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October, 2008                                                                              Volume 20, No. 10

                                                        A Recommendation
                                                 to Update Our Fire Alarm System
                                       West Lake Christian Church is a wonderful example of what glory for
In this Issue:                    God can be accomplished when a group of dedicated people work together.
Page 2                            This church started out in someone’s mind as a inspiration and has grown into
   Reverend Reflections           a strong testament of God’s love. The building that people worked so long and
   Notes from the Moderator       hard to erect is tangible evidence of His inspiration.
   Treasurer’s Mini Report             When this building was designed and constructed all those involved built
                                  to current codes and technology use. As we all know, those two elements have
Page 3
   Congregational Survey          changed drastically in the last year...much less in the last ten years! As the
   Church Campout                 Education Committee was looking at starting up a Mother’s Day Out Program,
   Adopt a Highway Cleanup        we had an inspection by the State Fire Marshal’s office. Several crucial
                                  elements are missing in our building to bring it up to current fire codes. While
Page 4
                                  we realize our building is “Grandfathered” and would not HAVE to update our
   Troop Update                   system, we have a high concern for all of us who attend church services,
   Directory Changes              meetings, and social gatherings within our building.
                                       Currently the fire alarms are individual stations scattered throughout the
Page 5 & 6                        building. Alarms must be manually pulled. There are no smoke detectors or
   The Parish Paper
                                  carbon monoxide detectors installed in the furnace rooms, classrooms or
Page 7                            general meeting spaces...i.e., the Sanctuary or Loehr Center. If a fire alarm is
   Chi Rho Kids Youth Group       pulled at the kitchen area, it is not connected to any other fire alarm. It is
   Musikgarten classes            possible that people in the Sanctuary would not hear it in time to respond. The
   Parish Nurse                   alarm must then be called into the fire department by an individual. The fire
                                  marshal’s recommendation was to have an interconnected fire/smoke alarm
Page 8
   A Note of Thanks               system.
   Birthdays & Anniversaries           Emergency lighting could possibly be imperiled by a fire. The current
                                  exit signs are lit by building electricity. The fire marshal recommended battery
Page 9                            backup lighting for the hallways and exits.
   October Calendar
                                       The cost of implementing these suggestions is estimated to be close to
Page 10                           $9,000. The Education Committee is recommending that the church begin
   Spaghetti Dinner               working toward putting these plans in place. As a start, $1,000 has been
                                  contributed by the Memorial Fund. The Education Committee is hosting a
                                  Fall Festival Spaghetti Dinner on October 25 to raise funds toward this
Sunday Services:
                                  project. We hope the congregation and community will support this effort.
 9:00 a.m. Bible Study 101
 9:15 a.m. Joy Class                   Our aging congregation, the various community programs,
 9:15 a.m. Biblical Story Class   the recreation programs, the children’s programs...all make this
 9:30 a.m. Parables Class         an important imperative for our congregation.
 9:30 a.m. Children’s Classes
10:30 a.m. Sanctuary Worship                   See back page for details on the
Wednesday Service:                       Fall Festival Spaghetti Dinner on October 25.
7:00 p.m. Praise Service
                Reverend Reflections                                     Notes from the
                             by Jim Stovall
     In the Corinthian Church (Chapter 3 of I                  Sunday, September 28 will mark the beginning
Corinthians) there was a raging conflict over, “who       of our yearly Stewardship Campaign. We have been
is my favorite minister?” The conflict moved a step       hearing all the bad economic news about unemploy-
forward by pushing the particular beliefs of a            ment and rising costs and wages not keeping pace
respective minister. Interim ministry is a telling        with expenses. Since this is an election year I doubt
dynamic of pastoral minister.                             that things are quite as bad as the news commentators
     Recently I learned that many members give less       make them seem. Our church is caught in the same
and attend less during the span of an interim. That       dilemma.
has nothing to do with how well the interim is                 In the congregational survey one of the four most
received and appreciated. Interim Ministry is some-       mentioned things that people would like to see is a
what like being a grand parent. The grand children        reduction in our debt. We can ill afford to reduce our
visit, but they will spend most of their time with        debt if we cannot keep up with our regular month to
their parents. Some people back off and wait to see       month expenses. Please remember when you make
what the new minister will be like.                       your pledge for giving in the coming year that church
     In effect, many people are joined to a minister.     expenses are rising just like your expenses at home.
Even the Methodists and Catholics face some of that
(they assign their priests or pastors). Prior to 1950,         The Mother’s Day Out program is having a
people attended congregations that held beliefs in        Spaghetti Dinner to raise money for upgrades in our
keeping with their personal belief inclinations.          building to meet requirements for certification. The
Unfortunately belief as a determinate can be too          dinner will be held on Saturday, October 25 and the
divisive (as can partiality for a particular pastor).     cost will be $7 for adults and $5 for children.
     So what is an answer to this pastor/belief sort of
commitment? One factor that stands out is covenant        Nip Mohler, Moderator
which is a fairly unconditional commitment. Perhaps       374-4184 e-mail:
unless there is abuse or neglect in the fellowship or
ministry, one can try for 7 years to remain commit-
ted to a church. Upon the discovery that the “group”
                                                                   Ombudsman Program
one joins is a cult or a sect one should depart quickly             Honors Volunteers
and cleanly. But a church offers much more, and it
is best to give a church a longer chance.                      The President’s Volunteer Service Award is the
     A church has ties beyond the local congregation.     highest national honor offered in recognition of vol-
A church does not rigidly try to control the thoughts     unteer service. To quality for the lifetime Call to
and beliefs of a person. A church allows graciously       Service Award, volunteers must log 4,000 hours—
for people to come and go as people will, but shows       the equivalent of two years of full time work—over
concern consistently. A church is friendly to other       the course of their lifetimes.
denominations. A church is not too allied to the               “I am delighted that three of our ombudsmen
culture, but works to confront the ills of a culture.     received this prestigious award,” said Beth Simpson,
Therefore a church is an entity to which one can give     director of the Ombudsman Program for CMAAA.
a significant amount of time and effort. That time        “Our volunteers are special people who visit nursing
and effort extends far beyond the tenure of a             home residents every week to speak on their behalf,
particular pastor.                                        help them solve problems and inform them of their
                                                          rights. Our ombudsmen provide a vital link to their
         Treasurer’s Mini Monthly Report                  quality of life and care.”
                                                               Recipients of the Lifetime Service Award
 Interest Paid August 1-31, 2008       $    1,976.70
                                                          include Ann Hartmann, Frances Thomas and Betty
 Debt Balance July 31, 2008            $ 431,984.72       Greenley. Betty has served as the ombudsman at
 Principal Paid August 2008            $   1,337.42       Laurie Knolls for over 17 years.
 Debt Balance August 31, 2008          $ 430,647.30            Congratulations, Betty!
Page 2
            Congregation Survey Results                                     All
         The Search Committee thanks all who participated in the
congregation survey. The response was excellent with more of you
submitting surveys than we expected. That means we have a much
broader base of information to provide to prospective candidates and
                                                                               Begins October 5
to help us make a recommendation back to you for a pastor selection.          Join us for a wonderful time
And, the results were interesting. We want to share the results with
                                                                          in the outdoors at Bennett Springs.
you. 106 total responses were received, 92 from members and 14
from frequent visitors.                                                     We will share a dinner together
                                                                           on Tuesday, October 7 at 6 p.m.
Would you accept a recent graduate as pastor?                                    Meat will be provided.
       80 Yes        23 No         3 No response or doesn’t care       We will camp together at the top of the hill
                                                                         in the spaces numbered in the 500s.
Would you prefer the pastor reside within the local community?
      101 Yes         2 No          3 No response or doesn’t care          Come enjoy the beautiful Ozarks
                                                                                       in the fall.
Would you welcome a woman pastor?
       67 Yes      32 No        7 No response or doesn’t care                         Adopt a Highway
Would you expect the pastor’s spouse to be a church leader?                            Cleanup Project
      32 Yes          64 No        10 No response or doesn’t care                    Saturday, October 11
When you are in the hospital would you prefer the pastor to:                         9 a.m. at the church
      2 Visit frequently     60 Visit    17 Telephone
      12 Not important to me              2 No response                               Come join us on a beautiful
      2 Visit frequently/telephone       11 Visit/telephone                         fall day to clean up our section
                                                                                         of Highway 5 in Laurie
Would you expect the pastor to become an active member of the                       and make our town look great!
Ministerial Alliance?
       89 Yes         7 No        10 No response or doesn’t care

Would you expect the pastor to become an active member of other
community groups?                                                           There will be lots of Trick or Treaters
       73 Yes         12 No        21 No response or doesn’t care
                                                                        at the Laurie Care Center on Halloween.
In the order of importance, should a pastor be one who:                 We need your help to make sure there is
        69 Preaches the gospel                                          enough candy for all the little ghosts and
        50 Encourages youth and young adults                             goblins. Please bring bagged candy to
        44 Is a strong teacher                                           church and place in the decorated box.
        33 Develops leaders                                             We will accept candy every Sunday until
        30 Is a counselor                                                              Halloween.
        28 Helps develop spirituality
Responses to the goals for the next five years were varied. However,
several were mentioned frequently. They were:
       Institute a debt reduction plan
       Encourage evangelism, especially with youth and young adults         Food Ministry Needs
       Increased participation in music programs to include a choir          a temporary leader
        People being nicer to each other
        Improve the projection and sound systems                            I will be in Arizona from November
                                                                       to April and I need someone to take my
     Again, thank you for your opinions. It was obvious those who
responded did so after prayerful thought and hope for the future of
                                                                       place calling people when food is needed
West Lake Christian Church.                                            for a family. Can you volunteer?
                                                                            Also, if you would like to be added to
                                                                       the call list to bring food to someone in
                                                                       need, please contact me at 374-8465.
                                                                            Thank you. Diane Linville
                                                                                                               Page 3
                 Stewardship                                              Troop Update
     Giving is something some of us don’t like to talk                 On August 31 during the 10:30 worship
about, yet Jesus talked about giving more than he                 service, what a great surprise to have Sgt.
spoke of prayer. Giving is biblical. We have many                 McKinley Johnson, his wife, Sheri, and
dedicated supporters here at West Lake. And I know           Jackie to visit our church. Sgt. McKinley said
there are those who sometimes cannot give as much            he wanted to say thank you in person for the care
as they would like due to circumstances beyond their         boxes sent to him while he was in the war zone.
control. Times are tough, but when we stop talking       Also, Sgt. McKinley and Sheri currently have a son,
about giving we begin to ignore the teachings of         Brian, in the war zone.
Jesus. When we ignore the opportunities to bring             Our thanks to Guin and Larry Doeden for
people into our church because it cost money, we         sharing their family with us.
begin to ignore the work God has set before us.              Sincerely,
     It’s not easy, because it takes each one of us,         Lois Nanomantube, CWF
giving with a glad heart, to keep God’s work going.
Other organizations would just raise your yearly
dues, or increase the price of their meals and drinks.   Members and Friends,
All we can do here at West Lake Christian Church is           We sincerely appreciate and thank you all for the
ask you to increase your giving, strengthen your         generous donations this past month, which will allow
faith, and have the courage to step out and do the       us to continue to mail boxes to our troops for the
things God is calling us to do.                          remainder of this year.
  {Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and            May God bless you and our troops,
   certain of what we do not see. Hebrews 11:1}               CWF Members

Love in Jesus

                                                                              We wish to express out thanks
 The origin of World Communion                                           for your sponsorship of the handicap
                                                                         golf carts for the 2008 Hillbilly Fair.
     In 1933, a Pittsburgh pastor, Hugh Thompson                         Without your kindness, many would
Kerr, had a unique idea. What if churches all around                     not come and enjoy the fair.
the world celebrated Holy Communion on the same                          You truly make a difference!
Sunday? He contacted leaders of various denomina-        The Lake of the Ozarks West Chamber of Commerce
tions worldwide. His idea was met with such warm
enthusiasm that celebrating the sacrament on the first
Sunday of October is now an annual affair. It unites
Christians throughout the world, or in the words of      Church Directory Additions
the popular hymn:
                                                         Please make note of these additions and changes.
     In Christ there is no east or west,
     In Him no south or north,                           Change of Address:
     But one great fellowship of love                    Janet Ramsey
     Throughout the whole wide earth.                    110 Highway RA Lot 13
                                                         Gravois Mills, MO 65037

                                                         Directory additions and corrections are an ongoing
                                                         item in the newsletter. Please be sure to make the
                            October 5, 2008              additions and corrections in your directory so that
                                                         you will always have the most current information
                                                         at your fingertips. Thank you! Sandy White

Page 4
                                                                 Teaching Music. Understanding Children
     The Chi Rho Kids Youth Group has consolidated
                                                                    10% discount for WLCC Members!
with the Wednesday night youth activities group. This
will help increase the number of youth in programs at                As a thank you to West Lake Christian
church and give them the weekly opportunity to meet.            Church for their hospitality, JoyNotes Studio is
The Caldwell’s will be joining the team of adults work-         offering 10% off each family’s tuition for the
ing with the youth.                                             Musikgarten classes. The early childhood music
     We would like to thank the Sunday School classes           and movement program for children from birth
that have provided lunch and fun times the last two             to age 9 nurtures the child’s inborn aptitude for
years and the support from the congregation the past            music while encouraging and supporting their
five years. As we look to the future, we feel this is the       natural development. Enrollment is ongoing.
direction of growth and ask for your continued support.              For more details, call Joy at 374-1794 or
     All youth—invite your friends for fun and fellow-          visit
ship each Wednesday at 4:30. A light meal will be
served at 6:00 and Praise Service at 7:00.

 From Our Parish Nurse
          Betty Greenley
                                      Vitamin D Shines in Studies
     Besides the pleasant sensation, sunlight enables our bodies to produce vitamin D. Long known for its role in
strong bones, this vitamin is now emerging as a “super nutrient” that may help fight cancer and boost cardiac
     Still, too much UV radiation raises the risk of skin cancer. All types of skin cancer are on the increase, and
dermatologists worry that too many Americans fail to protect themselves from the sun.
     So how much sun is too much? And is sunlight the best way to ensure adequate levels of vitamin D? If not,
should we all eat more vitamin D rich foods or take supplements?
     Last fall, in the Archives of Internal Medicine, a team that analyzed 18 studies involving more than 57,000
people found that vitamin D supplements reduces the overall death rate by 7 percent. Another study, published in
Circulation, linked vitamin D deficiency in patients with high blood pressure to increased rates of heart attack,
heart failure and stroke.
     Finally, a landmark 2003 VA study on colorectal-cancer prevention found that men consuming more than
645 international units of vitamin D per day were significantly less likely to have cancerous or pre-cancerous
colon polyps. Numerous other studies suggest a link between vitamin D and the prevention of breast, prostate
and other cancers.
     Many doctors agree it’s time to rethink our stance on vitamin D, but they are reluctant to send people out into
the sun to enhance their supply. Dermatologists still advise the use of sunscreens that block as much UV light as
possible, even though this prevents vitamin D synthesis.
     The bottom line? Speak with your doctor about whether you may need to boost your intake of vitamin D.
And don’t be afraid to enjoy the sun, as long as you do so in moderation.

   While recognizing the need for adequate vitamin D intake—including supplementation if necessary—the
American Academy of Dermatology still recommends the following precautions regarding sun exposure:
                  Apply a water-resistant, broad spectrum sunscreen with an SFP of at least 15
                       Wear protective clothing      Seek shade     Avoid tanning beds
                       Check your “birthday suit” annually for any changes in your skin.
                               Skin cancer is very treatable when caught early.
                                                                                                             Page 7
Dear Church Family,
     My heartfelt thanks for all the cards,
visits, and calls during my latest trail. Special thanks to
Jim for going to the hospital with us. Also Janette
     God bless you all,
     Jan Pinter                                               October Birthdays
Dear Church Family,                                                      1…………. Ed Rooney
     The celebration of my 90th birthday is something I                  5…………. Helen Covell
will never forget. Thank you so much for the beautiful                   5…………. Jim Pate
roses. They brighten my room. May the Lord bless                         8…………. Donna Roberts
you all for your love and kindness.                                     11…………. Mildred Crews
     Blessings,                                                         11…………. Lou Slater
     Marjory Rockwell                                                   11…………. Tom Thorson
*****************************************                               14…………. Ellis Clark
To all the great people at West Lake Christian Church,                  16…………. John Hemmer
     I want to thank all those who prayed for me while I                16…………. Wanda Iiams
was in the hospital recovering from my sudden heart                     18…………. George Whitney
attack. I know that God saved my life along with all                    19…………. Jerry Robin
your prayers. Thanks to Rev. Stovall for the visit and                  20…………. Lois Fenwick
prayers at the hospital, it was greatly appreciated.                    20…………. Sandy White
     Again thanks so much,                                              21…………. Ada Wilson
     Kathy Nanomantube                                                  22…………. Lisa Gnagi
*****************************************                               22…………. Louise Hancock
     Thanks for the cards, calls and food. It is so nice                22…………. Pearl Smith
to be thought of and I am so appreciative of everything.                29…………. Herb Bultemeier
My hand is slowing down in pain and little by little I                  29…………. Ginny Thorson
am improving.
     Thanks to a wonderful church family.
     Mary Ellen Flinn
*****************************************                     October Anniversaries
 Dear West Lake Christian Church Members:                           2………… Marty & Judy McGinnis
    On behalf of the Board of Directors of Habitat for              3………… Roy & Betty Snitker
Humanity of Morgan County, Inc., thank you for your                 4………… Kirk & Shirley Kirkpatrick
generous support. Your contribution is an important                11………… Kirk & Karen Storm
part of our Christian Housing Mission. As you may                  12………… Charles & Mary Ellen Flinn
know, the Board approved building two homes in                     15………… Earl & Dolly King
Gravois Mills. One is completed and has been sold to               16………… Albert & Jonell Blackmore
the pre-selected partner family. The other has the slab            16………… Tony & Mary Smith
poured and is ready to be framed. Our goal is to have              17………… Don & Cathy Bell
the pre-selected partner family in their new home by               30………… Herb & Martha Bultemeier
December 25, 2008. I’m sure it is very exciting to see
your donations at work in Morgan County. We could
not be happier. What a great opportunity to lift up two
families. We thank you for being so community-
minded.                                                       If your birthday or anniversary is not included,
                                                              please notify the church office. Thank you.
          Sincerely, Athena F. Loeffelman
  Treasurer and Board Member

Page 8
                               OCTOBER 2008
       Sun                 Mon                 Tue                 Wed                 Thu               Fri              Sat

           Sunday Morning Schedule                                                                  If you do not see your event on
                                                                                                    this calendar, it is not on the
     9:00 a.m.   Bible Study 101                                                                    church calendar.
     9:15 a.m.   Joy Class & Telling the Biblical Story
     9:30 a.m.   Parables Class                                                                     Please contact the church office
     9:30 a.m.   Children’s Sunday School                                                           to get your event scheduled.
    10:30 a.m.   Sanctuary Worship & Children’s Church                                              Thank you!

                                                            1                     2                 3                4
                                                            9:30 Exercise                           9:30 Exercise

                                                            4:30 Recreation &     4:00 Weight                        4:00 Weight
                                                                 Dinner                Lifting                            Lifting
                                                            5:30 Praise Team

                                                            7:00 Praise

5                     6                   7                 8                     9                 10               11
                      9:30 Exercise       10:00 Musikgarten  9:30 Exercise        9:00 Mother’s     9:30 Exercise    9:00 Highway
    Grace Sunday      9:30 Prayer         11:00 Coupon      11:00 Lake                 Day Out                          Clean-up
                           Ministry             Clippers          Bloomers
                                                             4:30 Recreation &    4:00 Weight                        4:00 Weight
                                           4:30 Musikgarten       Dinner               Lifting                            Lifting
                      6:00 Outreach                          5:30 Praise Team
                           Committee       6:00 Volleyball                        6:00 Volleyball
                                                             7:00 Praise
<————- All Church Camp Out —–——————       ——— Dinner —————>      Service

12                    13                  14                15                    16                17               18
    Community for     9:30 Exercise       10:00 Musikgarten 9:30 Exercise                           9:30 Exercise
     Christ Food      9:30 Prayer         11:00 Coupon
    Drive Sunday           Ministry             Clippers                          4:00 Weight                        4:00 Weight
                                          11:30 CWF         4:30 Recreation &          Lifting                            Lifting
                      5:00 Personnel       4:30 Musikgarten 5:30 Praise Team      6:00 Evangelism
                      7:00 Board           6:00 Volleyball                        6:00 Volleyball
                           Meeting                          7:00 Praise

19                    20                  21                22                    23                24               25
                      9:30 Exercise       10:00 Musikgarten 9:30 Exercise         9:00 Mother’s     9:30 Exercise    5:00-7:00
                      9:30 Prayer         11:00 Coupon                                 Day Out                         Fall Festival
                           Ministry             Clippers                                                                Spaghetti
                                           4:30 Musikgarten 4:30 Recreation &     4:00 Weight                             Dinner
                                                                 Dinner                Lifting
                      6:00 Stewardship        Newsletter                          4:45 Education
                                                 Deadline   5:30 Praise Team
11:30 Fellowship           Committee                                              6:00 Elder’s                       4:00 Weight
      Dinner                                                                           Meeting                            Lifting
                                          6:00 Volleyball   7:00 Praise
                                                                 Service          6:00 Volleyball

26                    27                  28                29                    30                31
                      9:30 Exercise       10:00 Musikgarten 9:30   Exercise                         9:30 Exercise
                      9:30 Prayer         11:00 Coupon
                           Ministry             Clippers                          4:00 Weight
                                                            4:30   Recreation &        Lifting
                                           4:30 Musikgarten        Dinner                           6:00 Dominoes
                      4:00 Cancer          6:00 Volleyball  5:30   Praise Team    6:00 Volleyball
                          Support Group
                                                            7:00 Praise

                                                                                                                               Page 9
West Lake Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
936 Hwy. O
Laurie, MO 65037
(573) 374-0647                                                            Presorted Standard
                                                                       Non-Profit Organization
“Address Service Requested”                                               U. S. Postage Paid
                                                                            Permit No. 14

Fax: 573-374-8195
Office Hours: Mon-Fri 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
Jim Stovall, Interim Minister
Frank Loehr, Minister Emeritus
Gwen Welch, Treasurer
Dona Johnson, Music Coordinator
Betty Greenley, Parish Nurse
Sandy White, Church Secretary

                                       Fall Festival Spaghetti Dinner
                                            Saturday, October 25
                                                  5-7 p.m.
                                            Fund Raiser for Fire Alarm
                                                  Tickets $7 Adults
                                               $5 Children 12 & under
                                             Spaghetti, Bread Sticks, Salad
                                                   Dessert & Drink

                                        You can have your picture taken with an
                                               Octoberfest background
                                                      for only $7

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