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									 National Aeronautics and Space Administration

 Shu tt l e Spinoffs

Space technology benefits you every day in a variety of ways. Since 1976, over 1,600 documented NASA technologies have
benefited U.S. industry, improved our quality of life, and created jobs. The Space Shuttle Program alone has generated more
than 100 technology spinoffs. Some of the shuttle’s contributions are:
                    Artificial Heart:                                                   Green Lubricants:
                    More than 200 patients received a second chance                     Sporting equipment and cars
                    at life with tiny heart pumps developed from space                  are kinder to the environment
                    shuttle fuel pump technology. Just 1 inch in diameter               with NASA’s high-performance,
                    and weighing less than 4 ounces, the miniaturized                   biodegradable lubricants developed
                    ventricular assist pumps were developed by NASA                     for the enormous crawlers that move
                    and renowned heart surgeon Dr. Michael DeBakey.                     the space shuttles to and from the
                                                                                        launch pads in Florida.

                    Rescue Tool:                                                        Firefighting Infrared Camera:
                    Rescue squads use a new hand-held cutter to remove                  Firefighters locate hot spots in
                    accident victims from wrecked vehicles. Based on a                  wildfires by scanning the flames
                    miniature version of the explosive charges used to                  with this sensitive infrared hand-held
                    separate the shuttle from the solid rocket boosters                 camera, first used by NASA to observe
                    after launch, this device requires no auxiliary power               the blazing plumes from shuttles.
                    or cumbersome hoses, and it costs 70% less than
                    previous rescue equipment.

                              Life-Saving Light:                                         Home Insulation:
                              Children suffering from brain tumors may                   Homeowners are insulating their
                              receive relief from lighting technology                    homes with the same lightweight,
                              originally developed for space shuttle                     flexible aerogel NASA uses to
                              plant experiments. Doctors at the Medical                  insulate cryogenics on space shuttles.
                              College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee are                      The insulation is many times thinner
                              studying the ability of these light-emitting               and more effective than standard
                              diodes to kill cancerous tumors in a process               fiberglass insulation, yet can be
                              called photodynamic therapy.                               handled and installed with the same
                                                                                         traditional methods.

                              Automotive Insulation:                                    Prosthesis Material:
                              NASCAR racecars shield drivers from                       Foam insulation used to protect the
                              extreme engine heat using materials                       shuttle’s external tank is now available
                              from the same thermal protection system                   to produce master molds for prosthetics.
                              used to safeguard NASA astronauts                         Replacing heavy, fragile plaster, this new
                              onboard the space shuttle. Their lives                    material is light, virtually indestructible,
                              depend on it.                                             and easy to ship and store.

                              Land Mine Removal Device:                                  Video Stabilization Software:
                              The same rocket fuel used to propel the                    When law enforcement officials
                              space shuttle skyward helps save lives on                  needed help clarifying crime-scene
                              Earth by destroying land mines. Created                    video, NASA assisted with high-tech
                              from leftover fuel donated by NASA,                        image processing technology used to
                              an explosive flare is placed next to the                   analyze space shuttle launch video.
                              uncovered land mine, then ignited from                     This software removes defects due
                              a safe distance using a battery-triggered                  to image jitter, rotation, and zoom
                              electric match. The explosive burns                        in video sequences, and may also be
                              away, disabling the mine and rendering                     useful for medical imaging, scientific
                              it harmless.                                               applications, and home video.

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