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									                                                         T E C H N I C A L D ATA S H E E T

                epidermix 345
                                                                   Structural wet-to-dry epoxy concrete adhesive
                                                                               with extended open time capability

                DESCRIPTION                                           When repairing spalls all loose and
                                                                      friable material must be broken away.                    MIXING
                epidermix 345 is a solvent-free two-                  If damage has exposed reinforcing,
                component modified wet-to-dry epoxy                   this should be undercut and                              epidermix 345 components should be
                resin system which has an extended                    hammered back into position, if so                       mixed separately to disperse any
                open time formulation.                                required by                                              settlement. The activator should then
                                                                      the engineer. If exposed reinforcing                     be added to the base component and
                USES                                                  has rusted it should be cleaned by                       thoroughly mixed for about 3 minutes
                                                                      abrasive blasting and then coated with                   with a mixing paddle attached to a
                     Structural bonding fresh wet                     durarep ZR primer.                                       slow-speed drill (200 r/min).
                     concrete to existing concrete.                   Oil and grease deposits should be
                     Extended open time feature is                    removed by steam cleaning, detergent                     COVERAGE
                     useful where re-bar and shuttering               scrubbing or the use of a proprietary
                     have to be installed prior to the                degreaser. The effectiveness of                          5.5 m²/kg depending on surface
                     new concrete being poured.                       decontamination and soundness of the                     profile.
                     For bridges, pavements, loading                  substrate should then be assessed by
                     bays and factories.                              a pull-off test.                                         APPLICATION
                     As a bonding agent to a
                     cementitious substrate for                                                                                Brush or spray applied. Refer to notes
                     cementitious, epoxy or                                                                                    on open time and application
                     polyurethane screeds and                          TYPICAL PHYSICAL PROPERTIES
                                                                      Compressive                 48 Mpa @ 7
                     As a bonding agent for a repair                                                                           CLEANING
                                                                      strength                    days
                     system where the repair is likely to
                     remain wet or under water for an                                             19 Mpa @ 7
                                                                      Tensile strength                                         Remove excess material from tools
                     extended period.                                                             days                         and then clean with abe super brush
                                                                                                  34 Mpa @ 7                   cleaner immediately after use.
                FEATURES & BENEFITS                                   Flexural strength
                                                                                                  days                         Hardened material can only be
                                                                                                                               mechanically removed.
                     Solvent free, can be used in any                                             22 Mpa @ 7
                                                                      Shear strength
                     location.                                                                    days
                     Long open time formulation.                                                  Will exceed
                     May be used in structural                        Adhesive bond to            the tensile                  Do not apply at temperatures below
                     applications.                                    concrete                    strength of the              +5° C or above 35° C.
                     Excellent bond to damp or dry                                                concrete
                     High ultimate tensile strength,                  Pot Life @ 20° C            4 hours                      MODEL SPECIFICATION
                     exceeds that of concrete.                                                    Up to 18
                     High ultimate lap sheer strength.                                                                         Two-component, epoxy wet-to-dry
                                                                                                  hours. Leave                 adhesive for bonding new concrete
                     Can be used internally or                                                    coated
                     externally.                                                                                               to old where long open time is
                                                                                                  substrate                    required.
                                                                      Open time @ 20° C
                                                                                                  1 hour before
                SURFACE PREPARATION                                                               placing                      The bonding agent will be epidermix
                                                                                                  concrete or                  345, a two-component, solvent-free,
                The existing concrete surfaces must                                               screed                       epoxy resin applied in accordance with
                be clean and mechanically sound.
                                                                      Full cure                   7 days                       the recommendations of abe
                They must be free of dust, laitance and
                                                                                                                               Construction Chemicals.
                any foreign matter as well as cracked                                             5.5 m²/kg
                and loose stone.                                      Spread rate                 depending on
                Maximum bond strength is only                                                                                  PACKAGING
                                                                                                  surface profile
                achieved if main aggregate is
                exposed. This may be done by                          Volume solids               100%                         epidermix 345 is supplied in 2 kg and
                scabbling, grinding, abrasive blasting                                                                         5 kg yield kits (a base component and
                                                                      Application                                              activator component per kit).
                or manual chipping. All cracked or                                                +5° C to 35° C
                                                                      temperature range
                loose aggregate must be removed.

                                                                                                                                                     34501 Rev: 01-05-08
                                                               a.b.e. is an ISO 9001 : 2000 Registered Company.

a.b.e. Construction Chemicals Limited                 P.O. Box 23053, Isipingo, 4110                    7 Wilcox Road, Isipingo, 4133                       Tel. (031) 913 5400
                                                       T E C H N I C A L D ATA S H E E T

                HANDLING & STORAGE

                This product has a shelf life of
                12 months if kept in a dry cool place in
                the original packaging. In more
                extreme conditions this period might
                be shortened.

                HEALTH & SAFETY

                epidermix 345 should not come into
                contact with skin or eyes, or be
                swallowed. Suitable protective clothing
                should be worn such as gloves and
                eye protection. If working in confined
                areas, suitable respiratory protective
                equipment must be used.
                In case of contact with skin, remove
                immediately followed by washing with
                soap and water. Do not use solvent. In
                case of splashing into the eyes, rinse
                immediately with plenty of clean water
                and seek medical advice. If swallowed,
                seek medical attention immediately -
                do not induce vomiting.
                epidermix 345 is non flammable.

                IMPORTANT NOTE

                This data sheet is issued as a guide to
                the use of the product(s) concerned.
                Whilst abe Construction Chemicals
                endeavours to ensure that any advice,
                recommendation, specification or
                information is accurate and correct, the
                company cannot - because abe has no
                direct or continuous control over where
                and how abe products are applied -
                accept any liability either directly or
                indirectly arising from the use of abe
                products, whether or not in accordance
                with any advice, specification,
                recommendation, or information given
                by the company.


                Where other products are to be used
                in conjunction with this material, the
                relevant technical data sheets should
                be consulted to determine total
                requirements. abe Construction
                Chemicals has a wealth of technical
                and practical experience built up over
                years in the company’s pursuit of
                excellence in building and construction

                                                                                                                                       34501 Rev: 01-05-08
                                                              a.b.e. is an ISO 9001 : 2000 Registered Company.

a.b.e. Construction Chemicals Limited                P.O. Box 23053, Isipingo, 4110                    7 Wilcox Road, Isipingo, 4133          Tel. (031) 913 5400

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