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									Writing: 7 Lessons Learned From Skiing
Writing is a lot like skiing. Here’s why.

1. It takes practice. Anyone can have a go at skiing, but only those who practice can eventually call themselves a skiier. So it goes with writing. Practice improves your technique and confidence. Then you can begin to play with your creativity and enjoy yourself.

2. You go through some hardship to become good at it. Anyone who has learnt to ski knows that it is a painful and slow process to become a decent skier. Your body hurts, you are uncoordinated, you fall over a lot. The weather is often terrible, so you are cold and just having a bad time in general. But if you persist, you will find yourself zooming down that perfectly groomed slope, sun out looking at the gorgeous mountains and LOVING it! With writing, there is difficulty when you start. There is often hardship in terms of income and status. People think you are nuts trying to earn a living writing, when you can make safe money in an office job. You slog away and wonder when you will get your reward. Then sometimes, the perfect sentence, the finished book, the compliment and you smile happily and understand why you persist.

3. It’s a solitary path, but you’re surrounded by other people who are better (or worse) than you. With writing, like skiing, you are essentially on your own. No one can do it for you. However, if you look up and around you will see so many other people skiing (or writing) just like you. Some will be struggling behind you, and others will be way out front dazzling with their skill. But they started where you are, so you just have to persist.

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4. You need to get going in order to turn. This is a huge principle of skiing. It is easier to turn once you are moving, and the faster you go, the quicker you turn. You have to turn in order to ski! In writing, many people procrastinate and wonder what they should actually write. But the truth is, it is easier to turn your writing into something else once you have actually got going! Once you have written down what is in your head, you can turn it into something else. Just get going and it will get easier!

5. You need persistence and drive to achieve. No-one said it was easy learning to ski or learning to be a writer. You can’t just ski down the black slopes on day 1, and you can’t write a bestseller on your first draft. So you need persistence and drive to succeed at both.

6. Other people can help. In both skiing and writing, you sometimes need to take lessons or get feedback in order to progress. You cannot always see what you are doing wrong. It may cost some money to take the classes or get a coach but you need to do it to improve. All peak performers have coaches!

7. There is a reward. There’s a real achievement in making it down your first ski slope still upright. It is also an incredible achievement to write and publish your first book. Make sure you get your reward! In skiing, it’s the hot chocolate and the hot tub after the days events - apres ski fun anyone! In writing, you need to celebrate your successes in the same way. Buy the champagne, go out for dinner, take photos. Be proud!

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