; Sandbag Removal - City of Owatonna
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Sandbag Removal - City of Owatonna


Sandbags, usually by strong coarse, white canvas and sacks stitched up and down the ten-story, size 1.5 feet square, built about 8 kilograms of iron sand. Some sandbags built sand, sawdust, beans or sorghum. With square and round two, the weight and size according to practitioners needs. Major muscles.

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									                          Sandbag removal
The sandbagging operation is now complete in Steele County, including the City of
Owatonna and the City of Medford.

Residents can return sandbags to the parking lot in the old Wal-Mart parking lot off
Hoffman Drive in Owatonna. Sandbags that have been contaminated (exposed to flood
water) should be separated from sandbags that have not been contaminated.

Uncontaminated sandbags can also be returned to the Steele County Community
Center off S. Elm at the Fairgrounds. The uncontaminated sandbags will be distributed
to other communities in need or will be re-used.

In Medford, sandbags will be retrieved from residences by volunteers, firefighters and
Medford city staff. Volunteers may report to the Fire Hall (two blocks east of Anhorn’s)
at 4:00 pm. Volunteers may also call the Steele County Community Center at 507-774-

If residents need assistance with sandbags, call the Steele County Community Center
at 507-774-7236.

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