Essentials Essentials Classic Range Supplied with Screw on Steel Cover Plates by gyvwpsjkko



Classic Range
Supplied with Screw-on Steel Cover Plates
 Product Code   Description                  Price        Vat     Incl.
   6881/001     Duo Switched Socket          136.62   19.13      155.75
   6563/101     Duo Cover Plate               17.96       2.51    20.48
   2674         60 Ampere Isolator           151.62   21.23      172.84
   2444/1       Isolator Cover Plate          17.79       2.49    20.29
   2471         1 Lever 1 Way                 29.25       4.10    33.35
   6541/101     1 Lever Cover Plate           13.68       1.92    15.59
   2472         2 Lever 1 Way                 51.67       7.23    58.91
   6542/101     2 Lever Cover Plate           14.08       1.97    16.05
   2473         3 Lever 1 Way                 81.77   11.45       93.22
   6543/101     3 Lever Cover Plate           15.85       2.22    18.06

Diamond Range
Supplied with Clip-on Plastic Cover Plates
 Product Code   Description                  Price        Vat     Incl.
  12153/601     Duo Switched Socket          153.13   21.44      174.57
  12260/601     60 Ampere Isolator           169.71   23.79      193.70
  10011/601     1 Lever 1 Way                 45.49       6.37    51.86
  10021/601     2 Lever 1 Way                 70.13       9.82    79.95
  10031/601     3 Lever 1 Way                100.44   14.06      114.50

New Product Range

Pop-up Socket                                                           Thermo Controller
Pop-up sockets are not an unfamiliar sight in many hotels,              The redesigned Thermo Controller optimises current state of
offices and conference venues, where their flexibility is greatly       the art technology combined with the wide range of options
valued.                                                                 available from Crabtree's Classic and Diamond ranges, to
                                                                        control both heating and cooling.
By introducing a range of Pop-up Sockets we can now also
provide this convenient and elegant solution. There are three           The product offers input voltage of 230V, AC 50Hz, 15A. 2000V
variants, a standard 16A socket, a dedicated 16A socket and the         AC surge resistance; non-volatile memory, (retains tempera-
16A SANS 164-2 socket.                                                  ture setting in a power failure) improved visibility surface-
                                                                        mount LEDs. Sensitive surface-mount temperature probe
This product should not be limited to only commercial use, with         offers more accurate temperature sensing. Sensor range from
a design and configurations that blends seamlessly with any             10 to 27 degrees centigrade. Unit temperature control accuracy
Diamond installation, this is a winner for use in kitchens,             tolerance of 2 degree centigrade.
passages and any space at home where retractable power is

Product Code: 11901/AR1                                                 Product Code: 12411/601

                                                                        Classic Quattro
                                                                        This socket is an extension of the proven Classic range of
                                                                        switches and sockets, providing four switched sockets in a
                                                                        single unit.

                                                                        Utilising less space than two 4 x 4 wall boxes, this product is
                                                                        well suited for installation alongside existing Classic products.
                                                                        The durable steel yoke and cover plate design used for the
                                                                        sockets in the Classic range are carried through to this product,
                                                                        ensuring ease of installation and durability.

                                                                        Ideally suited for installation in the following areas:
                                                                        • Kitchens.
                                                                        • Entertainment areas.
                                                                        • Small/home office.
                                                                        • Light duty workshop/garage.
                                                                        • Meeting/conference rooms.

                                                                        Product Code: 6970/101

New Product Range

LED Light & Socket Combination                                              Drop-in Dimmer
Combining a single switched socket and a removable LED light                Our redesigned dimmer module is an evolutionary step in
is unique to the Diamond range from Crabtree. The light(torch)              providing control for lighting applications in your home. Based
will automatically illuminate in the absence of mains voltage,              on the highly successful electronic rotary dimmer's circuit
such as during a power outage.                                              design, this product offers new levels of convenience.

To utilise the light as a mobile Torch simply remove from the               The design allows for heat dissipation from the integral
cradle, it will illuminate automatically. The light has a ON/OFF            aluminium heat sink, routing of cables is simplified due to the U
switch, giving the user full control. When the indicator is                 shaped centre channel and two dimmers can be installed in a
illuminated in BLUE, mains power is connected, when                         standard 50 x 100 mm wall box.
illuminating in MAGENTA, the battery is recharging.
                                                                            Residential users are becoming increasingly aware of the need
This product is suitable for use in any domestic application                to manage and conserve energy; by installing these dimmer
passage illumination, bedrooms, kitchens and workshops are                  units a reliable and easy to use dimmer suitable for multiple unit
just some examples of great places to install this product.                 installation is now possible.

A standard 4 x 4 wall box is all that is required making it ideal for       Technical Specifications
                                                                            Power supply : 250V ~ 50Hz.
While initially targeted for the domestic market this product is            Load          : 600 Watt resistive or
also suitable for commercial installation.                                                  500 Watt inductive.
                                                                            Phase Firing : Leading edge.
Technical Specifications                                                    Connection    : Through 70 mm cable
                                                                                            ends (live, load), 90 mm
Model            : LTM1                                                                     cable ends (bell press
Rating           : 230 V ~ 50 Hz                                                            switch).
Power Consumption: Charging; 0,9 Watts                                      Operation     : Short press ON, OFF hold
                   Standby; 0,9 Watts                                                                               ,
                                                                                            down for dimming UP DOWN.
ChargeTime       : 12 hr Discharge Time: 8 hr                               Standby power
Lamp             : Ultra Bright White 5mm LED, Light                        consumption : 1 Watt.
                   Intensity: 20 Lux at 500mm                               Enclosure     : Black ABS plastic,
                                                                                            aluminum heat sink.
                                                                                            Width 54.5, height 32.5 and depth 29 mm.

Product Code: 10044/601                                                     Product Code: 8802

New Product Range

Slimline Compact Plug Top/Adaptor

If you've always wanted a less-obtrusive, more convenient plug
for appliances, look no further than the new, slimline compact,
3-pin plug, adapter and fixed installation sockets from Crabtree.

This new 3-pin plug, adaptor and socket design has several
significant safety features, is more convenient than the
traditional 3-pin plug, and carries the South African Bureau of
Standards (SANS 164-2), mark of approval.

The designer of the international standard (IEC 60906-1)
modelled the design on the standard European 2.5A 2-pin plug
with the addition of a third, earthed pin.

Many appliances such as toasters, heaters, refrigerators,
washers and air-conditioners all require a 16Amp, earthed plug.

The benefits of the new plug can be enjoyed with the matching
range of adaptors, without having to replace existing wall               The new compact 3-pin plug can be wired to allow the cord to
sockets. Wall sockets incorporating the new format are also              exit either the top or the bottom of the socket or adaptor, ideal
available in the Crabtree range of switches and sockets.                 for tight spaces and behind furniture installations or where
                                                                         unsightly twisting of the cord is to be avoided.
Where once there would only have been space for two plugs,
with the new design four plugs can be accommodated,                      The most important quality of the compact plug system is its
ensuring maximum usage of the 100 x 100mm wall box format.               unparalleled safety. The live and neutral pins have extended
                                                                         sleeves and the socket has shutters on both contacts.

                                                                         Slimline plugs and adaptors require half the space of a standard
                                                                         plug. Side by side comparison, standard vs. compact 3-pin

These products are
easily identified by                                                     Product Code:
                                                                         1071 - Plug Tops
  "Compact 3-Pin"
 logo displayed on                                                       C2002 - 2 x 16A Plug In
  packaging and at                                                       C2004 - 4 x 16A Plug In
    point of sale

                                                                         Classic Clip-on
                                                                         •   Convenient clip-on cover plate installation.
                                                                         •   Range extension to Crabtree's legendary Classic Range of
                                                                             switches and sockets.
                                                                         •   Universal steel yoke; both clip-on and screw-on steel cover
                                                                         •   The lowest profile steel cover plate available.
                                                                         •   Durable, robust and contemporary design.
                                                                         •   Manufactured in South Africa.

                                                                         Product Code in
                                                                         body of catalogue


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