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Title of Seminar: Renewable Energy Research Seminar – The Way Forward for Renewable Energy
Research in eThekwini Municipality
Host: Imagine Durban, eThekwini Municipality Energy Office
Venue: Inthuthuko Junction, Cato Manor
Chaired by: Margaret McKenzie (Imagine Durban)
Aim of Seminar: To share knowledge on renewable energy research and to agree to set out a terms
of reference in order to promote integration and discussion between research, businesses,
government and other stakeholders in the renewable energy sector in eThekwini Municipality.
     1. Welcome
           Margaret McKenzie (Imagine Durban) welcomed everyone to the seminar on behalf of
           Imagine Durban and the eThekwini Municipality Energy Office

     2. In Attendance
            A total of 91 people were present at the meeting. Below is a table showing the attendees
            and the organisations they represent.

       Name                 Surname          Organisation
1      Nick                 Alcock
2      Sarah                Alsen            BioRegional South Africa and Co-ordinator, One
                                             Planet Communities
3      Richard              Ahlschlager
4      Jonas                Barausse
5      Keith                Barnett
6      Liesel               Beires
7      Chris                Bellingham
8      Henri Pierre         Bonnet           DUT. Department of Electrical Power Engineering
9      Lana-Ann             Brady
10     Jonathan             Edkins
11     Frank                Edwards          Tropical Nursery
12     Linden               Edwards          Tropical Nursery
13     Samuel               Francis          Franche Trading
14     Abishai              Friedman
15     Norman               Gilbert
16     Susanna              Godehart
17     Rob                  Gordijn          ESKOM Marketing
18     Don                  Govender         Lindon Corporation
19     Mbali                Govuzela
20     Dawn                 Haddon
21     Nicola               Jenvey
22     Paul                 Kloppers
23     Florian              Kroeber          Astrum Energy (Pty) Ltd
24     Amanlal              Kumkaran         Watt Energy Solutions.
25     Isaac                Levy
26     Morne                Magerman
27     Denise               Maresca          Valuka Trust
28     Nicholas             Matter           Solmat
29     Dave                 Mcnab
30     Rick                 Millard          RME
31     Sue                  Mola
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                                                                       251 Anton Lembede Street, Durban
                                                                                  Tel: 031 311 1444/1842
                                                                                        Fax: 031 305 2730
      Name                    Surname       Organisation
32    Siphiwe Dominic         Mpanza        Dogg Bite Entertainment
33    Alan                    Murphy        EcoPeace
34    Collin                  Naicker
35    Clive                   Nicosia       ESKOM
36    Sudashon                Naidoo        Solar Projects
37    Melusi                  Ndima         DUT
38    Nana                    Ndlovu        Project Preparation Trust of KZN
39    Andre                   Nel           Green Dream Projects
40    Glendyr                 Nel
41    Nhlakanipho             Nene
42    Nelly                   Ngcobo        SK Consulting and Agricare
43    Mxolisi                 Ngidi         DUT
44    Thomas                  Nicholson     GPD
45    Nkopodi                 Nkopodi       Tongaat Hulett Developments (Pty) Ltd
46    Liz                     Palmer
47    Gokul                   Pillay
48    Richard                 Pocock        Alternativeworks
49    Veer N.                 Ramnarain
50    Kevin                   Riddle
51    Alexandra               Skinner
52    Bongani                 Shabalala
53    Zandile                 Simelane      Durban Chamber
54    Hans                    Singh         Vunilanga Solar (Pty) Limited
55    Larry                   Singh         Vunilanga Solar (Pty) Limited
56    Lawrence                Somasundram
57    Nishan                  Sooknandan
58    Sarah                   Stands
59    Francois                Talbot        Talbot and Talbot (Pty) Ltd
60    Calvin                  Timms         Vuleka trust
61    Trevor                  Vernes        Vernes and Associates Architects
62    Roland                  Vernon
63    Derek                   White
64    Meryl                   Govender      ESKOM
65    Sarah                   Chiles        Student
66    Lee                     Deathe
67    Mabika                  Thembinkosi
68    Geoff                   Pullan
69    John                    White         TIKZN
70    Sadhil                  Singh
71    Shaun                   Phillpott     Restor Africa
72    Mpume                   Gumede
73    Trescor                 Bangila
74    Bheki                   Mchunu        Rural ABM
75    Arthi                   Sanpath       Daily News
76    Jean                    Pitot         UKZN
77    Bryan                   Ashe          Mvula trust
78    Sinothi                 Sibisi
79    Enver                   Buckas        AMU
80    Jonathan                Ramayia       UNIDO
81    Sindisiwe               Shozi         Energy Office
82    Lulabalo                Ngwenze       Energy Office
83    Hishal                  Vallabh       Energy Office
84    Siyabonga               Mbokazi       Energy Office
85    Nokukhaya               Khathi        Energy Office
86    Haydon                  Osborn        ISS
87    Paul                    Reynolds      Protea Energy
88    Lushendrie              Naidu         SDCEA
89    Morne                   Magerman
90    Nisaar                  Mohamed       PEDI
91    Adrian                  Padt          Honeycomb Homes

eThekwini Municipality - Energy Office
    3. Presentations
       3.1. eThekwini Energy Office
            Derek Morgan – The role of the Energy Office in renewable energy and energy efficiency
            Siyabonga Mbukazi – Municipal Energy Efficient Street Lighting Project
            Hishal Vallabh – Heat Pumps
            Lubabalo Ngwenze – Wind Energy Study
            Sindisiwe Shozi - Modular Form of Electrification in Rural Communities
            Nokukhanya Khathi – Municipal Solar Water Heater Program
            Jonathan Ramayia – Electric Bike Feasibility Study

        3.2. UKZN Sustainable Energy Research Group (SERG) of the School of Mechanical
             Jean Pitot – Introduction to SERG and the various RE projects that the group has
             undertaken. Jean emphasised on the lack of funding in the department stating that some
             projects have been stalled due to lack of funds. Representative of the eThekwini
             Engineers department mentioned that funds could possibly be available

    4. Discussion

             Margaret McKenzie explained that Imagine Durban and the eThekwini Municipality
             Energy Office had decided to host the seminar as there was a feeling that there was a
             need for more integration and discussion between research, businesses, government and
             other stakeholders in the renewable energy sector. She asked the participants to give
             their views on the need for such a structure and the form it should take. The following is
             an account of the discussion of specific issues that took place.

        4.1. Is it useful to host events such as this where knowledge is shared?
            -     Unanimous YES.

        4.2. Venue:
             -  The venue used was oversubscribed and it was suggested that UKZN and DUT
                share responsibilities for venues, however, it was noted that in these places parking
                presents a challenge.

        4.3. Information Portal for disseminating RE information
            -    It was suggested that knowledge would more efficiently be made use of if a website
                 was set up where all RE projects in the city are uploaded onto the portal so that all
                 important stakeholders can keep track of these projects.

             -   Nisaar Mohammed from the Department of Economic Development agreed that their
                 web portal could be as a site for renewable energy information.

        4.4. Other than learning what should the purpose of future seminars be?
            -   The debates in the seminars should clearly reflect the concerns about certain types of
                technology, therefore the topics should be presented early on so that they are
                ‘steered’ in the right direction by the input of a number of actors and experts. It is
                therefore implied that these seminars may be a forum for debate.

        4.5. Content of future seminars?
            -  Essentially it was agreed that the purpose of the seminars would be based on three
               1) A discussion of institutional barriers of getting RE off the ground

eThekwini Municipality - Energy Office
                 2) A forum for the discussion of research that is being piloted/considered
                 3) A forum for how this research might be implemented

             -   A big debate ensued over who should be invited to the seminar. This raises the
                 question of whether two separate forums for RE are required. The argument
                 seemingly remained unresolved and there were two schools of thought:
                 a) Households should be involved along with the engineers, experts, government
                 agent etc. This basically would have implications for the future purpose of the
                 seminars, where if this scenario was to be agreed on the seminar would have to
                 include an element of awareness building and information dissemination to the
                 community level.
                 b) The second scenario: where the seminars would just be the relevant actors that
                 were present at this seminar i.e. not necessarily including households. The main
                 rationale behind this argument was that it would be time consuming and may not be
                 relevant for the man on the street because of the technical nature of the topics.
                 However, the man on the street would need to have all the information in order to
                 make decisions regarding feed-in tariffs etc. There was also another argument that
                 the RE group could start of as a holistic force and then splinter of in the future
                 according to how the seminars progress.

        4.6. The following people/institutions have semi-committed to having material for the next
            -   DUT
            -   Talbart and Talbart (Methane)
            -   Chris Bellingham (Hydro)
            -   Solar Projects (Eastern Cape Wind Farms)
        4.7. Other comments
            -   Sites visits should be arranged
            -   There should be presentations on what’s already been implemented and tested!
            -   Social scientists should also be invited

    5. Final Outcome

It was agreed that the seminar was an important first step in co-ordinating the RE efforts in the
Municipality. The most important outcome of the seminar was that it was agreed that the Energy
Office and Imagine Durban would write a terms of reference for the forum and this would be tabled for
discussion at the first meeting.

eThekwini Municipality - Energy Office