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					                           EXECUTIVE SUMMARY


  Wild Dog Estate is a 363 hectare (896 acres) tract of land, which nestles in the Mzimude
  Valley, on the D600 road between the Drakensberg Gardens Road and the Bushman’s Nek
  Road. It is virtually surrounded by river with the Mzimkulu River running along the northern
  border and the Mzimude River along its southern and eastern borders. The topography of the
  land can best be described as a round island with a flat tabletop, approximately one hundred
  hectares in extent, with the rest of the land falling down to the surrounding rivers. On the flat
  plateau there is approximately sixty hectares which are arable and currently planted with kikuyu
  and eragrostis pastures. The whole property is surrounded by stunning views of the mountains,
  rivers and rolling valleys and lies next door to the uKhahlamba Drakensberg National Park,
  which is a renowned World Heritage Site. It is, quite simply put, a breathtakingly beautiful
  tract of land.


  In March 2004, approval was granted by the Department of Agriculture and Environmental
  Affairs, Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife and by the Development Facilitation Act Tribunal for the
  construction and establishment of:

         42 Executive Villas
         Boutique Hotel & Conference Centre
         Health Hydro / Wellness Centre
         20 Executive Hotel Suites
         All supporting infrastructure


  An Agri-Tourism Lifestyle luxury resort will be developed featuring the following:

  a) Luxury Executive Villas

     Surrounding the Estate will be 42 Executive Villas. These will vary from 300m2 to 400m2
     building footprint with a maximum floor area of 600m2, i.e. living area. (This includes
     basements and lofts.) Outdoor decks and verandas will be approximately an additional extra
     100m2 - 150m2.

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   These Villas will be situated on 2500m2 Stands, boasting the most stunning views

   (Stand size is actually irrelevant as there are no fences marking each stand and each Unit
   has usufruct of 363 hectares (896 acres) of land plus over 10 kilometres of river. No Unit
   will be less than 100 meters away from its neighbour so each Villa will have maximum
   space and total privacy around it.)

b) Boutique Hotel & Conference Centre

   A Boutique Hotel will be built in a stunning natural setting overlooking the World Heritage
   Site, uKhahlamba Drakensberg mountains and rivers. Features will include;

      Luxury Hotel with 20 Executive Suites.
      Pub, Guest Lounges and gourmet Restaurant.
      Boutique Shops and Sales Office
      Conference and Wedding facilities.

   Wild Dog Estate is currently negotiating with a number of international 5 star hotel groups,
   all of whom are keen to sign a management contract with us. A decision will be made
   shortly as to who will be awarded the contract and the target date for the completion of the
   Hotel is 2012/2013.

c) Spa & Wellness Centre

   Next to the Boutique Hotel, a Spa and Wellness Centre will be built incorporating inter alia;

      Fitness Centre:- 2 Squash courts / indoor heated Roman Baths - Swimming Pool /
      Jacuzzi / Sauna and fully equipped Gym.
      Beauty Spa:- offering the full spectrum of massage, health and beauty treatments.
      Outdoor sports and facilities offering inter alia , tennis courts, swimming pools, bowling
      green, equestrian sports, fly-fishing ( over 10 km of river and membership of the
      Underberg Himeville Trout Fishing Club which offers members an additional 150 km of
      river and over 40 dams), hiking, riding and walking trails, and hot-air ballooning to
      name a few.

      (Please refer to the enclosed Sports & Activities document, which comprehensively lists
      all the indoor & outdoor activities which are available on the Estate, as well as in the
      immediate area.)

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d) Overall theme

   The whole theme will be as eco-friendly as possible. All buildings will be a harmonious
   blend of rock, wood and tile with a distinct feel of Africa to them. There are no overhead
   power lines or telephone lines, (all reticulated underground) and the minimum impact will
   be done to the Estate. In fact, all veldt, vegetation and rivers will be further enhanced.

e) Ownership modules

   There will be two basic forms of ownership modules on sale, viz.;

       Private Residence Club (Fractional Ownership - 3 week modules)

       Whole Ownership (Outright purchase).

   (Please refer to the enclosed Sales Offer documents)

   Owners will be allowed to participate in the Rental Pool. Owners will have the option of
   renting out their Unit when not occupied. Wild Dog Estate is now proudly affiliated
   Platinum Destinations, an exclusive international exchange programme, which offers the
   discerning buyer the opportunity to exchange one fine leisure holiday for another. With a
   worldwide portfolio of unparalleled properties to choose from, Members are spoilt for
   choice. This feature coupled with innovative membership options, makes Platinum
   Destinations superior to any other Destination Club worldwide.

   (Please refer to the enclosed, Platinum Destinations document which details what this
   incredible exclusive membership includes.)

f) Agricultural Division

   Apart from being an eco-tourism resort, we envisage a commercial agricultural aspect to the
   project. Wild Dog Estate will have over 66 hectares of pastures which must be utilised. Due
   to the fact that Equestrian sports will be one of the main features of the Estate, we are
   considering a specialised Horse Stud section which will rear Polo / Polo Crosse horses for
   both the local and overseas markets.

   (Please note that for those prospective Investors that are not horse orientated, the
   equestrian facilities will have no financial impact on you with regard to levies, etc.)

g) Tourism Farm

   A section of the Estate will be allocated to what we call the “Tourism farm”. This will
   entail non-commercial enterprises such as chickens, pigs, sheep, vegetables, etc. The
   purpose would be primarily to provide enjoyment for the children and guests.

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Wild Dog Estate would like to ideally open the doors of the Hotel and Hydro complex by no later
than January 2013 and the objective is to complete all construction of the Villas by 2015. We are
committed to achieving the highest possible standards and will strive to achieve the top
international recognition from, inter alia, “Platinum Destinations” and “Abercrombie & Kent”.

I urge you to take advantage of our “Luxury Villas Off Plan - Launch Offer” as this is a blue chip
investment and an opportunity not to be missed.

Yours faithfully


                               Wild Dog Estate – Executive Summary – Ver110101