  time        name/activity             function                          place

informal activities
22 February, 2002     afternoon   optional visit to MRI
23 February, 2002     18.00       informal dinner

meeting activities
24 February, 2002     10.00       study-tour in Budapest
24 February, 2002     13.00       SITE VISIT District IX.
24 February, 2002     16.00       Meeting preparations                                        MRI

Municipal level
24 February, 2002     17.30       István Schneller          Chief architect of Budapest       MRI
24 February, 2002     19.30       Péter Győri               Head of Social and Housing        MRI
                                                            Committee, Budapest Munic.

Interviews in
District IX.
25 February, 2002     08.30       Tamás Tirts               Member of Parliament              MRI
25 February, 2002     11.00       dr. Ferenc Gegesy         mayor of district IX.             IX. Bakáts tér
                      11.00       Tibor Pál                 deputy mayor of district IX.
                      11.00       Margit Kócsi              Chief architect of district IX.
25 February, 2002     15.00       Gábor Aczél               former director of SEM IX.        II. Csalogány 23

Interviews in
26 February, 2002     07.05       Train from Bp. Nyugati
26 February, 2002     09.30       Béla Szöllősi, and        Member of General
                                  SITE VISIT                Assembly in Szeged
26 February, 2002     13.00       dr. István Szalay         former mayor of Szeged            Boldogasszony
                                                                                              sgt. 6.
26 February, 2002     ????        dr. László Bartha         mayor of Szeged
                                  István Novák              chief architect of Szeged
26 February, 2002     18.25       Train to Bp. Nyugati      (arrival Budapest: 20.57)

Extra interview in
District IX.
27 February, 2002     08.30       Imre Lakos                director of SEM IX.               IX. Balázs B 16

Ministerial level
27 February, 2002     12.00       Éva Hegedüs               Deputy Secretary of State,
                                                            Ministry of Economy
27 February, 2002     ?????       Ágnes Sebestyén           Chief adviser, Ministry of
27 February, 2002     afternoon   last group meeting                                          MRI
27 February, 2002     18.00       end of work
                                      List of the Interviewees

1. Ferencváros
Dr. Ferenc Gegesy:     Elected mayor of the 9th district, since 1990.
Tibor Pál:             Deputy mayor of the 9th district.
Margit Kócsi:          Chief architect of the 9th district.
Gábor Aczél:           Leader of SCET Hungary,
                       Leader of SEM IX. from its establishment till 1998.
Imre Lakos:            Leader of SEM IX. since 2000,
                       Faction leader of the Alliance of Free Democrats (in power) in the
                       municipal assembly of the 11th district.
Tamás Tirts:           Faction leader of the FIDESZ (in opposition) in the Municipal
                       Assembly of Budapest,
                       Parliamentary representative of the Középső-Ferencváros area since 1998.

2. Budapest
István Schneller:      Chief architect of Budapest since 1994, deputy mayor of Budapest 1990-94
Péter Győri:           President of the Committee on Social and Housing in the Municipality of

3. Szeged
Béla Szöllősi: Former leader local governments’ housing department, probably the most important
person in launching the UDP. As housing affairs have been outsourced to the local Real Estate
Management Company he became one of the leaders of the company, while also having positions in
the local government as representative and member of committees. Now he does not have a position
in the Real Estate Management Company but he is a representative of the municipality of Szeged,
and member of its financial and housing affairs’ committee. He is the one who has probably the
most important information about the background and important elements of the program, such as
local governments’ present concepts concerning housing policy.
István Novák: Chief Architect of Szeged. He also had this position when the UDP was carried out,
and is one of the important persons who launched the program. He can give information both about
the UDP and present problems and opportunities of housing policy.
István Szalay: Former mayor of Szeged. He was the mayor when implementation of the program
started, so he can outline the municipality’s intentions about starting the UDP. Now he is a member
of the Hungarian Parliament and also its Committee of European Integration.
László Bartha, dr.: Mayor of Szeged since 1998. As present mayor he can tell about the lessons
learned from the UDP and present concepts of the municipality concerning housing policy. He is
also the representative of Szeged in the Hungarian Parliament.
Hans Kristensen, Maria Bruquetas, Andrés Walliser, Jack Burgers, Richard Staring

Dear colleagues,
Attached please find some preparatory materials for the UGIS-Hungary cross-evaluation to be held
23-27 February, 2002:
    •    Preliminary programme
    •    Short information about key-persons we will meet
    •    Final version of the UDP Budapest district IX evaluation
    •    Final version of the UDP Szeged evaluation
In order to inform all members of the group, we attach information about arrival and departure dates
and hotels of the team-members:

                      arrival             Departure           hotel              room               Note
Hans Kristensen       22 February, 2002   28 February, 2002   Starlight Suiten   double apartment   reserved
Birgitte Kristensen   22 February, 2002   28 February, 2002   Starlight Suiten

Maria Bruquetas       23 February, 2002   28 February, 2002   Hotel Thomas       one single         reserved
Andrés Walliser       23 February, 2002   28 February, 2002   Hotel Thomas       one double         reserved

Jack Burgers          21 February 2002    28 February, 2002   Hotel Art          one single         reserved
Richard Staring       21 February 2002    28 February, 2002   Hotel Art          one single         reserved

Please inform us if there is something wrong in this information.
Arriving to Budapest please take at the airport the Airport-Minibus, which is a reliable and fixed-
price service, taking you directly to your hotel (one way HUF 1800, return ticket HUF 3300 per
person, 1 EUR = 244 HUF appr.).
Those arriving earlier are welcome to visit Friday afternoon Metropolitan Research Institute (MRI,
IX. Lónyay utca 34.) for getting ideas about week-end programmes in Budapest, maps, etc. Please
give us a call before you come (217-9041).
Please inform us, whether you are available for an informal dinner on Saturday evening in an
interesting part of Budapest!
A final, very important request: after getting acquainted with the two UDP evaluations, please send
us some preliminary questions for the interviews. In case we get your questions in time (before 20
february the latest) we could send some of those questions to the interviewees, giving them a
„flavour” what will happen at the meeting.

Hope to see you soon, with best regards:

Iván Tosics and Sándor Erdősi, Jr.

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