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									                                                                                  14 December 2005
                                                                                      Mumbai, India

Programme Coordinator,
Sarai, Centre for the Study of Developing Societies,
29 Rajpur Road,
Delhi 110054, India.

Sub: Application for Sarai-CSDS Short Term Independent Research Fellowship

Dear Programme Coordinator,

I wish to apply for the Sarai-CSDS Short Term Independent Research Fellowship. Please find
enclosed the proposal titled: ―GIS Based Village/Health Information System‖ . We hope that you will
consider our application positively.

Waiting to hear from you.Thanking you.

Indictrans Team
B-1/103,Powai Sarovar Appt.,
Opp. Canara Bank Colony,
near New Powai Police Station,
Adi Shankaracharya Marg, Rambaug,
Powai, Mumbai
Maharashtra, India
Pin 400 076
Tel: +91-022-25702537
email: {dreamil, kanhaiya.kale}

1. Introduction and Background

2. Objectives

3. Deliverables

4. The Work Plan

5. Budget

       Curriculum Vitae“ Geographical Information System based
                         Village/Health Information System ”
           Project Proposal for Sarai – CSDS Short Term Independent Research Fellowship

INTRODUCTION and Background:

Planning is now a widely accepted way to handle complex problems of resource allocation and
decision-making. It involves the use of collective intelligence and foresight to chart direction, order,
harmony and progress in public activity relating to human environment and general welfare. In order
to provide a more effective and meaningful direction for better planning and development, necessary
support of the organization has become essential. Hence the need for a suitable information system is
increasingly being felt in all planning and developmental activities, whether these are for urban or rural
        Thus every government office dealing with any department has to visualise the data spread
out across length and breadth of the country, state, district or smaller region. An NGO working for
some underprivileged section has to deal with data geographically spread out. The data are
temporally and spatially spread out. Visualising the same with GIS ( to start with 2-D) is seen to be
extremely useful. While availability of data for GIS is usually restricted to authorities, a lot of such data
is now (going to be) accessible in public domain. Recent amendments to policy and laws relating to
maps ( see Sureye of India site ) has made many boundaries digitally available in public domain. With
such base maps being available ( e.g published by Election Commission of India on their site), many
layers of data can be superimposed in a GIS-aware database. This can be done by both government
and non-government agencies. However non-government agencies are not in a position to utilise
such a poweful tool without a free/opensource GIS suite .

        This new technology can reduce the time and cost to the planners in organizing the data in
arriving at precise conclusion and decisions and can empower people's movements to present their
cases more effectively.
Here an attempt is made wherein FOSS GIS is used to develop an information system which can support the
users,planners,NGOs and decision makers in information retrieval by integrating the spatial and aspatial data.

The objectives of the project is
 To develop a Support & information System focussing on the following lines:
 To be exposed to practical uses of GIS

A GIS based Village/Health Information System which will have all these features:

 Interface for displaying Maps.
 Interface for querying a Maps i.e. querry features
 Forms which s being filled by users showing the concept of 'Public Participatory GIS' i.e. PPGIS
 Complete Interface in Indian languages like Hindi,Marathi etc.
 Labels which is being displayed on maps in indian languages like Marathi etc.
 Graphs showing statistics between different areas. For ex. Year wise Literacy Rate in a given area.
 Interface for queries such as neighbourhood coverage over radius around a location or bufferzone
  around a path (road, river etc).
 Interface for adding layers .

All the softwares and documentation created/compiled under this project will be released under the
terms of GNU GPL V2 or later. The copyrights may belong to respective copyright owners.


Design of the GIS based Village/Health Information System
The entire project is expected to be completed in 6 months time.Basically the GIS Based Information
System is designed into 3 modules and they are given below:

Module 1
This module is basically meant for spatial view of the aspatial data present in database and
connected through SQL connect facility of FOSS GIS.In this module, GIS system allow users to
perform basic GIS functions, such as browse maps, Zoom in, zoom out, choosing different layers.

Module 2
This module is basically meant for querying a layers and localisation of interface.Parcel level
information can be had by clicking the relevant land parcel and the information is displayed in the
forms designed for the specific table of information. Provisions has been made to link the spatial and
aspatial data, for instance the user can link landuse theme with population database and hence query
for information wherein there is barrenland and a said amount of population. The result of the query
can be saved for future retrievals and also reports of the same can be had through crystal
report.Option is created for selecting the language to display an interface in selected language.

Module 3
This module is basically meant for adding additional features like creating an interface for adding a
layers. Also the variation of the aspatial data can be viewed by displaying the variations in charts
option. Relevant statistics for user specified field can be had through the options provided with the
forms. Label on layers is displayed in indian languages like marathi etc.
       The spatial analysis tool can be used to suggest areas suited for public utility centers,
and primary themes of the natural resource can be integrated to find areas suitable to improve
the ground water potential by suggesting percolation ponds.

Results & discussion

A flexible and user friendly GIS based information sytem is developed to assist planners & decision
makers for village level planning with reference to managing the resource of villages. The land
resource development module is broad based suited to different users wherein the expert system
approach provide land suitability maps at a quick instance for the village and also acts as a
storehouse of experts opinion. This can be particularly useful to check for possible drawbacks or
potential of an area before going in for any developmental activities in the area. The soil information
module of the system is a veritable knowledge base of detail soil related information of the village,
which can help in scientific planning, and development. The information can be used to assess the
capability of the area for its shortcomings and hence to improve the productivity capacity. Furthermore
the spatial analysis tool of the system is a handy option for the planners to correlate spatial
information and hence to zero in areas of the planners interest, such site suitability assessment for
and developmental activities, funds allocation etc.

The points discussed in the paper is a few of the many functionality of the
Information system and with the ease of use of the system and the
temperament of the user much more valuable information can be retrieved
for formulating more accurate and concrete plans.

   This entire project will require atleast Rs. 60000/- (Rupees Sixty thousand only) for personnel, hardware and
other expenses .

All cheques will be paid in the name of:
        Swapnil Hajare

All correspondences will be addressed to:

Kanhaiya Kale and Swapnil Hajare
Indictrans Team
B-1/103,Powai Sarovar Appt.,
Opp. Canara Bank Colony,
near New Powai Police Station,
Adi Shankaracharya Marg, Rambaug,
Powai, Mumbai
Maharashtra, India
Pin 400 076
Tel: +91-022-25702537
email: {dreamil, kanhaiya.kale}
Cirriculum Vitae:

Kanhaiya Kale

Name: Kanhaiya K Kale
Present Address:
B-1/103, Sarovar Co. Op. Hsg. Soc.,
MHADA, Rambaug,
Powai, Mumbai-76
Mobile: 09819566988

 Education               Shri Guru Gobind Singhji Institute of Engineering and
                        Technology, Vishnupuri, Nanded-431 606 (Maharashtra).
                        Affiliated to Swami Ramanand Teerth Marathwada
                        University, Nanded. Final year of 4-year degree course
                        in Information Technology Engineering         (2001-
                        FinalYear                                68.00%
 Computing Skill        6. Computer Programming Languages: C, C++, VB,
 Details                    HTML,PHP.
                        7. Database: SQL Server,PostgreSQL,MySQL
                             Operating Systems: GNU/Linux,RH,Fedora
                                Core-2,Mandrake Linux,Windows98,2k,xp.
                             GIS : Grass, QGIS, Mapserver, Mapbuilder.

 Seminar                 Presented a Departmental Level Seminar on ―Use of IT
                        in Rural Areas‖.
                        Presented a College Level Seminar on ―Geographical
                        Information System‖
 Project                     GIS based System for Rahuri (City)
                             Departmental Website using PHP and MySql.
 Working On                  GIS based village Information System for
                             GIS based Election Information System for
                             GIS based Election Information System for India
                             GIS based Vasai Virar Subregion Project
                             Mumbai Freemap (
                             Geographical Information System (GIS) using
                               GRASS on Localized GNU/Linux
                             Localization of GNU/Linux
Experience                  Working as applications developer with The Indictrans
                             Team ( a non-profit group of developers. See
                    )from June 2005 till date.
                            working as software developer for Collective Research
                             Initiative Trust, Mumbai ( ) on
                             Community GIS project ( )
                             from August 2005.
Co-Curricular              2nd prize in Maharshtra level ―Open software
Activity &                  contest‖ held at Ratnagiri in 2004.
Achievements              Special prize in National level ―Software Contest‖
                            in ―PRAGYAA-05‖
                          Conduct ―Linux Workshop‖ In ―PRAGYAA-05‖
                            (National level event.).
                          Conducted a workshop on ―Localised GIS‖ at
                            FOSS.IN Bangalore in December 2005
Personal                 Name : Kanhaiya K. Kale
Information              Fathers Name: Kurmadas V. Kale
                         Mothers Name: Babitai K.Kale
                         Nationality : Indian
                         Date Of Birth:3rd March 1983
                         Age: 22
                         Marital Status :Single
                         Permanent Address: kanhaiya k kale,
                             Maharana pratap ward,
                             Dist. Chandrapur—442701(M.S)
                             Contact :09819566988

                                 HOD of Information Technology
                                 Shri Guru Gobind Singhji Institute of Engineering &
                                 Technology, Vishnupuri, Nanded-431 606.
                                 e-mail Address :

                                 Consultant (I.T.)
                                 Directorate of I.T.,Govt. Of Maharashtra
                                 Mob. 9892288943

I hereby declare that the information given above is true to the best of my knowledge .
Swapnil Hajare:


Present Address:
B-1/103, Sarovar Co. Op. Hsg. Soc.,
MHADA, Rambaug,
Powai, Mumbai-76

Phone No.
(022) 2570 2537
98201 65789

Date of Birth: 10th June 1982


                Completed B.E.(Computers) from V.J.T.I. In 2001 with first class

Skill set:
Operating systems: GNU/Linux including Debian, Redhat, Suse etc., MSWindows
Programming: C, C++ ,PHP,Shell-scripting,Javascript
Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL
Technologies: Unicode, OpenType Fonts, Localization, Internationalization,

Experience and Projects :

1) have worked as Assistant Technical Expert for Rural Campus of Tata Institute of Social Sciences
(TISS) from Aug 2003 to Feb 2004. In my work, focus was rural IT applications to support activities of
Rural Campus.
2)worked as applications developer and Localization In-charge with The Indictrans Team ( a non-profit
group of developers. See )from Aug. 2003 to October 2004.
3)working as technical coordinator for janabhaaratii project (see at C-DAC
Mumbai (formerly NCST) from Oct 2004 till date, continue to work as developer at Indictrans team
4) working as part time software developer for Collective Research Initiative Trust, Mumbai
( ) on Community GIS project ( ) from August 2005.

Seminars/Conferences attended:
1)NCST Seminar on Localization : 19 march 2004
2)Baramati initiative on ICT for Development, Baramati (Feb. 2004 and March 2005)
3)Redhat conference on Localization
4)Indic Localizers Meet 18-19 sept 2004

1)IT in Rural Applications.
2)GIS (Geographical Information System)

Other activities:
1)Volunteered for Richard Stallmans public lecture at VJTI in Feb.2003
2)Volunteered for World Social Forum, 2004 at Media Center as a FSF (Free Software Foundation)
India volunteer,
3)Founding member of Indictrans Group
(see )

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