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 Our 25th
                                                                         Issue 42              January 2011

It feels like just the other day that we were celebrating      point where a consumer looking at an implement                   other (usually cheaper)
the arrival of the new millennium. The fear of Y2K was         may perceive it to be a Falcon, with the colours be-             ranges.
upon us, computers were going to malfunction around            ing identical and the shape very similar. This is known
                                                               as “passing off” and two companies, namely Jupidex               In consultation with a
the world and flying was a no-no at the turn of the cen-
                                                               in KwaZulu-Natal and Ploebak in the Western Cape,                number of our deal-
tury. But we all survived! I was 40 years old and now
                                                               have followed this approach. Please warn your cus-               ers we have launched
I’m ... almost mature. Ten years on, life gets faster and
                                                               tomers! If it doesn’t say it’s a Falcon, it’s not a Falcon.      the “Often Copied, Never Equalled” campaign which pro-
faster, we are faced with more challenges each day,
                                                                                                                                motes and markets our implements, with the main focus
and we are spoilt for choice in every aspect of our life.
                                                               Another common infringement is that of our Haymaker®             on Falcon Haymakers® and Slashers. The fact that we
BEWARE! Choosing untried, untested and possibly un-            trademark. Numerous companies are using this term                specialise in the manufacture of rotary cutters means we
reliable products could have far-reaching consequences,        on price lists, advertisements, websites and brochures.          are confident that we have the best product on the market,
placing a burden on distributor/retailer and end user alike.   We are monitoring the situation and should the relevant          and to support this we have extended our warranty period
Safety issues, financial losses and loss of productivity are   companies not refrain from using this trademark, we will         on all Falcon-branded Haymakers® and slashers. This is
all possible outcomes of following this route.                 take legal action against them (and have already done            a great selling feature and will definitely differentiate us
                                                               so). Other Falcon trademarks registered for use in the           from the rest. A copy of the revised Warranty Policy and
The world is faced with many new companies entering
                                                               agricultural industry are Falcon®, Locust™, Uniloader™,          Dealer Guidelines has been included as an insert with this
the market, many of whom just copy the products of suc-
                                                               Fieldmulcher™, Grassmulcher™ and Rotagang™ (some                 newsletter. More about this campaign over the page.
cessful companies. As consumers are continually looking
                                                               of these have their registration pending). Please assist
for ways to save money they are often lured into buy-                                                                           The support we have had from you, our dealer, and the
                                                               us by calling our office, or the relevant Regional Sales
ing only on price – with disastrous consequences. For                                                                           marketplace over the past 25 years has been tremen-
                                                               Manager for your area, should you encounter possible
example, we recently lost a tender of 20 slashers for a                                                                         dous and we will continue to innovate and improve,
                                                               infringements of our trademarks.
municipality in the Free State to a company that imports                                                                        and to remain the leader in this field. Your assistance
slashers. Within two weeks, six of those slashers were                                                                          is greatly appreciated.
standing idle and there were no spares or back-up serv-
ice available. Previously, the municipality had bought only                                                                     Good luck and best wishes
Falcon Slashers which did the job and were supported by                                                                         for 2011 and may we all
the local dealer and the Falcon team.                                                                                           have a prosperous year!
                                                               You probably won’t believe me when I tell you that there are     Warm regards
We are also finding that a number of companies are
                                                               more than 23 manufacturers and importers of slashers in this
using underhanded marketing tactics to sell their im-                                                                           Steve Thurtell
                                                               country. There are no safety standards that these companies
plements. They are copying Falcon products to the                                                                               Managing Director
                                                               have to comply with and in our opinion many of these imple-
                                                               ments are unsafe. The blades of these implements travel at
                                                                                                                                P.S. On a lighter note....
                                                               a speed of between 200 and 340 km/h and are therefore very
                                                                                                                                •     Borrow money from pessimists - they don’t expect
                                                               dangerous. Many of these implements do not have opera-
                                                                                                                                      it back.
                                                               tors’ manuals outlining safety instructions, nor are there any
                                                                                                                                •     A conclusion is the place where you got tired of thinking.
                                                               safety decals on the implements themselves. The materials
                                                                                                                                •     Experience is something you don’t get until just
                                                               used are also not up to the required specifications or stand-
                                                                                                                                      after you need it.
                                                               ards. This is putting everyone at risk. Take every opportunity
                                                                                                                                •     The sooner you fall behind, the more time you’ll
                                                               you can to educate your customers so that they understand
           The Falcon is the one on the right!                                                                                        have to catch up.
                                                               the differences between the Falcon range and some of the

If you have received our recent e-mail communica-        •   a R2 500 voucher for the marketer with the
tions you should be aware that we have launched              highest sales volumes of Falcon implements
a tactical campaign to draw attention back to the            for each of the December/January, February,
core of the Falcon company: the Falcon brand, and            March and April periods
in particular the Falcon range of slashers and Hay-      •   a R7 500 voucher for the marketer with the
makers®.                                                     highest sales volumes of Falcon Slashers
                                                             over the December to April period
                                                         •   a R7 500 voucher for the marketer with the
                                                             highest sales volumes of Falcon Haymakers®
                                                             over the December to April period
                                                         •   a R7 500 voucher for the best display featur-
                                                             ing a Falcon Slasher or Haymaker®
The campaign is designed to entrench our leadership      •   a R5 000 voucher for the 2nd best display
position in the marketplace and we are looking to you        featuring a Falcon Slasher or Haymaker®
to assist us by ensuring that we have the prominence
                                                         •   a R2 500 voucher for the 3rd best display fea-
in the dealership that an established brand like Fal-
                                                             turing a Falcon Slasher or Haymaker®.
con deserves. We have designed eye-catching dis-
play material and advertisements to drive the mes-       New Extended Warranty!                                                   Campaign Poster
sage home that while Falcon implements are often
                                                         To add value to the purchase of the Falcon Slasher     Additional Support
the blueprint for competitor products, no one else can
                                                         and Haymaker® ranges we have extended the war-
make a Falcon like Falcon can!                                                                                  The Home page of the Falcon website will also high-
                                                         ranties on all Falcon Slashers and Haymakers® with
                                                         Comer gearboxes (F25/40) to two years, and on all      light the campaign. The website is a popular source
The campaign started on 1 December 2010
                                                         Falcon Slashers and Haymakers® with Falcon-man-        of information for farmers, so the “Often Copied,
and will continue until the end of April 2011.
                                                         ufactured gearboxes (F50/80) to three years on the     Never Equalled” message will be reinforced through
We strongly encourage you to build one or more
                                                         gearbox and two years on the rest of the implement.    this medium. We are also producing a limited number
displays during this period that include Falcon
                                                         We believe this to be an industry-leading warranty.    of car shades to give out over the promotional period.
Slashers and Haymakers®. The A2 product poster
highlights the extended warranty and our focus on
                                                                                   A warranty decal will be     Take Action Now
Falcon Slashers and Haymakers®. The price flash
                                                                                   placed on the deck of
is intended to draw attention to the fact that Falcon                                                           We are looking forward to hearing your success
                                                                                   each Falcon Slasher and
implements are excellent value for money (not the                                                               stories, recording the entries and seeing the pho-
                                                                                   Haymaker® manufac-
cheapest, but a good buy when all the factors are                                                               tographs you will submit. In addition, we’d appre-
                                                                                   tured from now onwards
considered). Use of these items in your displays                                                                ciate your dropping your RSM an e-mail with any
                                                                                   in order to draw the
will increase the overall impact. It is also important                                                          thoughts you may have or comments you may hear
                                                                                   farmers’ attention to this
that you have stocks of brochures available for in-                                                             in the marketplace. Let’s all take action now to en-
                                                             Implement Decal       change to the warranty.
terested potential buyers to peruse.                                                                            sure our continued success in the future.
                                                         Advertising Support

                                                         We will be highlighting
                                                         the superiority of Falcon
                                                         implements in a series of
                                                         three advertisements that
                                                         will appear in Farmer’s
                                                         Weekly and Landbou-
                                                                                                                             NWK Lichtenberg’s display
                                                         weekblad in the January to
                                                         April period. The ads have
                     Price Flash                         been designed to draw
                                                         readers’ attention to the
Please remember to take a photograph of the imple-
                                                         many benefits of choosing
ment display and to send it to your Regional Sales
                                                         a Falcon implement. The
Manager so that you qualify for the display competi-
                                                         first advert appeared in
tion. This is also a requirement for any marketer/
                                                         the 21 January 2011 edi-
dealer who wants to participate in the incentive.
                                                         tion of both magazines.    1st Campaign Advert
Prizes for dealer support of the campaign include:
                                                                                                                              SSK Heidelberg’s display
We are following on from our report in the May 2010      and ZA-M 3001 Tronic fertiliser spreader.                products, which in itself is an enormous operation.
edition of Falcon Focus, where we noted that Falcon
had identified a need to target the export market,        Also in October, Ruben went for his first trip to       Afgri Corp is 51% owned by Afgri Operations
leading to the first visit to Zimbabwe in March 2010.     Zambia to meet with three of Falcon’s long-time         Limited in South Africa and both are very long-
                                                                                          dealers, Saro Agro,     standing Falcon dealers. Looking at the size of
                                                                                          Afgri Corp and          the equipment on their premises, it is clear that
                                                                                          Power Equipment,        Zambian agriculture is healthy.
                                                                                          all based in Lusaka.
                                                                                          Saro Agro is the        Power Equipment, the Massey Ferguson import-
                                                                                          Landini/McCormick       er, which is now part of the Motormart group, is
                                                                                          importer to Zambia,     also well situated and has a big, fully equipped
                                                                                          with two branches       workshop so that it is able to give good service to
                                                                                          in Kitwe and Mkushi.    its customer base.
                                                                                          The Saro Agro head
                                                                                                                  During the trip to Zambia, Ruben also went to the
                                                                                          office is a mag-
                                                                                                                  Mazabuka area in the south of Zambia, where the
                                                                                          nificent building and
  From left to right: Jabes Mbewe (Farm Machinery Manager - Saro Agro), Mr Ashok Oza                              sugar cane farms are under pivot irrigation and
    (MD - Saro Agro), Ruben van der Merwe (Falcon Agricultural Equipment (Pty) Ltd),      was officially opened
                                                                                                                  go on for kilometres on end. He visited Sugar-
                  Herman Rohm (Tractor Marketing Manager - Saro Agro)                     by His Excellency,
                                                                                                                  lake Farms, who had bought an Amazone UF901
During June our three Namibian dealers were visit- President Banda of Zambia on 21 July 2010. Due
                                                                                                                  Sprayer, and commented, “All seems to be going
ed by Ruben van der Merwe. His first stop was Hoff- to the long lead times to get products into Zambia,
                                                                                                                  well with this unit and the customer has found this
mann’s Farm Implements in Otjiwarongo, a dealer Saro Agro has generous stocks available at all
                                                                                                                  Amazone mounted sprayer to be of very good qual-
with Falcon for many years and still on top of their times. Despite Ruben’s immediate impression that
                                                                                                                  ity and the ease of operation just a bonus.”
game when it comes to the agriculture in Namibia. this might be the biggest building for an agricultural
(They also import John Deere to Namibia.)                 dealer he had ever seen, it is evident that they may
                                                                                                                  Further trips are planned for 2011. We will keep
                                                          soon need to expand their facilities even further as
                                                                                                                  you posted.
This was followed by visits to Barex Equipment they also manufacture their own line of agricultural
and Rex-quip, two new Falcon dealers both situat-
ed in Windhoek. Rex-quip is the New Holland im-
porter to Namibia and both companies also focus
heavily on the mining and construction industries.

During October, on invitation by Tarrys, Ruben vis-
ited Zimbabwe again, this time for dealer and end-
user training on some of the Amazone products.
The training coincided with a well-planned farmers’
day by Tarrys and was held at the agricultural re-
search farm just outside Harare. Customised train-
ing was given to the operators of the farmer who
have bought the Amazone UG3000 trailed sprayer            Demonstrating the Amazone UG3000 sprayer during farmers day at the Agricultural Research Farm outside Harare

                                                                 The New Saro Agro Building In Lusaka
Additional Support for Local Preschools                  lockable steel cabinet in which they can now store
In 2010 we continued to support two local pre-           the mattresses, stationary and other valuables.
schools. At God’s Little Lambs Preschool we fixed
the awning above the front door to prevent the rain-
water flowing into the building. Gutters were also
added to capture the rain from the roof into a JoJo
tank so that the school can make use of the water.

The second school, Little Angels, is renting a build-
ing from the municipality, and as they have to share
the premises with third parties from time to time,
they experience problems with theft. To assist the
school with this problem, we built and installed a

Your Contacts at Falcon

 Blackie Swart - Regional Sales Manager    Hennie Van Romburgh - Regional Sales                  Isak Nel - Regional Sales Manager      Riël Deysel - Regional Sales Manager

 Ruben van der Merwe - National Product      Amanda Strydom - Internal Sales &                  Bonita Mc Dermott - Internal Sales &     Jani Lötz - Marketing Coordinator
               Manager                             Import Coordinator                                   Export Coordinator

In the unlikely event that you have a problem with your Falcon implement, don’t forget that a Regional Sales Manager is on hand to help you. He will
assist you in organising demonstrations and promotions at shows.
                                          Limpopo Province, Mpumalanga   KwaZulu-Natal, Swaziland,                 Western, Eastern &            North West Province,
                                          and the rest of Gauteng        Eastern & Southern Freestate              Northern Provinces            Northern & Western Freestate
                                                                                                                                                 & Central Gauteng
                                          Isak Nel                       Hennie Van Romburgh                       Riël Deysel                   Blackie Swart
                                          082 443 5916                   082 458 6243                              072 650 0786                  082 560 2266

                                          Falcon Agricultural Equipment (Pty) Ltd, P.O. Box 170, Howick, 3290, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
                                          Tel: +27 (0)33 330 4764, Fax: +27 (0)33 330 2120,,

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